Friday, February 2, 2018

Blighty Cafe And The Decline Of The English Revolutionary

The embarrassing invasion of the Sir Winston Churchill themed Blighty Cafe in London by unwashed communist activists was a depressing spectacle which illustrated perfectly the decline of the British revolutionary. (Watch and read about the spectacle here and here)

The storming of the Winter Palace was replaced by a storming of the Blighty cafe where courageous revolutionaries selflessly put their lives at risk by reading a series of prepared banal slogans read from a crib sheet in order to strike fear into the hearts of coffee drinkers and those enjoying a late breakfast.

These people obviously didn’t understand that the reputation of British revolutionaries was at stake and they really should be ashamed of themselves for bringing them into disrepute.

Apart from bravely taking turns to read out childish slogans, chanting in unison and harassing coffee drinkers, this catalyst for the revolution was limited to smearing Great Britain’s greatest Prime Minister as a racist (yawn) and vandalizing a mural of his image.

They could have followed the example of Jesus by at least overturning a few tables and chasing the poncy middle class idolaters from their Churchillian temple.

The image of the British revolutionary was further tarnished when the participants allowed themselves to be led, not by some courageous Lenin-like figure but by the baby-faced 24 year-old daughter of Somali immigrants who idolizes the multi-millionaire drug addled junkie, Russel Brand.

The ingrate in question is one Halim Hussein who, but for the generosity of the British people, would be languishing raped, hungry and genitally mutilated in Somalia, one of the worlds worst war torn shitholes.

Instead of repaying that generosity with thanks and respect, as well as working hard to make a contribution to the country that gave her all the advantages of civilization, she has decided instead to trash it and dedicate herself to bringing it down to the level of her ancestral home.

As well as being a communist, Hussein’s uselessness to Great Britain and its hard pressed taxpayers can be illustrated by her university studies and the fact she has valiantly announced in advance that she will not be repaying her student loans.

Hussein is a product of the brainwashing higher education system, having attended the William Morris Sixth Form mixed community college, named after the trendy 19thcentury socialist activist.

She is currently a student at the School of Oriental and African Studies at the University of London where she is also the co-president of something called Equality and Liberation.

Being the offspring of immigrants and therefore having no deep roots or attachment to Great Britain, Miss Hussein is obviously unaware that she has a responsibility to maintain the image of the country’s revolutionaries, so invading a cafe and reading out slogans to coffee drinkers is not the behavior we expect from a revolutionary leader and co-president of Equality and Liberation. The rest of the communist revolutionary community should hold one of their notorious kangaroo courts and hold her accountable for this serious dereliction of duty and tarnishing their image, possibly beyond repair.

If Miss Hussein and her comrades paid more attention to British history instead of that of the Orient and Africa they would have learned about the siege of Sydney Street in London where real revolutionaries sacrificed their lives in pursuit of their beliefs.

They would also have learned that the object of their hatred was in attendance to personally oversee their demise. (Read about it here)

In conclusion, in choosing to invade a coffee shop as a catalyst to start her uprising, Miss Hussein and her motley band of Toy Town revolutionaries are a disgrace to English communists and their illustrious comrades down the ages. If anyone deserves a period in a re-education camp it’s Halim Hussein and her fellow cappuccino revolutionaries.

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