Monday, January 15, 2018

Shitholes, Dumps and Third World Toilets

The choice of a word, objectionable as it may be to the deliberately offended, does not alter irrefutable facts. If it successfully conjures an accurate picture in the minds of the broadest spectrum of readers then it is obviously the right word to use.

The latest manufactured storm surrounding President Trump for reputedly referring to some backward countries as ‘shitholes’ is just another chapter in the organized campaign to remove him from office. His choice of the word ‘shithole’ would be correct if indeed he did use it, however it would help if it could be corroborated by someone with experience in the field of third world countries.

As a working class Brit who spent the last 20 years of his working life plying his trade mainly in the third world, I humbly offer the benefit of my experience.

Having lived and worked alongside other western workers in 7 African countries along with India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and some Middle Eastern potentates, I can confirm that the consensus of opinion is that these countries are indeed shitholes of the very highest order.

The word itself is rather ugly and doesn’t refer to the entire country nor the majority of the populations since western standards do exist in small oasis of development. These oases are inhabited by expatriates, local corruptocrats and ambitious natives who have seen the light and embraced western civilization.

Overall these countries consist mainly of areas that would be considered as slums unfit for human habitation, or indeed shitholes, in the developed world.

Other terms frequently used by western visitors to describe these backward countries are ‘dumps’ and the more widespread ‘third world toilet’. These are terms that the bought-and-paid-for media would have also seized upon in their campaign to discredit and bring down the President had he used them.

One cannot deny the evidence of ones own eyes, and nose for that matter, that the terms ‘shithole’ ‘dump' and ‘third world toilet’ are well deserved as anyone who has crossed the causeway into Bombay city, India, will attest. The stench of human effluent is overwhelming as it is in most of the urban areas and focal points across the country, i.e. railway stations, markets, beaches etc.

People urinating and defecating in public is a common sight in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and across the third world as are the piles of rubbish, polluted rivers, scavenging dogs and over-sized, well satiated rats. Poverty, beggars and the ever present stench of human effluent are part of everyday life which becomes normality the longer one stays.

If indeed he did ask the question as to why people from these shitholes are being invited into America in ever increasing numbers the President would be doing the job he was elected to do, i.e putting the security, prosperity and well-being of America and its people first.

The other part of the phony ‘shithole-gate’ nonsense is whether the choice of word was appropriate for the President of the United States and whether it should have been used to describe friendly countries. Again the answer from your humble expert is a resounding ‘yes’.

One of the endearing features of President Trump, and one of the reasons he is loved by the everyday American people and hated by the cultural Marxists, is that he does not bow down to political correctness.

Imposing political correctness is absolutely essential in the campaign to ‘fundamentally transform’ America and engineer its decline into a third world country.

The decline of America and Europe, along with the rest of the Judaeo-Christian civilization, is the goal of the UN/EU globalists in order to create their single, borderless, egalitarian world. Mass immigration from the third world to the developed world re-enforced using political correctness to stifle objections are the weapons of choice.

President Trump and Brexit pose a clear and present danger to this UN/EU project hence the hysterical campaign to bring both down.

In conclusion, President Trump knows how to use the hostile media to his advantage. His choice of words are deliberately chosen and designed to get his message across to the maximum number of people, the majority of who think in the same terms and use the same language as he does.

By creating such a storm, the bought-and-paid-for media whores are unwittingly getting the message out to the masses on his behalf.

If the American people didn’t know that Haiti, Africa, Pakistan etc, are third world shitholes that are exporting their backward people into their neighborhoods they do now.


  1. Alas, there is yet more injury to be heaped onto this insult. Take these dregs and 3rd-world backwash and drill rote-memorized, tech-only minutia into their frontal lobe, then give em a disinfecting cleansing and have an H-1B visa holder. This is an unmitigated insult. We now have graduate H-1B foreign tech employees of American corporations with verbal communication skills of a 5th grader low-balling and stealing their way into 6-figure STEM jobs supplanting qualified American workers in the process. Then they go on to invade the personal privacy of the citizens of the very country that has been so generous to these ungrateful pukes! Put em in line for deportation right along w/daca, chain migration, diversity visa lottery and 250,000 Salvadoran freeloaders.

    1. An insult to the American people is exactly what it is. RINO's like Graham, Ryan, McCain, Flake etc. have joined the Dems to keep DACA, H-1B visas, chain migration and the rest.

      It would appear that President Trump and few supporters are fighting an uphill battle against this powerful cabal to end these destructive programs.

      In the meantime tens of thousands of third worlders arrive each year to turn America into the shitholes they left behind.

      Its just so sad.