Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Eastern Europeans And Italians Join The Anti-EU Revolution

To the consternation of the UN/EU globalists, opposition to the economic, cultural and demographic disaster that has been wreaked upon the people of Europe is at last gaining traction across the continent.

Discontent has been building for decades as the people of Europe were being systematically impoverished by socialist policies and the unsustainable influx of economic colonists. 

Worse than this is the fact that innocent people are being raped, mutilated and murdered by Islamic jihadists who have been invited in by the agenda driven ruling class to facilitate their Islamization program.

This discontent has been made infinitely worse by the ruling elite shutting down any opposition using censorship, demonization and threats of prosecution for anyone voicing dissenting opinions.

In addition to this, democratic elections, and referenda, when they are allowed, are either weighted or the results ignored if the people vote ‘the wrong way’.

The anti-EU revolution started from small beginnings with political dissidents such as Gert Wilders in the Netherlands, Marine Le Penn in France and the inimitable Nigel Farage in Great Britain battling against the globalist establishment. 

Labeled as ‘far-right’, these three in particular have suffered abuse, demonization, vilification and smear in addition to death threats.

To the horror of the ruling EU autocrats, defiance and opposition to their diktats has spread to the Eastern European members with the normally subservient Italians joining the uprising.

Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia and the Czech Republic are refusing to obey the EU diktats especially when it comes to opening their borders to mass immigration. They are also refusing to accept quotas from the phony ‘refugee crisis’ which was deliberately manufactured by the clearly insane German Chancellor, Angela Merkel.

Horror of all horrors, they are also refusing to accept any Muslim colonists in order to protect their people and their cultures from the demographic and Islamization disaster that has engulfed the rest of the EU.

This brazen defiance, especially on immigration and Islamization, has angered the autocrats because the core of the EU project is a single, borderless, multi-cultural state centrally governed from Brussels in a post democratic age.

Citing so-called 'EU solidarity', the autocrats demand that national governments implement EU diktats without question or opposition. Refusal to obey will attract sanctions which can include financial penalties, and in the case of Poland, the removal of voting rights in EU institutions.

The success of the Brexit referendum and the election of President Trump in the USA has emboldened dissidents across the EU and demonstrated that the will of the people can prevail against overwhelming odds.

In conclusion, it is hoped by all freedom loving people who believe in the sanctity and sovereignty of independent nation states that the momentum of the rebellion will gather pace and eventually destroy the malignant cancer that is the European Union and return government of the people, by the people, for the people to this blighted continent.

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