Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Unapproved Opinions Are Not Allowed in The Liberal Utopia

The right to form one’s own opinions and the freedom to express them publicly is a fundamental right that is coming under attack by governments and supranational bodies across the free world because they fear the unrestricted flow of information and opinions will counter their own propaganda.

It is now increasingly the case that people expressing an opinion that fails to fit the ‘progressive’ narrative being created by the globalist elite will attract sanctions and in some cases arrest and prosecution.

Doctors and teachers have been sacked for expressing unapproved opinions on gender while pupils have been expelled from school for the same reason. Scientists have been ostracized and denied a forum if the results of their research fail to fit the false narrative the globalists have created on climate change.

The rights that have been endowed upon us by our Creator are inalienable and cannot be taken away by politicians but that won’t stop them trying. Therefore, it is incumbent upon us, the people of the free world, to exercise those rights whenever and wherever we choose lest the political elite deem them obsolete and use that as an excuse to let them wither on the vine or revoke them.

To that end I will exercise my inalienable right to express opinions that the authorities would like to ban, and which have attracted sanctions in the recent past:


Regardless of the current narrative being imposed by supranational institutions and 'progressive' governments around the world there are only two genders, male and female. Neither politicians nor the so-called LGBTQ+ ‘community’ can override biological science. Neither can they override the Laws of Nature or of Nature’s God.

Furthermore, it is also my opinion that men identifying as women are still men and should not be allowed to participate in women’s sporting competitions. Nor should they use women’s locker rooms, bathrooms, dormitories or any other facility that has been designated as ‘Women Only’.


Despite a concerted campaign by the United Nations, the Pope, the Archbishop of Canterbury and governments around the world to portray it as benign, Islam is not a great global religion of peace. One only has to read the Koran and look at the carnage meted out across the world by its adherents to see that nothing could be further from the truth.

After reading the Koran, listening to its preachers of hate and looking at the carnage perpetrated in its name, it is my opinion that Islam is a death cult intent on making the whole world subject to shariah law.

To compound my crime, it is my humble opinion that Islam is incompatible with the Judeo-Christian culture of the west and therefore immigration of its adherents should be severely restricted.

Climate Change

After studying the evidence and paying attention to the enthusiasm with which politicians have embraced it, I've concluded that there is no climate emergency. Life on earth will not become extinct in ten, twenty or a hundred years because human activity is creating an earthly version of Dante's inferno by heating up the planet to Gas Mark 9.

The entire climate change issue is a naked power grab by politicians and the global elite as well as being a lucrative money-making scam for unscrupulous, opportunist fake scientists.


The land of Israel is the ancient and eternal homeland of the Jewish people and Jerusalem is its capital. There is no evidence, archaeological, written or otherwise to suggest that there has ever been a centrally governed, homogeneous country called Palestine. The phony stolen land narrative is used by anti-Semites as cover for their hatred of Jews.

Mass Immigration

From my research it is the majority opinion that mass immigration has been an unmitigated disaster for the British people and their way of life. If there is one issue that highlights the gaping chasm between the people and the politicians, it’s their policy of open border mass immigration. There is not a town or city that has not been blighted by the mass influx of incompatible people from the Third World as well as economic migrants and welfare colonists.

Despite a shortage of housing, school places, health care provision, money and other social infrastructure the politicians absolutely refuse to stop it.  

Imposed Multi-culturalism

Contrary to the ludicrous claim by the political class and their globalist bedfellows, Great Britain is not the most successful, multi-ethnic, multi-religious, multi-cultural country on earth. A title, incidentally that is claimed by Australia, Canada, the United States and others.

The reality is that Great Britain is home to thousands of semi-autonomous, mono-cultural ghettos controlled by imams, tribal elders and gang leaders. Many are welfare supported, crime-ridden and off limits to the police and the indigenous population.

In areas governed by shariah law the Queen's writ does not run. They are, for all intents and purposes, foreign countries within the United Kingdom. Hailed as an example of a successful multi-cultural city, London is now a white minority third world cesspit where turf wars and other violent crimes are out of control. There are oases of peace and prosperity, but they are few and far between and occupied exclusively by the minted elite.

No politician has ever explained to the British people why they should ‘celebrate diversity’ or how ‘diversity is our strength’ when the incomers continue their ancient rivalries and bloody conflicts on British soil.

How is diversity our strength when the government must spend millions of taxpayers' money on something called ‘community cohesion’?


The jury is still out but it appears that more people are leaning toward the view that life begins at conception. It is most definitely present when a heartbeat is detected. A fetus in the womb is not ‘a clump of cells’ as the abortionists claim, to be destroyed and disposed of because its inconvenient.

It’s strange to think that if a single celled organism was found on Mars it would be evidence of life but a fully formed baby in the womb is merely a ‘clump of cells’ that can be legally put to death.

Political Correctness 

This is the insidious force by which the ruling political class imposes its will on the people. It does this by strictly controlling what they can say in public. By narrowing down what can be said they will eventually control what can be thought.

When this stage is reached only government approved opinions will be allowed and the nightmare of George Orwell’s prophetic novel 1984 will be a reality.

There are many more opinions which the politicians and their agents in the police service would like to suppress but I will conclude by saying that I believe the opinions expressed here are held by the majority and by expressing them I have committed heresy and even blasphemy against the politically correct agenda that the government and the supranational bodies are forcing the people to accept.

Also, I have left myself open to censorship and if a single snowflake takes offence and the authorities take note I am liable for possible prosecution for hate speech which I would consider to be a small price to pay in defence of our inalienable right to hold and express an opinion.


Criticising halal meat is an 'obscene racial comment'.