Thursday, February 8, 2018

The State v The People - British Police Go Full PC

As it slowly dawns on the American people that their institutions have been politicized and are now being used against them it comes as no surprise to their British kith and kin across the Atlantic.

Their institutions were weaponized and used against them decades ago. These include national and local governments, the mainstream media led by the supposedly unbiased, taxpayer funded BBC, the supposedly neutral civil service and the supposed envy of the world, otherwise known as ‘our’ National Health Service (NHS).

The most notable, and regrettable, weaponized institution is the once respected Police Force who are now fully fledged agents of the state who’s mission to protect and serve the public by upholding the law has been abandoned in favor of imposing the governments agenda.

Now known as the ‘Police Service’ it is led by specially selected Common Purpose trained operatives who serve the political elite and who’s mission is to use political correctness to intimidate into conformity those members of the indigenous population who disagree with the government's agenda.

Crimes perpetrated by specific minority groups, including followers of the religion of peace, are ignored where possible and where prosecution cannot be avoided softer sentencing guidelines are applied in mitigation.

As crime rises across the country, including gun and knife crime, police ‘services’ are withdrawing cops from the streets and redeploying them to tackle crimes against political correctness.

Crimes against political correctness are vague and open to interpretation which leaves the police free to caution, investigate and arrest anyone who voices opposition to the government's agenda. By any measure this is intimidation worthy of any autocratic banana republic and not a modern democracy.

Recent headlines from the Sceptred Isle include:

Distribution of funds depends on the priorities set by local Police Commissioners and Senior Officers so one has to assume that crimes against ordinary people such as burglary are 'low level' and therefore not a priority, whereas so-called hate speech on Twitter and Facebook are very much so.

When it comes to prioritizing police resources between tackling violent crime and political correctness the latter wins in Dyfed-Powys, Wales, where police are financing LGBT liaison officers throughout the service.

These officers have been specially trained to deal with matters of sexual orientation and gender identity to provide support for LGBT victims of crime, including hate crime, domestic abuse and sexual abuse.

According to the cultural Marxist disciples in charge of this phony police ‘service’, these aforementioned crimes are unique to the LGBT community thus deserving of funds or they don’t matter to cisgendered victims of the same crimes especially if they are white.

To conclude; politicians being the duplicitous, self-serving charlatans that they are will always put their own interests above those of the people and the country they are meant to serve.
Apart from outlawing so-called hate speech to intimidate dissenters into silence by accusing them of Islamophobia, racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, etc. they are now adding criticism of themselves to the list.

When the political elite start making laws to protect themselves from criticism the line will have been crossed and civil disobedience will be the only recourse left for the disenfranchised people.
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  1. Once the cops and their families start to die - executed by Mere Citizens for their treason - things will change rather quickly. It won't take long for "Law Enforcement" spouses to convince their husbands that they chose the wrong career. When they no longer have enough personnel to protect the donuts in the headquarters break room, THEN one can deal appropriately with the evil they enable. May and the rest doing the Mussolini dance at the end of a rope.

    1. I am not seeing mass killings of cops and their families in the future of Great Britain. That kind of violence is not in their DNA.

      I do see the rise of vigilante groups to fill the vacuum left by these agents of the state as they concentrate on political correctness and imposing the governments 'progressive' agenda.

    2. Unfortunately, those vigilante groups will then be executed by UK "Law Enforcement". Unless, of course, they go "Paddy One Shot". Your Betters understand that "Law Enforcement" will do WHATEVER they are told, as long as that paycheck keeps comin' in. Just as we are seeing in the US right now, where FBI and DoJ fraud, corruption, treason, and sedition has been exposed as rampant. Yet there is at most a handful of "Law Enforcement" and prosecutors who have come forward to expose what they know about crimes committed by their co-workers and "leaders". Just as was the case back in Fast and Furious, although at that time there was clearly no intent to actually DO anything about that treason.

    3. I'm not seeing even rogue cops indulging in mass executions or topping people Paddy One Shot style. I can see the arbitrary arrest and illegal detention of leaders however.

      They may have more power than me but I am 'the people' so none of these traitors and quislings are my 'betters'.

      What we are witnessing in the USA is the deep state using law enforcement, along with all the other corrupted public institutions such as the IRS, and using them against the people.

      There's a new sheriff in town and only time will tell if he can clean it up and drain the swamp.

  2. Daniel, I think you might be wrong there, that the people will simply go along. A passive people, always slow to anger, can and do often turn into terrible monsters when roused by passion, anger and rage. Consider, as the reality of life in Britain diverges more and more from the narrative fed to the populace, by the elites, the long suppressed rage at the inequity of life in a quasi authoritarian, socialist/marxist state, will seek an outlet.

    As there is already a deep anger among the general populace, probably far more than any of us realise, given the insidious nature of intimidation practiced by the state against the people, where to simply reveal any sympathy for an alternative perspective to the prevailing order can cost you your livelihood, your family and sometimes even your freedom, which constrains many to keep a tight lip on their true opinions. All it will take is one over-reach too far by the state or its agents

    At first, it may be simple acts of sabotage against the police, the BBC, and other institutions of authority, but as the authorities crack down hard on those individuals in an effort to stamp out and resistance, they will only fuel the anger and resentment.

    There again, some terrible event outside of the state's control may trigger and outburst of uncontrolled rage; and, once that dam is broken the state will lose control overnight.

    Or maybe, a charismatic figure will arise at just the right moment, taking the authorities by surprise. Considering just how free the authorities and their agents are with the term Nazi, one would thing that they had at least a basic understanding of how Adolf and his pals rose to power on the back of the populist resentment at just how corrupt and dysfunctional the Wiemar Republic had destroyed German life, alas this not being the case, they will stumble right on into the same mess, having learned absolutely NOTHING from history, because of course, they are far too cleaver for such incidental details.

    No, I'm not saying Britain will turn into Nazi Germany tomorrow, but the seeds are there for events to overtake the best laid plans of the Brightest of Britain's over educated elite. Who knows what will come.

    You say the British are too passive, in a sense yes, but once felt betrayed they can become a most implacable foe, one not to be trifled with. Remember, the English civil war was a very nasty affair, as are all civil wars. I think the Political class and there handlers the corporate globalists are playing with fire; eventually they will get burned. To a degree it will depend upon just how much blood flows in the streets as to how brutal and even barbaric will be the response.

    1. Thank you for taking time to share your thoughts which in essence I agree with.

      My last paragraph sums up my view. There is a line which once crossed will unleash a reaction which will be difficult for the state to contain. Its pretty much impossible to get the genie back in the bottle.

      The British people are indeed passive and I don't know what will rouse them into action. The mass influx of incompatible migrants didn't do it, the mass rape of young white girls didn't so it either. If the destruction of their culture and way of life doesn't do it I don't know what will.

      I'm not seeing a charismatic person on the horizon. Nigel Farage came close but didn't cut it and I'm not sure Jacob Rees-Mogg will cut it either.

      At this point in history the government has got it made, they can do anything they want, they are continuing to impose their agenda regardless of popular sentiment.

      Although I don't know what it is, I remain convinced there is line that once crossed will open another chapter in Great Britain's history of violent revolutionary change.

  3. Like you, I don't know what will be the trigger which opens the gates of chaos.

    As to the rise of some charismatic leader...certainly not a given, but simply a possibility, and most certainly not anybody on the scene right now.

    Indeed, the current elites would be far better served should Jacob Rees-Mogg steer the ship of state for a while, and hopefully making some sensible changes, and thereby hopefully avoid some of the looming conflict, but I sense that even should we have him as a leader for a period of time the cultural Marxists would resort to form straight after.

    Anyway, I think the forces against Rees-Mogg will stymie his attempt to lead the party, and, with Mrs. May being such a weak and ineffectual leader, I think poor old Blighty will end up with an avowed Marxist as the leader of the country, and from there who knows what will happen, but one thing for sure, the British will be turfed out of their comfort zone right quick. The specter of Venezuela does not seem to concern too many on the left....oh well.

    The prospect of Corbyn and his pals does not seem to frighten many in Britain. But maybe that's what is needed, a does of hard, brutal reality, but then what? How does a country climb back from that disaster?

    Sorry Daniel, not wishing such horrors upon you, but I certainly don't see too much common sense coming out of the political scenery of Britain these days.

    As to the Islamic angle, I think, should they achieve some spectacular success, (by their lights), and kill several hundred or more, that might stir some reaction. Probably more likely will be the seizure of some part of Britain on the part of Muslims as an independent state, might rouse some discontent, especially as that new state being TOTALLY dependent for any meaningful revenue, upon taxes supplied by the British people...Tower Hamlets comes to mind, although that situation is almost de-facto today!

    Anyway, which ever way it goes the future looks very bleak indeed, and for what, to satisfy the whims of a clique of ignorant cultural Marxists and their Hippie inspired dreams.