Thursday, March 17, 2016

Encryption - The British Have Already Been Stripped Of Their Ancient Rights

As the debate about encryption and giving the FBI a backdoor key to access people's private information, the American people need to divert attention from their domestic issues and look at the demise of individual liberty across the pond in Great Britain.

The debate centres around the Constitution of the United States of America and the inalienable rights codified therein, particularly those of the first ten amendments, better known as the Bill of Rights.

The inspiration behind this document and it's foundation are it's ancient British counterparts, the Magna Carta dated 1215, the Petition of Rights of 1628, the Habeus Corpus Act of 1679 and the Bill of Rights from 1689.

Americans please note well. Without a written constitution to keep malignant politicians in check, these ancient freedoms and rights have gradually been eroded away in the name of security and the collective good.

Everyone in their right mind wants to see the terrorists defeated and the threat of terrorism removed from the land but can the FBI be trusted not to extend their brief to include perceived enemies of the state or those who disagree with the government?

The recent Internal Revenue Service (IRS) scandal is proof enough that Government departments have been politicized and are being used to harass and silence perceived enemies of the current administration.

This also applies to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). When headed by Janet Napolitano the list of potential enemies of the state included returning military veterans and so called 'right wing extremists'. There was no mention of 'left wing extremists' or communists who are now out of the closet and standing for President and Commander-in-Chief.

It's worth noting at this point that in Great Britain anyone who opposes open border mass immigration or who criticize multi-culturalism in any way is considered to be a 'right wing extremist' and given the epithet 'far-right' every time they are referred to or mentioned in the media.

It's also worth noting that talk radio host Michael Savage is banned from entering Great Britain because the government doesn't approve of his political views which are mild when compared to the Muslim preachers of hate who are allowed to spew their violent intentions with impunity.

Before deciding on giving access to the FBI to personal information the American people should be aware of the rights lost by the British people as the political class solidify their control over them and progress the fundamental transformation of a once free country to one resembling the former Soviet Union.

Rigidly policed political correctness and one-way hate crimes have curtailed freedom of speech under threat of prosecution. Quoting from Sir Winston Churchill's book The River War is reason for arrest.
(See here)

The right of British people to defend themselves has not only been infringed but removed completely; they are totally disarmed. Defending oneself or one's family in the home or at one's business can lead to arrest and prosecution if several strict criteria and caveats are not adhered to. Spur of the moment action, use of an implement or an adrenalin rush are not acceptable excuses for injuring and intruder.

Under a recently imposed rule change anyone lucky enough to hold a firearms permit will now be subject to visits by the police unannounced and without a warrant.

If this is an outrage then there are over 1,065 rules that allow some 20,000 various government agents and snoopers the right of entry into citizens homes without a warrant. Despite a promise Conservative government and their Liberal Democrat allies to reduce these to around 15, they have failed to deliver.
(See here)

It doesn't get worse than the European Arrest Warrant (EAW). This requires EU members to arrest and extradite their own citizens to other member countries, some of which do not have the legal systems or protections of the host countries. Victims have been left to languish in foreign jails for months or years before being brought to trial only to be found innocent.
(EAW injustices here)

Identical to the current FBI case in America the Communications Data Bill, better known as the Snoopers Charter, was introduced by Theresa May, the Conservative Home Secretary, to give the government access to citizen's private communications. This was rightly thrown out by Parliament but re-introduced as the Investigatory Powers Bill in the new Parliament where the government has an outright majority.

They can never take no for an answer; their malignancy and animosity toward their own citizens knows no bounds. They will never give up imposing their 'progressive' agenda on behalf of the UN/EU elites.

As a scam to strip the British people of their ancient rights it's pure genius by virtue of its simplicity:

1) Without consulting the people, the government opens the borders to hundreds of thousands of Muslim immigrants from the world's most backward, uncivilized places knowing full well they are totally incompatible with western civilization. They are also well aware that these same people will attempt to subjugate the host nation, using violence if necessary, as required by their prophet and as written in the Koran.

2) Make ludicrous claims that their presence is not only necessary for economic security but also culturally enriching.

4) When the the threats of violence become actual acts of violence and their commitment to jihad is fulfilled, the government strips away it's citizens ancient rights in the name of collective security and fighting the radical Islamists they invited into the country in the first place.

In conclusion, The Constitution of the United States of America is all that stands between the citizens and tyranny. I would strongly advise that the American people think long and hard about whether to make even the smallest concession to government agents because they have demonstrated in the past they are not trustworthy custodians of the inalienable rights and liberties contained therein    

Other so called inalienable rights and freedoms that have been slowly and quietly removed from the British people here.

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