Sunday, July 23, 2017

Modern Britain - Syrian Rapist Let Loose Into The Community To Re-Offend

A recent news story about a Syrian sex beast who abducted and sexually abused two girls aged 13 and 14 while out on bail for rape raises several issues that not only demonstrate how far Great Britain has descended down the league table of civilized nations but also how degraded our once envied law enforcement and criminal justice system has become.

This sorry situation has come about by agenda driven politicians stuffing the public institutions and government apparatus with brainwashed career bureaucrats who’s ability to think critically and form an opinion has been driven out by the socialist inspired comprehensive education system. As a result, they are unable to conceive that any alternative ideas outside of what has been drummed into them by rote actually exist.

The further down the road to perdition the political elite force the British people to walk, the wider the gap between them becomes. What was once a narrow divide between the political class and the people they govern is now a yawning chasm that is rapidly becoming unbridgeable.

In a pre-sentence hearing Zohair Tomari told the court he was from Morocco but he changed his mind and told the court he came from Syria. In other words he was not properly vetted before he was invited into the country and let loose into the community to prey on young girls.

It must be noted that he wasn’t released into any community inhabited by politicians, their cronies or wealthy virtue signaling celebrities, but I digress.

Twenty year old Tomari invited his 17-year old victim and her 15-year old friend to his flat (apartment to our American friends) then plied the older girl with alcohol before slapping and punching both and pulling out a knife.

He then raped the 17-year old.

The following action by the politicized non-binary transgender friendly police ‘service’ is depressingly familiar when it comes to immigrant crime. With a complete disregard for the severity of his crimes, the trauma of his victims or the obvious danger he posed to other young girls, they released him back into the community on bail.

Not surprisingly he went on to traffic the 13 and 14-year old girls where again he plied them with drink before sexually assaulting them.

Tomari was found guilty for the rape and subsequently jailed for 12 years and nine months for both crimes and ordered to register as a sex offender for life.

There was no mention by the judge of deportation which should be automatic after such a sentence but deportation is an expensive long and complex process due to Great Britain’s pernicious human rights law that the political class refuse to amend.

It’s worth reminding ourselves that the human rights laws currently in effect in Great Britain are nothing more than a criminal’s charter which gives a higher priority to the human rights of some of the vilest criminals and terrorists imaginable than it does to the safety and security of the British people.

They are also responsible for spawning an entire industry for shady lawyers who use these laws to enrich themselves with shedloads of taxpayer money.

Another question that requires an explanation is how a 20-year old immigrant from Syria, or is it Morocco, with no obvious means of support can be in possession of an apartment in a city where 22,737 people are on the rapidly rising local authority waiting list for social housing?

The local authority involved, Coventry City Council, stuffed no doubt with the aforementioned brainwashed career bureaucrats, have conceived a brilliant plan to deal with their critical housing shortage.

They have a ‘core strategy plan’ to build 14,000 homes over 15 years. The well remunerated geniuses who came up with this nonsense will continue with the current plan to build 850 homes per year until their ‘core strategy’ is approved.

It’s most likely beyond these mathematically challenged numbskulls to understand that the ‘core strategy plan’ will only deliver 1,250 homes more over 15 years than the current plan.

In conclusion, at time of writing there are no firm plans to deport the beast back to Syria or any plan by the geniuses from Coventry City Council to do the obvious and stop adding to the waiting list by stopping any further immigration into their hopelessly overcrowded city.

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