Thursday, December 11, 2014

Victoria's Secret Lingerie - Female Emancipation Or Exploitation?

It didn't come as much of a surprise that the resounding success of Victoria's Secret Fashion Show London 2014 brought out the usual band of critics, spoil sports and dreary curmudgeons that disapprove of everything and anything that can be enjoyed by people whatever it may be.

These critics are so wrapped up in themselves and their so called 'progressive' opinions they must lead lives that are utterly devoid of any form of enjoyment, fun or pleasure.

They disapprove of, and campaign against, any source of enjoyment including sugar, salt, fizzy drinks, booze, the food of your choice, smoking ( now including e-cigarettes ) motoring, gambling, horse racing, fishing, contact sports, competitive sports and now modelling lingerie.

An article by Sarah Vine in the Daily Mail sums up the attitude of the 'progressive' establishment toward a show that was nothing more than group young ladies striding down a catwalk wearing a popular line in underwear.

According to the obviously envious Vine this "fashion show suggests trashy costumes, strippers, nudity and lecherousness are the most natural things in the world".

According to the more unbiased, casual observer like myself, the lingerie was far from trashy, there were no strippers or nudity and admiring the well toned form of beautiful women modelling clothes is perfectly natural as opposed to lecherous.

Sarah Vine also laments that a show such as this is undoing fifty years of feminism. Its a matter of opinion whether fifty years of feminism means women are free to make personal choices about their femininity as opposed to being forced into adopting more gender neutral persona's as epitomised by herself or ultra feminist Germain Greer.

While the interfering busy bodies of the nanny state are hectoring the public and organising bans on foods they disapprove of to combat the so called obesity epidemic, Sarah Vines is sneering at the diet the girls employ to keep their bodies in prime condition.

While the government and busy bodies like Vine bemoan the sedentary lifestyle that contributes to the poor health of the nations young people, she criticises and sneers at exercise regimes used by the girls to keep fit and healthy.

As she herself admits the girls, like top class athletes, have a limited career and earning capacity, therefore cashing in on their personal assets while they can should be perfectly understandable.

These ladies would be fools not to, or maybe they should pass up the chance to make the millions they do in order to stay true to the feminist cause as espoused by Sarah Vine.

Sarah Vine and the rest of the overt feminist movement have made their stash so they really shouldn't sneer or deny these young ladies the opportunity to set themselves up for life.

It might be difficult for feminist bigots like Vine to understand but women making the personal choice to make a fortune by modelling lingerie is an example of female emancipation as opposed to the degrading exploitation she makes it out to be.


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