Monday, March 21, 2016

Coal Miners - Hillary Continues Obama's War On The Working Class

When Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton promised to "put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business" she was echoing the words of candidate Obama back in 2008 when he made a similar campaign promise to 'bankrupt the coal industry and force energy prices to sky rocket'.

The coal mining industry and their close knit communities epitomize the working class so the threats by Obama and Clinton to throw them on the scrapheap is not only a clear demonstration of their cold hearted callousness but it should put paid once and for all the myth that the Democratic Party is the party of the working class.

The political elite of both the Democratic and Republican parties - their equivalent are the Labour and Conservative parties in Great Britain - all use the electioneering slogan 'hard working people' or the more emotive 'hard working families' as if they are the sole custodians of their interests and well-being.

Their actions prove otherwise; the only things they are custodians of are their own self interests, their own well-being along with the interests of their lobbyists, donors and cronies who act on behalf of the UN/EU.

These political parties are no longer the parties that our parents and grandparents supported unreservedly over the years, those are long gone. These parties today have been hijacked by manufactured professionals who's only purpose in life is to impose their UN/EU global agenda on their citizens.

The claim by both Clinton and Obama that so-called 'green jobs' would provide an alternative livelihood was, as informed people knew all along, a false promise they used to sweeten the bitter pill of decay and the ultimate demise of the coal mining communities.

The truth is that there is more money and votes in the green lobby and the new climate change industry than in the coal mining communities therefore they can be sacrificed at no political cost.

The largely forgotten Solyndra scandal is also a testament to the scandal and corruption that surrounds politicians whenever taxpayer funded subsidies are used to finance political promises.

The American taxpayers were left on the hook for $535 million in unpaid loans plus $25 million in tax breaks when the new age green energy company filed for bankruptcy without a single green job being created for redundant coal miners.

It's a sad fact that the Democrats no longer represent the interests of the working class but it's their take over of the labour unions that highlights the biggest betrayal of all. It's become routine for union leaders to double up as active members of the Democrat Party who have surreptitiously changed their priorities from the well-being of the working class to the well-being of the Party and its agenda.

As part of their war on the working class they have stood silently by as American jobs are exported overseas; they have remained silent as the borders have been opened to cheap labour from the third world who not only compete for American jobs but drive down wages.

Most disgustingly of all they have failed to prevent the malevolent and humiliating practise of forcing highly paid IT workers to train their cheaper replacements from overseas by abusing the H1B visa system.

In the wider scheme of things this war on the American working class and their way of life is just one aspect of the Obama/Democratic Party agenda to 'fundamentally transform' America away from its traditional values of hard work and individual liberty under a free enterprise system into a European style socialist system of imposed equality and government dependency funded by punitive levels of taxation.

One instance of the Democratic Party/Labor Union axis putting the interests of the party and its agenda before the interests of the working class and their communities was/is the leader of the United Mineworkers of America (UMWA), Mike Caputo, who in 2008 was also a Democratic Party representative in the West Virginia House of Delegates.

He recommended his UMWA members vote for candidate Barack Obama in the 2008 Presidential election despite the fact that Obama had declared a war on coal miners by promising to bankrupt their industry, throw them onto the scrapheap and destroy their communities.

The question of whether Caputo put the interests of the Democratic Party agenda before those of his membership were answered unequivocally during Obama's re-election campaign.

Despite Obama's war on the coal industry and the destruction of the livelihoods of his UMWA members, Caputo cynically waited until late in the campaign to recommend they abstain; this late recommendation prevented any opposition being mounted in the coal mining communities against Obama's re-election.

To compound the sell-out of his membership he followed up this treachery with a statement that should live in infamy in the annals of labor folklore.

After advising his members to abstain he declared that:

"I am a hardcore Democrat, I intend to vote for Obama. I am loyal to my party".

There is no further proof required since it doesn't get any more unequivocal than that.

In conclusion I would add that as sure as death and taxes the labor unions have been taken over by the Democratic party therefore their leadership has committed themselves to continuing the Obama/Clinton war on the American working class which is better known today as the fundamental transformation of America.

Ouch! An interesting view on the UMWA and coal miners here

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