Tuesday, May 20, 2014

EU Elections - MSM Smear Campaign Against The Peoples Party Becoming Hysterical

As election day approaches, the day of reckoning for the established political class gets ever closer and their malevolent stranglehold over the lives of the British people will at long last be released, hopefully for ever.

What this election campaign has brought home to many people is that multi-party democracy in Great Britain ceased to exist decades ago, replaced with a cross party consensus on the main issues that effect people the most.

To say that the cross party political class have declared a war on the British people would be an understatement, they know very well that they share a common agenda which, if put to the people in a popular vote, would be soundly rejected. This has resulted in a political discourse where media management, propaganda, spin, deceit, obfuscation and lying are a normal part of everyday life for the modern day career politician.

Despite their supposed ideological differences, the three legacy parties in Great Britain, the Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties, are in total agreement on the following important issues:

a) 'Ever closer union' and continued surrendering of sovereignty to a post democratic United States of Europe.

b) Continued demographic and cultural replacement via open border mass immigration.

c) The imposition of a so called 'multi-cultural' society.

d) Continued spending 0.7% of GDP, unconditionally, on foreign aid despite the fact the country's economy is operating in deficit and the political class has to borrow over one hundred billion pounds per year to finance its largess.

e) Their refusal to tackle the 1.2 trillion of debt they have accumulated between them, instead leaving it to our children and grandchildren to pay off.

f) A refusal to trust the British people to decide their own future by allowing an In/Out referendum on continued membership of the EU.

g) Allowing access to taxpayer funded services such as housing, education, health care and cash welfare benefits to anyone who arrives on our shores and who have not contributed anything into the system.

h) The continued use of rigidly policed political correctness to bully and threaten with prosecution anyone who has the temerity to disagree with the establishment's agenda.

i) A refusal to take action to end the hideous left wing bias of the taxpayer funded BBC.

This list is not exhaustive but nevertheless it is in opposition to wishes of the vast majority of the British people.

It is no wonder that the arrival on the political scene of the straight talking United Kingdom Independence Party, universally referred to as UKIP, and its growing popularity across all sections of society, would sent the established political class into a panic.

Over the decades the British people with their predictable voting habits allowed the politicians of the three legacy parties to take them for granted, thus the political class became arrogant, self serving, corrupt and many cases downright criminal and all combined with a hypertrophied sense of entitlement. It was this sense of entitlement together with their complacency that has brought about their downfall.

The establishments belief that only they know what is best for the British people, who they believe should unquestionably fall into line, has left them exposed to the grass roots arguments and increasing popularity of UKIP to the point where all they have left in their election armoury are insults, personal attacks and smear.

Up until now, and with election day rapidly approaching, support for UKIP is holding up in the face of one of the vilest and most personal election campaigns in living memory. This continued support is causing panic among the political class and their bought and paid for whores in the media, resulting in their smear campaign becoming ever more hysterical.

The British people are waking up and rapidly losing their fear of political correctness as the establishment ramps up the insults. The over used, dog eared accusations of racism, homophobia, xenophobia, islamophobia and bigot etc. are losing their potency. The uncomfortable fact for the establishment is that the more they throw these insults at the people the more the support for UKIP hardens.

What this election campaign has also exposed is the ability of the political establishment to mobilise all sections of the media to join in the smear campaign against UKIP and its candidates. 

It doesn't take a leap of imagination to understand that the BBC, Channel 4, the Guardian, the Daily Mirror and the Independent newspapers would be the vanguard of this vile campaign but supposedly right of center, investigative newspapers such as the Daily Mail, the Daily Telegraph and the Rupert Murdoch titles including the Sun, The Times and the Financial Times have all joined in the anti UKIP free for all.

Unsurprisingly, bought and paid for journalists such as Dan Hodges and Nick Robinson joined in with gusto as directed by their masters but one is entitled to expect a more professional attitude from the likes of Peter Oborne and Peter Hitchens. The Daily Mail's Richard Littlejohn is the only one to emerge with any credibility. 

Most disappointingly of all, the popular anti-politician website and scourge of Parliament, Guido Fawkes, saw fit to run anti-UKIP stories designed to damage the parties prospects as opposed to just reporting the news. Its proprietor, Paul Staines claims that taking the Murdoch shilling to write a column in his Sun on Sunday rag was nothing to do with his joining the anti-UKIP campaign. Somehow I find that hard to believe as its more likely that Staines has succumbed to temptation and sold out to the political establishment.

In conclusion its worth repeating that the mudslinging, insults and smears are having a minimal affect on support and hopefully this will be reflected in Thursday's election results. 

It also worth reminding the three party leaders, Messrs. Cameron, Clegg and Red Ed Miliband that when they insult and smear UKIP and its candidates they are also insulting and smearing the millions of supporters the length and breadth of the country who are tired of being taken for granted, lied to and having their hard won sovereignty surrendered to unelected, unaccountable and unsackable bureaucrats in Brussels. 

The message for the political establishment and their media lackey's is this - keep up the insults and the smears, bring it on and accelerate your own demise. 




  1. I'm pleased to say that the bookies still have Ukip as odds on favourites to win the most seats in the Euros. Their odds drifted slightly, but they've shortened overnight.
    Whilst I'm sure Farage has no shortage of advisors, I do wish he'd spend a little less time and effort trying to demonstrate his "non racist credentials". To a certain degree he's dancing to their tune. Maybe he should just shrug the accusations off and say "If you want to believe that I'm a racist, carry on .There's nothing I can say or do that's going to stop you slinging accusations around"

    1. I hope the odds are right and UKIP gives the establishment a kick where it hurts.

      I agree ref Farage and his apologising but I guess he is treating this campaign as a learning curve in preparation for next year.