Monday, March 7, 2016

An All Powerful Elite Are Wilfully Destroying Western Civilisation

If anything epitomises the fall of a once great civilisation then the Parthenon in Athens is a classic example. It is a visible symbol of the decay that can befall any civilisation when it takes for granted the benefits of its success and ceases to nurture the things that made it exceptional.

External enemies are the obvious threat but more insidious and corrosive are the enemies within, slowly but incessantly chipping away at the institutions and culture that evolved over two millenia and surreptitiously undermining the very foundations of the country to which they claim allegiance.

The slow, deliberate degradation of western civilisations by internal enemies acting on behalf of the UN/EU ruling elite has suddenly changed from the generational process it has employed up until now into a scorched earth type dash to destruction as the people wake up to their plan and rebel by rejecting the establishment politicians and switching their allegiance to more popular movements.

It's worth noting that all the countries that are being 'fundamentally transformed' against the wishes of the majority and disfigured beyond recognition are not third world dictatorships or oligarchies but prosperous, free and open multi-party democracies, with supposedly independent judiciaries along with guaranteed freedom of speech.

It's a measure of the weakness and fragility of the democratic structures in western countries when Presidents and Prime Ministers can usurp power then use it to wilfully destroy their own countries and civilisations with very little opposition or sanction.

When Chancellor Angela Merkel opened the borders of Germany to unlimited immigration she was well aware that under the EU's core policy of the free movement of people she would be flooding the rest of Europe with a deluge of poor economic migrants, many of whom she knew would be incapable of integration or supporting themselves and their families.

She and the other EU leaders were also aware that it would 'fundamentally transform' the individual nation states of Europe for the worse and most likely forever.

The news bulletins are awash with images of the deluge overwhelming countries like Greece, Italy, Austria et al with children, sometimes lifeless, being used by a cynical media to stoke up sympathy and emotion.

To compound the distortion they continue to push the falsehood that it's a 'refugee crisis' as opposed to an economic migration by freeloaders looking to take advantage of the generous taxpayer funded welfare benefits along with free housing, free health care, free schooling and all the other 'free stuff' that is the hallmark of the European socialist dystopias.

There is also the issue of terrorists posing as refugees but rape, sexual assault and the death of innocents is obviously considered a price worth paying in order to advance the cultural replacement agenda.

Another powerful weapon being used in this cultural replacement agenda is Islamification. This is being imposed using rigidly policed political correctness, together with one way hate crimes which are applicable to the indigenous population only, and a propaganda campaign to smear, denigrate and intimidate anyone who opposes the destruction.

It needs to be understood that the UN/EU owned political class don't do compassion, they could care less about the disenfranchised, the poor, the hungry and those millions who have been abused by their own governments. If they did they wouldn't have tolerated and done business with tyrants like Iraq's Saddam Hussein, Libya's Colonel Gaddafi, Syria's Assad, and all the other autocratic Sheiks that have ruled the Middle East and other Islamic countries for generations.

If they did care they would not have tolerated and done business with the African despots that have brutalised their populations since independence and looted their countries treasuries while their people have suffered pestilence, famine and horrific tribally based civil wars.

They tolerated these tyrants and ignored the abuse of their own citizens for decades because it was in their interests to do so. Likewise their interference to eventually topple these leaders suited their purposes also. The UN/EU, and their bought-and-paid-for politicians, knew that overthrowing these tyrants would result in instability, insurgencies, death and destruction and an outflow of refugees.

Despite being a middle eastern problem where there is plenty of oil money and infrastructure to absorb their co-religionists, it is being touted by the media, and a host of multi-millionaire celebrities, that it's a European problem many of who's countries are plagued with bankruptcy, poverty and a crippling lack of infrastructure or resources to deal with it.

(Muslim demand separate state in Norway here)

The political class were also well aware of the reputation of western countries for welfare benefits; housing, schooling, health care and lots of other 'free stuff' being widely available which would act as an irresistible attraction to those seeking a better life or a free ride.

Their agenda to re-order the post war planet based on national, cultural, religious and ethnic equality takes priority over absolutely everything and they don't intend to let anything get in the way of its implementation. The European Judeo-Christian societies and their diaspora are not just the target of their malevolence but their sworn enemy.

In case they haven't noticed the lack of action with their porous borders and illegal immigration it's worth pointing out to the American people that the biggest European Judeo-Christian society on planet is their own United States of America and they are the biggest target of all. It's inconceivable that a prosperous European Judeo-Christian diaspora in the USA can be allowed to continue and act as a contrast to a downgraded 'multi-cultural' Eurasia where the Greek disaster will be the standard for the other nations.

Such is their determination to transform Europe for ever this malevolent political class are overlooking the brutalisation of their own people by violent, sexually depraved immigrants who consider rape, including male and female, adults and children, as normal.

As the abused people of Europe wake up to the monster deliberately placed in their midst, their rulers have taken a leaf out of the tyrants handbook and are using censorship, hate crime laws, propaganda and intimidation to impose their agenda once and for all.

Immigrants crimes including violent assault, rape and murder are being systematically covered-up to prevent a backlash, but by all accounts a backlash is coming slowly but surely.

(Article on Swedish censorship here)

The meeting between Chancellor Merkel and Facebook founder Paul Zuckerberg who were caught discussing censoring any criticism of Islam or open border mass immigration is testament to this intent. Media censorship however is a topic for another day.

In conclusion, if anyone is in any doubt that this catastrophe is a deliberate, well planned policy to ethnically cleanse the Judeo-Christian cultures from Europe and the diaspora and replace them with so called 'multi-cultural societies' then I would highly recommend taking time to watch the video at the end of this article.

There are no gory or graphic images of atrocities only a commentary with some high quality images and video of the immigrant invasion of Europe along with contributions from German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, and British Prime Minister, David Cameron, among others, along with the frightening intentions of the immigrants themselves.

Of all the videos I have watched on this topic this was by far the most chilling and the most disturbing.

Watch the video here


  1. It has been in the plans of the globalists for decades, now it is here.
    One hope for the US, change voting age to 35yo, put a moratorium on the 19th amendment until we get things straightened out

    1. It's been long planned that's for sure and well on course to succeed.

      I'm not sure that raising the voting age will have any effect. A case of too little too late.

      Stopping women from voting will be controversial to say the least