Tuesday, October 3, 2017

State Oppression in Catalonia – Real Fascism in Spain Is Ignored

Two of the most vocal and active groups commanding the headlines of late are Antifa in the USA and Unite Against Fascism in Great Britain (UAF). Both groups engage in violent civil unrest and other anti-social activities to save us helpless souls from fascism and its genocidal sibling, Nazism.

Either by ignorance or design these self-proclaimed anti-fascists consider anyone who doesn’t share their ‘progressive’ world view to be a fascist or a Nazi and therefore must be intimidated into silence and banished from the public domain.

They believe they are a valiant resistance to fascist regimes and to protect the people they must smash windows, destroy businesses and shut down debate on college campuses and elsewhere. They also attack the police who are often under orders by agenda driven mayors to stand down.

Providing the odds are heavily in their favor they violently attack individuals who dare to raise a dissenting voice or display any sign of patriotism.

These people either lack any self-awareness or they are totally brainwashed since they fail to see that the activities they engage in were designed and used by the original fascists and Nazis in their pursuit of power during the European inter war years.     

When the Spanish government sent in ninja clad, heavily armed gangs of thugs to violently prevent a referendum taking place in Catalonia it was reminiscent of the attacks by fascist General Franco in the same province during the Spanish civil war of 1936-39.

It was also a lesson for those who claim to be anti-fascists of what real fascism actually looks like.

The extreme violence sanctioned by the Spanish government saw the state police assault anyone trying to participate in, or provide security for, an independence referendum. This included young and old alike, many of who sustained serious injuries and to their eternal shame they even assaulted the local police and firemen who attempted to protect the people from the violence.

When a government uses violence on this scale against its own people for participating in an innocuous, non-binding election, its fascism plain and simple.

Disgracefully, the leaders of the European Union failed to condemn the violence committed by one of their member states: their response gives an insight to what kind of regime it is since it bears all the hallmarks of being a fascist regime in its own right.

They justified the violence by claiming that the referendum was illegal. These are the same EU leaders who are planning a centrally controlled, pan-European paramilitary police force with jurisdiction in all member states.

The Spanish government could have adopted the modus operandi of the EU by just ignoring the result just as they always do with referendum results they disapprove of.

It’s also worth noting the response of the British and European anti-fascist movements, such as UAF, to this blatant display of actual fascism taking place on their doorstep. In short there was no response; they kept their heads below the parapet rather than go fight for the cause they espouse.
Compared to the anti-fascists of the inter-war years these noisy adolescents are an embarrassment to the cause and would be roundly disowned by their illustrious anti-fascist forebears of old.

When General Franco attacked Catalonia during the Spanish civil war, ant-fascist volunteers from Great Britain, Europe, and the wider world, made their way to Spain to join the International Brigade and other units to fight alongside the Catalonian people against his army.

These volunteers were real anti-fascists who were not content with token gestures such as smashing windows, setting fires and violently assaulting innocent bystanders who they accuse of being fascists. They travelled to another country to risk their lives fighting a real fascist with a committed army backed by Adolf Hitler’s Nazi’s who would kill them without mercy.

If the activists from UAF and Antifa were serious about confronting fascism they would have made their way to Catalonia like the International Brigade of old to fight alongside the oppressed people.

Distance and accessibility is no excuse. The volunteers of old had to make the arduous journey across Europe by road and rail avoiding the authorities along the way. Today Barcelona is accessible by air and is not much more than hour away from most European cities.

If Muslim volunteers from across Europe and the world can make their way to Syria and Iraq for their cause surely anti-fascists can do the same. 

The truth is that these Toon town revolutionaries are useful idiots employed by the ruling elite to use violence and intimidation to silence opposition to the ‘progressive’ global agenda and to undermine any government that doesn’t fall into line as is the case with President Trump's administration and Brexit.     

In conclusion; among the volunteers who made their way to Spain to fight Franco and his fascists was British journalist and author, George Orwell, who recorded his experiences in his novel, Homage to Catalonia. He was joined by his equally committed anti-fascist wife Eileen.

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  1. Just what does it take for you to note that it is NOT the Spanish "leaders" who are physically assaulting the Mere Citizens? It is instead Spanish "Law Enforcement". They only exist to protect their Masters, to protect their Brothers in Blue (or whatever color uniform their fellow Only Ones wear), and to generate revenue. They will do WHATEVER they are told, as long as that paycheck keeps comin' in.

    The stench is overwhelming. And it smells like pig. Nothing will change for the better until enough of their dead corpses are stacked in the streets. Once that time arrives, the REST of the Only Ones will decide they chose the wrong career, and then it will be easy pickin's with their Masters. But not one minute before then.

  2. Leaders of any regime never physically do the dirty work themselves, that's why they create paramilitary forces to do it on their behalf. Of course these agents of the state will do as they are told, that's what they are paid to do.

    State paramilitaries are not the same animal as your local cop who, however flawed they may be, do not inflict injuries en mass to prevent an election.

    At this moment in history I can't envisage a popular uprising in one of the modern western countries which would result in the dead corpses of police stacked in the streets so I guess we need to find other ways to fight the global elite.

    1. How many of those paramilitary agents exist in a nation, compared to how many local "Law Enforcement" officers? If the number of local "Law Enforcement" exceeds the head count of the paramilitary, and if the weapons are not significantly tilted in favor of the paramilitary, how are those local "Law Enforcement" any better than the paramilitary when they refuse to protect Mere Citizens from the government's terrorists???

      Admittedly, if the government uses FULL military, then the numbers calculation and weaponry may change drastically. But until then...

    2. Mark, firstly, the local law enforcement officers and the fire department tried to protect the citizens from the state police.See link above.

      Secondly, the government has just deployed the military to Catalonia which includes a navy vessel sitting offshore.

      It's getting ugly.

    3. Well obviously you are correct. After all, Paddy One-Shot had no success where he operated, did he?

      Paddy understood that the leaders were effectively untouchable. "He" also realized that those leaders had no scruples on those same leaders creating agents to do their dirty work. And he also understood that those agents and their families would eventually decide that the pay was not worth the risk, even if it WAS for "God and Country".

      And before you go on about Paddy being a "terrorist" who targeted "innocent civilians", please do note that whilst "He" placed bombs in civilian areas, "He" almost with fail alerted authorities in plenty of time to safely evacuate civilians from the threatened areas so that the only people who might suffer from the explosion were the agents the authorities sent to defuse the bombs.

  3. It is clear that the crisis is engineered by the seperatists as a deliberate act of brinksmanship.

    The spanish courts declared that the way the referendum was to be organised is inappropriate and therefore that the referendum should not go ahead. The Catalonian Government have organised a referendum that has no official recognition by the sovreign entity of which Catalonia forms a part. Such a referendum's outcome is bound to be questionable, having poor scrutiny about who votes, who counts and who observes.

    The enforcement end of such a court ruling in the face of the provocative decision to hold the referendum was bound to be an unpleasant affair.

    There were many who were surprised at David Cameron's decision to allow a referendum in Scotland at all. The Spanish government (comprising Catalan delegates as well) has the right to decide on important constitutional matters and did so. Recently, May denied the Scottish Nationalists a referendum. The EU for all its many failings is being consistent in its ongoing support for the EU member state, Spain.

    The Catalan government should take 100% percent of the blame here for the violence and instability in the province: it is auto-inflicted as a deliberate choice.

    1. P - you raise some good points, however the heavy handed response to the referendum was excessive and disproportionate to issue. The referendum had no legitimacy so simply ignoring the result may have been a better option. All they have achieved is to 'waken a sleeping dragon and filled it with a terrible resolve'. (A quote from Yashimoto after Pearl Harbour)

      The response was typical of a dictatorial political class who wanted to show who's boss. Like wise the seal of approval from the EU bureaucrats whose hatred of referenda and democracy is well documented.

      David Cameron allowed a referendum because he thought he was going to win it. Referendums on previous Treaties such as Maastricht and Lisbon have always been refused because they knew they would lose. If a referendum on these Treaties had been organised regardless of the government I doubt they would have sent in the troops to violently attack those taking part. They would have simply ignored the result if they lost or smiled widely if they had won.

      Correction, Mrs. May did not deny the SNP a referendum as such. First Minister Sturgeon knew she couldn't get the votes in the Scottish Parliament to hold one and would have lost if she had.

      If Sturgeon had held one regardless I doubt Mrs. May would sent in the army to violently assault the voters. She would simply have ignored the result.

    2. Daniel,

      Thanks for your reply. I agree that the way this has been handled is alien to the understanding of the UK. However, I am unconvinced that it is alien to the understanding of Spain.

      A dispassionate analysis shows that the "Republcan" movement in Spain was hard marxist and supported by the Soviet Union. They were trying to destroy everything that the old Spain stood for. Franco did not need to remain as the dictator of Spain for life, but in the 1930s war, he really was fighting for the decent people and the preservation of the national character in the face of provocative and intolerable extreme left wing anti-national acts.

      The Catalan government who organised this referendum are sympathetic to the old republicans and are clearly anti-constitutionalist. This deliberate act of brinksmanship is the cause of the violence. It has awoken strong feelings and divisions in Spain deliberately. I am surprised that the violence was not greater under the circumstances.

      My reading was that the court system in Spain did not only declare the referendum unconstitutional, but declared that it should not go ahead at all and this court decision was followed. This goes beyond a political decision, but is legal-constitutional. The consequences of not following this decision would clearly be worse than allowing a shadow referendum and accordingly things have escalated to this point. If no enforcement of the law were made, a sketchy, under-monitored, irregular referendum could have been counted and used to declare independence very quickly after the event, against the modern democratic Spanish Constitution.

      If, for example, the ScotNats asked for a referendum, were denied it, tried to organise one regardless and then the Courts ordered that the referendum cannot take place at all, then the Police services would have to act and there would certainly be conflict as the authorities do their duty.

      The idea that "Spain" (in which every Spanish Citizen in Catalonia can vote for representatives) has sent in an army to oppress the Catalan people is a total fiction. Whether it is perceived that way or not, is another question.


  4. https://amp.theguardian.com/world/2017/oct/08/catalonia-demo-injuries-fact-checking