Thursday, January 21, 2016

Insulting Our Intelligence With Blatant Lies And Propaganda

I am sure he spoke for millions of us when British journalist and author, Peter Hitchens, eloquently stated that 'sharks bite, cow pats stink and politicians lie. I'm used to all these things. They're facts of life. But I can't stand it when people pretend otherwise". He made this observation in reference to the British Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne's risible claims of success in the face of disastrous economic indicators and a dire economic performance.

Although there is an endless procession of politicians who lie and deceive as a matter of course, British Prime Minister, David Cameron, takes some beating. On a variety of subjects from economic performance to immigration and multi-culturalism, his pronouncements have become desperate and demonstrably false.

As these falsehoods become ever more risible he is insulting the intelligence of all bar his army of dullards by assuming people will actually believe him.

The British people are well aware that Cameron's only function in life is to keep Great Britain inside the European Union and to implement their cultural replacement agenda using open border mass immigration.

Conversely, Cameron is aware that a majority of the British people are now against continued membership of the EU and it's long planned destruction of the British way of life. Particularly galling is the Islamification program and his continual acceding to the incessant demands of the Muslim colonists no matter how offensive they are to British sensitivities.

The New Years Eve sexual assaults of women in German cities brought to light the horrific rape epidemic perpetrated by Muslim colonists that has been engulfing Europe for decades and this has made EU membership even more unpopular and the resistance to mass immigration solidify as well as becoming more widespread.

As Mr.Hitchens' rightly observes, politicians lying is a 'fact of life' and like him people 'can't stand it' when they pretend otherwise. Cameron's latest outrageous pronouncement is designed to appease the real concerns of the British people as opposed to being a genuine policy he intends to implement.

It relates to the continued influx of incompatible, and in many cases illiterate, Muslim immigrants from the undeveloped world who will make no contribution to British life.

In addition they will be a burden on the social services and other taxpayer funded resources that have already reached the breaking point due to the unprecedented demand caused by the massive influx which has proved impossible to assimilate.

He promises to spend $30 million of taxpayer's money on English language classes for non English speaking Muslim spouses immigrating into the country in order to help them make a contribution to the economy and lessen their susceptibility to radicalisation. If they are not proficient in English after a set period of time they may be deported.

(See here)

This insult is so far from being a pragmatic policy it's bordering on delusional; if he is serious then he should be sectioned along with his handlers and the spin doctors, media managers and advertising executives that come up with this nonsense.

Cameron is well aware that as a consequence of surrendering the sovereignty of Great Britain to the European Union he has surrendered the ability of the Home Secretary to deport undesirables whether they are legal or illegal and regardless of any crimes they have committed.

Instead of insulting the intelligence of the British people, David Cameron, his handlers or any member of his government, need to explain how, if he cannot deport terrorists, murderers, rapists, and a multitude of other violent criminals, how will he be able to deport a housewife because her proficiency in English is not up to scratch?

One also has to bear in mind that any Muslim spouse from the undeveloped world over the age of puberty will have produced a brood in the intervening period and therefore cannot be deported due to her right to family life under the notorious Article 8 of the Human Rights Act.

This appalling insult to the intelligence is compounded when one looks at some of the high profile failures of his government to deport the criminals alluded to above.

For example, Cameron's government failed to deport an Ethiopian immigrant know as J1, a terrorist colleague of the infamous ISIS killer, Jihadi John, along with twenty-eight other terrorists. This includes Algerian, Baghdad Meziane who had links to the al-Qaeda gang involved in the Paris massacre. He also ran a network that supplied fake passports and credit cards to jihadis. He was convicted a decade ago but remains free to walk the streets of Leicester, England, without fear of deportation.

(See these stories here and here)

Nigerian immigrant, Akindoyin Akinshipe was jailed for the rape of a thirteen year old girl but the European Court of Human Rights forbade his deportation because, as the court claimed, they must protect his 'social ties' with Great Britain which grew while he resisted deportation.

(See that story here)

The British High Court refused permission to deport Jamaican murderer, Eric Erron, on the spurious grounds that he was born out of wedlock.

(Story here)

Finally, in 2012/13, 602 appeals by foreign criminals were allowed by the immigration courts with 324 allowed to stay because of their so called right to family life.

(Story here)

The British people now take it as a matter of course that David Cameron, along with his government and their spin machine are lying whenever they are pretending to address their concerns about the destructive effects of open border mass immigration; the unfortunate truth is that they are totally committed to the EU project of replacing the independent, sovereign states of Europe with a post democratic superstate.

This will include what is known as cultural and demographic replacement using open border mass immigration with the objective of creating a generic European citizen loyal to the EU as opposed to their individual nation states.

The course is set and looks to be unstoppable and as a consequence the lies and propaganda will continue unabated. They are utterly shameless and unless the peoples of Europe wake up very soon all will be lost and two millenia of history will be destroyed for ever.

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