Friday, February 9, 2018

The Deep State Is Why The 2nd Amendment Exists

Trying to explain gun ownership in America to British people is an onerous task that usually results in failure on my part. This is especially true whenever there is a shooting that results in the death or injury of innocents.

The most common response from my incredulous compatriots is that neither ordinary citizens nor deer hunters can justify owning multiple military style assault rifles with high capacity magazines and thousands of rounds of ammunition.

Despite the evidence of history they fail to grasp the fact that politicians and the ruling elites of countries around the world have usurped power and used it to oppress their own people. Neither have they grasped the fact that the western democracies are not immune from such behavior.

For decades the people of the European democracies have stood helplessly by as their political power was slowly stripped away and handed over to the autocrats of the European Union. They are now paying the price as their ancient cultures and ways of life are being deliberately destroyed by EU diktat and their individual countries transformed into a single third world shithole.

The United States is currently in the throes of a similar coup d’etat as the deep state firstly tried to fix the Presidential election in favor of the communist apparatchik, Hillary Clinton and secondly, having lost to a political outsider, they are engaged in a relentless campaign to remove him from office.

The 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of the United States was added to defend the homeland from external enemies and internal rogue elements like the deep state.

Even the individual state constitutions include the right for their citizens to keep and bear arms to defend the state as well as to provide personal protection. Since the non-coastal and non border states are unlikely to be invaded by an external enemy the only entity the state would need to be defended against is the federal government.

Learning a lesson from the dictators of old, the Democratic Party and its fellow travellers campaign relentlessly to disarm the American people because they realize that an armed populace will make their usurpation of political power difficult and most likely temporary should they succeed.

The aims of the deep state in America are identical to those of the corrupt European Union dictatorship and in line with the globalist plan for a single world government. 

These include cultural and demographic replacement using open border mass immigration from the third world together with a centrally controlled socialist economy and a managed descent into third world shitholery in order to achieve the of equality of nations.

The British are one of only three countries in the world that do not have a written constitution relying instead on Acts of Parliament, court judgments and conventions which in turn relies upon honest, honorable politicians, judges and other public servants for implementation.

This long evolved system of government and guaranteed freedoms served the people well until the recent advent of the political charlatan and the deep state. They have torn up the old conventions, ignored Acts of Parliament and corrupted the criminal justice system in order to impose their own globalist agenda.

Since elections are rigged and referendum results are ignored individual liberties are being increasingly curtailed leaving the British people powerless to prevent the destruction of their ancient culture, their way of life and their descent into third world shitholery.

To conclude: the United States is one of only three countries in the world where their citizens have a constitutional right to bear arms and the only major power to do so. To avoid the fate of Great Britain, Europe and the rest of Judaeo-Christian world the American people must remain vigilant, protect the Constitution, fight the deep state and never, ever surrender their inalienable right to keep and bear arms.


  1. IIRC, NOT a single one of the "mass shootings" has been perpetrated by an "ordinary citizen" or a "deer hunter. In fact, it seems that nearly all of them have been done by some type of dysfunctional individual (usually on some sort of psychotropic drug) and mostly registered democRATs. So who should really be getting the blame?

    1. You are correct but Brits and other outsiders don't note the perpetrator just the fact that innocent people have been shot. No matter what the arguments I put forward they always blame the availability of guns. Piers Morgan being a classic example.

      Democrats and their deep state propaganda machine use this argument to make their case but it is not their real motive for disarming the people. They must be ignored and the 2nd Amendment protected all costs.