Saturday, February 17, 2018

Sanctimony And Hypocrisy From Europe After Florida Shooting

The shooting deaths of pupils at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida is another tragedy in a long list of tragedies that have befallen innocent Americans as they go about their daily lives.

After such a horrific incident it is right and proper that vigorous debate takes place to find the causes of the tragedy and to discuss possible solutions to prevent further tragedies in the future.

That is obviously too grown up for so-called ‘progressives’ and their fellow travelers on the left who didn’t waste a minute politicizing the incident to push their anti-gun agenda and those from the deep state who used the tragedy in their ongoing effort to tarnish President Trump and remove him from office.

What is truly absurd about this tragedy is the sanctimonious outpourings of some British people and their fellow hypocrites in Europe.

While some of these people are ordinary folks who expressed an emotionally triggered reaction, many are leftists who are using the tragedy to give voice to their inherent anti-Americanism while others are putting on display their Trump Derangement Syndrome they acquired through propaganda-induced groupthink.

While the sanctimonious fall over themselves to voice their opinions on tragic incidents in America they conveniently forget the mass killings on their own doorstep about which they remain silent.

An oft repeated sentiment is that children should be allowed to go to school without fear of being shot and killed; this is true but using the same logic people should be allowed to attend a concert or travel to work without being blown up in the concert hall or on the transport system or being mowed down as they walk on pedestrian walkways.

Awful and soul destroying as they are, the seventeen murdered teenagers in Florida pale into insignificance compared to the eighty-nine murdered teenagers at the 2015 Bataclan concert in Paris and the twenty-two murdered teenagers at the Manchester concert in 2017.

Fifty-two innocent people were killed in the 7/7 London Transport bombings in 2005, twenty-one people were killed in Brussels subway bombing in 2016 while on the same day fourteen were killed at the Brussels Airport.

Again using the same logic people should be allowed to celebrate national holidays and shop at a festive market without being killed and maimed by vehicles driven by terrorists.

Eighty-six people, including children, were killed when they were mown down by a vehicle while celebrating Bastille Day in Nice, France in 2016.

Eleven people were killed when they attended a Christmas market in Berlin, Germany in 2016.

Fourteen people were mown down and killed in the Westminster and London Bridge attacks.

Five people were mown down and killed in the Stockholm attacks.

Fourteen were mown down and killed in the Barcelona attacks and so it goes on the same as it does in America, innocent people in Great Britain and Europe are being killed while going about their daily lives.

The cry goes up that it's the availability of guns in America that is responsible for these mass killings and therefore they should be banned by the government.

Since all the killings mentioned above have been perpetrated by Muslims using vehicles, home made explosives and guns, why are the same people not calling for a ban on Muslims, vehicles and the ingredients for home made explosives? It must be borne in mind that AK-47 assault rifles are already banned but that doesn't seam to bother the terrorists.

The answer to the question is a mixture of the emotional need to indulge in public virtue signaling or political activism in the case of American tragedies and cowardice in the case of British and European ones.

It’s easy to shout from the rooftops that guns should be banned in America but only the courageous would risk shouting equally as loud for Muslims to banned from PC-controlled Great Britain and the European Union nation states.

The sanctimonious hypocrites in Great Britain and Europe are saying that thoughts and prayers are not enough, urgent action is required to prevent future tragedies when that is all they get from their own leaders after every Muslim atrocity accompanied by a #hashtag campaign, a light show and a patronising lecture about how it is nothing to do with Islam.

The British and European people need to educate themselves on why firearms are available to citizens in America. The Founding Fathers drafted the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution to allow citizens to protect themselves and their families as well as protecting the Republic from external enemies from without and internal enemies from within. (See 2nd Amendment article here)

Maybe if the people of Great Britain and Europe had similar rights their leaders would not have surrendered national sovereignty to the EU autocrats their democracies would still be intact and their descent into third world shithole status avoided.

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