Friday, May 30, 2014

English By-Election Battle - Government Minister Likens The Peoples Army To Children

After the electoral shock that was delivered to the old political establishment in Great Britain by UKIP, now referred to as The Peoples Army, old political establishments around the world are watching the by-election in the English town of Newark with particular interest. If UKIP can maintain their momentum and give a good account of themselves then disenfranchised people around the world will take heart and put their own political orders under similar threat.

Opinions will differ as to why the people are turning their backs on the old order but it shouldn't take a genius to work out the actual reasons. The recent EU ballot highlighted the fact that this was the first election in a hundred years that wasn't won by either the Labour or Conservative parties.

In those one hundred years the politicians from these two parties, and the entire political class for that matter, have become complacent, arrogant and corrupt, they have a bloated sense of entitlement and a total contempt for the people. They also have a bloated sense of their own importance and they labour under the mistaken belief that they know what's best and the only point of view that matters is their own.

Modern politicians of all parties are so alike it appears they came from the same flawed gene pool, they share attitudes, soundbites and a common agenda. If plebeians have the temerity to question any part of their agenda they are treated as the enemy and consequently abused, insulted, demonised and smeared.

Their loyalty is to the global 'progressive' elite as opposed to the people they are elected and paid to represent. For all intents and purposes they have declared war on their own people in order to impose the the so called 'progressive' agenda that they have been given by the EU bureaucrats and other supranational elites.

This agenda has been a disaster for the British people especially in terms of their culture and way of life. They have also been disenfranchised by the continuous transfer of sovereignty to the unelected bureaucrats of the EU and they appear to have had enough.

While the old political order speak for themselves and their supranational masters, UKIP speaks for the British people and they are slowly but surely loosening the old order's century long grip on power.

As is to be expected the old order are not going to give up without a fight and they are employing every sly tactic and every dirty trick in the book to maintain their grip on power. As the UKIP candidate, Roger Helmer correctly said, the incumbent Tory party are scared sh*tless.

Apart from a small number of marginal constituencies, the old parties had their own political territories, inside of which they took the electorate for granted. They have never been faced with uncertainty like this before and are consequently behaving like rabbits caught in the headlights of a Juggernaut.

Conservative Party leader and Prime Minister David Cameron is trying to cut dodgy deals with people he considered to be his political enemies a week ago, while his Home Secretary Theresa May is desperately trying to steal UKIP's clothes by making promises on immigration and foreign criminals she knows she will be unable keep due to EU rules.

The sad truth is that no matter how they try to spin it, the EU bureaucrats will not allow Cameron's government to govern Great Britain in the interests of its people and they know it.

Heading a government of professional politicians who have nothing in common with the ordinary people of Great Britain, David Cameron's idea to send all his Ministers to campaign in Newark has backfired already.

A government minister by the name of David Willetts, who obviously hasn't learned that name calling and smear are counterproductive and only serves to harden support for UKIP, has put his foot firmly in his mouth.

In a display of patronising arrogance, he dismissed the surge of UKIP adding that he was confident that the public would vote for the 'grown ups' at the general election next year.

That maybe so, but it is the height of foolishness to assume that the old political order will resume its century long grip on power in perpetuity from this time on.

At this point it's worth looking at this particular by-election and David Willetts in a little more detail.

The by-election is being held because the sitting member, Conservative MP Patrick Mercer, was forced to resign on account he was corrupt, a racist and an anti-semite. As matter of fact Mercer was everything UKIP and its supporters are accused of being.

He took money to further the interests of lobbyists, he took cash for asking questions in the House of Commons, he insulted ethnic minority soldiers in the British army and he referred to an Israeli soldier as "a bloody Jew".

Patrick Mercer was the representative of the 'grown ups' that had the misfortune of getting caught - the voting public assume that there are many more like him that are clever enough to evade capture for the moment.

If experience rather than the passage of time were a measure of being 'grown up' then Willetts and some of his colleagues at the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills are still in their infancy.

David Willetts labours under the grandiose title of Minister of State for Universities and Science, Innovation and Space. His qualifications in the real world of business, wealth creation or the things that matter to ordinary citizens is...........absolutely zero. After getting the inevitable Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE) degree at Oxford University he went straight into party politics and was an MP at thirty six.

His departmental colleague Michael Fallon, has the title of Minister of State for Business and Enterprise. He graduated with a degree in classics and ancient history and like David Willetts he has zero experience in the real world of business, wealth creation or people. He went into party politics straight from school becoming an MP at thirty one.

Mathew Hancock is the Minister of State for Skills and Enterprise. He got the required PPE degree at Exeter University and briefly worked at the family business before becoming a bean counter at the Bank of England. He became an advisor to the Chancellor of the Exchequer at twenty seven and an MP at thirty two and he is still only thirty five years old.

Jo Swinson is Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Employment Relations and Consumer Affairs.
 (Until the recent disastrous sell off she was also in charge of Postal Affairs) Her experience in the real world consists of a very brief career in public relations and marketing before standing for Parliament at the tender age of twenty one. She became an MP at twenty five and currently hold the title of 'Baby of the House' at thirty four years old.

UKIP's candidate Roger Helmer studied mathematics at Cambridge University and spent over thirty five years as a business and management executive, both in Great Britain and overseas, prior to being elected as a Member of the European Parliament in 1999 aged fifty five.

Eventually the people will decide the result of this by-election but before making their selection I would suggest that they take some time to think just who are the 'grown ups' and who is better experienced to represent them and put their interests ahead of an outdated, time expired political order.



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