Tuesday, January 23, 2018

America, Great Britain and Israel Must Open Their Borders To The World

With two notable exceptions, the most powerful people on the planet are in total agreement on the issue of national borders and nation state democracy. This ruling elite believe that neither should exist and they are working in unison to destroy both……….....or are they?

The Presidents and Prime Ministers of the European Union, led by the mentally unstable German Chancellor, Angela Merkel and France’s new boy wonder Emmanuel Macron, have opened their borders to millions of economic migrants from the undeveloped world regardless of the disastrous consequences for their citizens.

This global elite and their agents advocate the taking down of borders with a view to abolishing independent nation states. According to their propaganda this free movement of people will result in a more equal, prosperous and peaceful world. Why then do they concentrate their efforts only in Europe, America and the rest of the Judaeo-Christian world?

In addition to using its own offices to advocate a borderless world the UN has sent its representatives around the capitals and legislatures of Europe urging those in power to tear down their borders and use mass immigration to destroy ‘national homogeneity’. In layman’s terms that means commit national and cultural suicide or, using the UN’s own criteria, to engage in ethnic cleansing.

With the exception of Great Britain, who are outside the borderless Schengen area, the European Union, along with the white parts of the Commonwealth of Nations, have succumbed to the UN’s globalist agenda and are well on their way to third world shithole status.

Please note that Great Britain’s descent into third world shithole status is well advanced but the vote by the British people to leave the EU (Brexit) and regain control of its borders has put the globalist agenda under threat. This has resulted in a concerted campaign by the political elite for Great Britain to remain inside the EU single market after Brexit which will require open border mass immigration to continue.

Just a cursory glance at the UN/EU campaign reveals that it is only America, Great Britain and Israel that are under constant pressure to eliminate their borders and allow free movement of people.

These same advocates have never taken their campaign to eliminate borders to South Africa, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Nigeria or any other African country. Likewise they have never taken their campaign to Saudi Arabia, Oman, Iran or any other Middle Eastern potentate to take down their borders.

The list goes on, India, Pakistan Nepal, Russia, Japan, the Koreas, China, Paraguay, Uruguay, Venezuela and the rest of the world outside the three named countries are all allowed to retain their borders and keep their national homogeneity, cultures and ways of life intact.

These countries will never replicate the achievements of Great Britain and America who represent everything the UN/EU and global elite despises and which they will have to destroy if their globalist dream is to be realized.

It was the spirit of adventure and the human desire to seek out new boundaries by white Europeans, the British in particular, that spread the benefits of civilisation to the four corners of the earth.

Innovation, free enterprise, individual liberty, limited government, wealth creation, widespread prosperity and above all democratic systems of government are the legacy that are an anathema to the UN/EU globalists.

The pinnacle of development created by this British adventurism is the United States of America itself. The worlds biggest economy and the most prosperous country in history is a living example of the benefits of British and European civilisation.

Conversely, the degraded, multi-cultural European Union with its bankrupt economies, widespread poverty, mass rape and Islamic terrorism is a living example of what the single, borderless, socialist world would look like should the UN/EU globalist dream be realized.

Shanty towns infesting Paris here

In the case of the only multi party democracy in the Middle East, the campaign for Israel to retreat behind its undefendable, pre-1967 borders is to satisfy the desire of the Arab and anti-Semite world to wipe Israel and the Jewish people off the face of the earth as well as erasing the glaring contrast between freedom and autocracy.

To conclude, A free and prosperous Great Britain sitting just 22 miles across the English Channel from an autocratic, poverty stricken Europe wracked with Islamic terrorism, civil disorder and mass murder would be a contrast too far that would serve to encourage other nations to defect and shatter the EU along with the globalist dream.


  1. May and the rest of the UK "leaders" will be more than glad to comply. They all long for the same One World Government as their Davos and Bilderberg owners...

    1. My thoughts exactly. Traitors and Quislings one and all.

  2. It's not IF the war starts, it's when.

    1. When politicians ignore both the will of people and the results of free and fair elections what other course of action is left?

  3. I am afraid it is too late for the whole of Europe. Have to acknowledge it, the women are mostly responsible for supporting the destruction of Europe. The same is true in the US and Canada.

    1. Sadly I think you are right with reference to the end Europe as we knew it.

      I'm not sure about your rationale about women being mostly responsible since men appear to be the majority in the European legislatures.