Thursday, January 14, 2016

Covering Up Muslim Rape Is Standard Operating Procedure

The New Years Eve mass sexual assault and rape of German women was passed off by the government-media complex as an isolated incident perpetrated by over-exuberant immigrants and confined to the city of Cologne.

Despite government attempts to control the news with spin and deception, when the censorship began to lift the shocking truth emerged that these assaults and rapes were also rampant in Germany's other major cities of Hamburg, Frankfurt, Stuttgart etc., including the capital, Berlin.

All governments in the developed world have constructed a government-media complex to control information by subtle, and in many cases unsubtle, news management. To put it in layman's terms, they are using censorship and propaganda to deceive the public in order to impose their cultural replacement agenda.

If the mainstream media (MSM) were actually free and responsible then the world would be aware that sexual violence, including rape and murder, committed by Muslim men against women and children in the developed world is rife and longstanding. It's been going on for decades with the full knowledge of the political establishment and its agencies, including local governments and the police along with the local and national MSM.

People around the world will be shocked to learn that these heinous crimes were not confined to New Years Eve in German cities but have been rife for decades in developed world countries with large populations of Muslim immigrants. These countries include Denmark, Norway, Finland, Belgium, France, Austria, Switzerland, Australia and the rape capital of Europe, Sweden.

(Pan-European rape epidemic here)

Most shockingly of all, in Great Britain of all places, what became known as the Muslim grooming scandal exposed the fact that the grooming, sexual abuse, rape and pimping out of under-age white girls by Pakistani paedophile gangs went on for decades in towns such as Rotherham, Rochdale and Oxford among others, with the tacit approval of the political establishment.

This included as previously mentioned the local government, the police, social services, schools, health services and incredulously, the child protection services.

All this was censored by the MSM at both local and national levels. Even today with the full horror exposed, the spinners and media managers separate the abuse of these innocent children from the Muslim community by using the initials CSE whenever referring to the scandal together the broader term 'Asian' when referring to the perpetrators

In full, the initials CSE stand for Child Sexual Exploitation which removes the exclusivity of British documented Pakistani Muslims as perpetrators and by using the term 'Asian' it broadens the origin of the perpetrators to include every male emanating from anywhere east of Suez.

Similarly, violent spousal abuse is rife in the same Pakistani colonies, in reference to which the media managers use the initials HBV, which expanded means Honour Based Violence. This term also omits the words Pakistani and Muslim thus removing the exclusivity of the culprits.

(Incidentally, how mutilating or murdering ones wife or daughter can be referred to as 'honour based' requires an explanation but I digress)

In a similar vein, FGM are initials used to describe a barbaric procedure which deliberately removes any connection with the religion and culture that exclusively practices it. (Female Genital Mutilation)

The reasons given by the various agency spokesweasels for ignoring these crimes comes straight out of the Political Correctness Handbook for Progressives. Ethnic tolerance, celebrating diversity, inclusion, outreach, cultural sensitivity, community cohesion etc. etc.

To make matters worse, all the government agencies and the establishment, who's priority should be the safety, security and prosperity of their citizens, have been populated with fellow 'progressives' who are equally committed to the cultural replacement agenda and the imposition of so called 'multi-cultural societies'.

Scandalous doesn't begin to describe the behaviour of the various police 'services' and their accomplices in the associated criminal justice systems for their complicity in covering up these crimes.

How low can police officers sink when they ignore horrific crimes against the people they are sworn to protect and serve, including children. How low can judges sink when hand down derisory sentences, on the grounds of cultural sensitivity, to those immigrants who do find themselves in a court of law.

(German police told to ignore 'refugee' crime here)

(Swedish police cover-up immigrant crime here)

(Rotherham police ignore Muslim child sexual abuse here)

(Muslim child rapist spared jail on cultural grounds here)

(The shocking death of 12 year old Amy Houston here)

The failure of the government and its agents to deal with these horrific crimes coupled with the cowardly excuse of not wanting to be smeared as a racist, a bigot or an Islamophobe has sealed the fate of these unfortunate women and young girls.

Sadly, due to the fact that the government routinely censors the news with regard to Muslim criminality, along with the determination of the criminal justice system to protect their indulged community, it will also seal the fate of women and young girls long into the future.

As the people of the developed world are discovering to their cost, Muslims and Islam are being used as a battering ram by the UN/EU de facto world government to deconstruct western societies and erase their cultures, which have evolved over several millenia, along with their equally long established Judeo-Christian heritages.


  1. Spot on Daniel. I cannot find the words to express my disgust for these "politicians" who are enabling their "progressive" agenda at the expense of women and children. There is light at the end of the tunnel as the so-called racist, extreme right-wing (probably Christian) groups mobilise to protect their communities.

    1. Hello mawm, how you keepin'.

      The police have broken their oath to protect and serve the public therefore the public must organise to protect themselves and their own.

      That's not necessarily racist or extreme right wing, its common sense.

    2. Hi Daniel. I'm good.

      Of course I used the right-wing extremism label ironically.

    3. hey mawm, I've learned the hard way that emotions like sarcasm don't come across the internet very well and you will always get someone to take it wrong. I now distinctly make it clear after a comment that it was a joke or sarcasm with symbols or words like j/k or (sarc) for sarcasm. it makes for a lot less arguing and defending yourself.

    4. Hello donald, there's little or no difference between the views of mawm and my own so hedoesn't need to defend himself here.

      I understood exactly what he was saying. You are correct when you say that some people will take sarcasm and irony wrong. My comments were aimed at those same people.