Friday, May 23, 2014

Glenda Jackson And Dan Hodges - The Hereditary Bitterness Of The Left Personified

As the candidates, supporters and voters of the United Kingdom Independence Party ( UKIP) deservedly celebrate their stunning victory over the entrenched political establishment, one has to wonder what the result would have looked like if the media, including the BBC, had done their job properly and scrutinised the parties and candidates, together with their policies, in a fair and balanced manner.

It must be remembered that this result was won in the face of a coordinated campaign of vilification and smear that was unprecedented in the history of British election campaigns, with the vilest abuse reserved for the UKIP party leader, Nigel Farage.

What this coordinated campaign has also exposed is that the supposed unbridgeable ideological differences between the three legacy parties is non existent. It is highly unlikely that historical political enemies from diametrically opposed ends of the political spectrum could ever cooperate to such a detailed level unless, of course, the enmity is a sham acted out for public consumption.

It is now plainly obvious that it is their consensus on the major issues that has allowed this cooperation to take place, together with their fear of of losing power and with it the prospect of a taxpayer funded sinecure in the future.

Another thing that became apparent was the sheer ferocity of the attacks and the bitterness displayed by the characters involved. One has to ask what makes people of the left, many of whom come from privileged backgrounds, to harbour such feelings of bitterness toward people they have never met, and who are mainly honest, decent, hard working fellow citizens?

No one epitomised this bitterness more than ultra left wing commentator and Daily Telegraph 'journalist' Dan Hodges. His foam flecked attacks on UKIP, especially Nigel Farage, were bordering on hysterical and totally unjustified.

In the mistaken belief that simply labeling someone as 'racist' automatically gives him moral superiority and wins the game, he bombarded the media all day long with spurious charges without any evidence of actual racism.

Hodges obviously hasn't realised that the British people are losing their fear of political correctness and being labeled racist by people of his ilk and/or the BBC.  This in fact is now expected and in many cases it is worn as a badge of honour.

With a twist on the old adage about 'greatness' it could be said that 'some people are born bitter, some achieve bitterness and some have bitterness thrust upon them' - which one applies to Hodges is worth a little speculation.

Many people will have noticed that whatever their pet issue of the day is,  leftwingers always use the word 'passionate' when describing their personal beliefs. Every thing from climate change to badgers, from bicycle lanes to bankers bonuses, where normal sensible people will agree or disagree, leftwingers, deeming themselves to be morally superior, will be 'passionate' about it.

This propensity to feel 'passion' on every issue no matter how minor, is a one of the reasons why they  harbour feelings of bitterness toward anyone who disagrees.

Being born into the unreal world of Glenda Jackson's thespian community, Dan Hodges' access to real people has been severely restricted and one can only guess what strange ideas he was exposed to from an early age. We only need to look at the Redgrave family to get some idea of this community's weirdness.
(See here and here)

Potty trained by socialists, Hodges is steeped in left wing politics and the Labour party, therefore it should come as no surprise that he gets 'passionate' about issues, but does that fully explain his bitterness. Apparently he didn't endure a poverty stricken upbringing - on the contrary he appears to have been rather privileged.

A possible explanation is that his bitterness was handed down from his mother, the washed up former actress Glenda Jackson. It must be remembered how she brought eternal shame on the Mother of Parliaments when she was unable to contain herself during the House of Commons tribute to the recently deceased Margaret Thatcher.

This was supposed to be a dignified, non partisan affair acknowledging Mrs. Thatchers unique contribution to British and Parliamentary life. Regardless of ones personal opinions, not only was she Great Britain's first woman Prime Minister, it cannot be denied that she was an immense figure both at home and on the world stage.

The dignity of the occasion was desecrated by what appeared to be an unwashed, bitter and twisted old hag who unleashed a spiteful tirade of abuse against the lady who undeniably arrested Great Britain's descent into socialist mediocrity.

Read the full embarrassing episode here.

In an act of jaw dropping nerve, Jackson also brought into question Mrs. Thatchers womanhood. Really? I invite the reader to look at these photographs and decide for themselves.

Judging by this example of uncontrolled bitterness by his mother, it is no wonder Dan Hodges is the way he is and UKIP can expect more of the same as his losses are compounded by UKIP's continued march to power.

However, it's time to put this issue to one side for the time being and savour the moment of victory while waiting with baited breath for the EU election results on Sunday.


  1. Glenda looks a little like Nigel in drag.

    1. What Bercow's deputy, Nigel Evans? Nah, anyone can see he's much better dressed. He knows how to use a comb too.

  2. The obsession the left have with racism is quite astonishing. made worse by the fact that they refuse to recognise racism by darkies, and themselves. They seem to be quite comfortable with genocide, paedophillia, plundering the public purse, but if anyone mentions the N word, that's it! It's a hanging offence. I just wish the right would laugh it off, and say "you believe whatever you want to believe, nothing I'll ever say or do will change your tiny minds"
    And as for Question Time, all the Ukip chap did was mention the latest official immigration figures, and he was roundly booed by the majority of the audience.

    1. The left have lost the argument on every issue of interest, name calling and smear is all they have left. The term 'racist' is so overused its lost its stigma. They really are quite pathetic.

      I wish Nigel Farage will sue the next person that calls him a racist, especially if its Diane Abbott.

      Question Time is so rigged its embarrassing, only lefties take it seriously. I would hazard a guess that the wider audience outside the studio would be agreeing with the UKIP chap over the immigration figures.

      The BBC is now openly supporting the left and Cameron does nothing, what a deadbeat.

  3. What a nasty piece of writing this is.

    What possible need is there to call Glenda Jackson an "unwashed, bitter and twisted old hag"?

    As for Dan Hodges, you may not like him, well obviously you don't, but he has shown great courage and independence of mind, so much so that it would be difficult to describe him as a left winger at all any more. The implication that he was part of a "co-ordinated

    As for Farage having to face "a coordinated campaign of vilification and smear that was unprecedented in the history of British election campaigns", come on. He was hardly ever off the airwaves - at least not those of the BBC - and the biggest story of the campaign was probably his own creepy remarks about having Romanians living next door.

    It seems rather odd to complain about the "vile abuse" of those whom you support while dishing out bucket loads of gratuitous abuse to those that you don't.

  4. Part of the last comment went missing, but should have said that the implication that Dan Hodges was part of a "coordinated campaign of vilification and smear" of Farage was a serious one, and unsupported by any evidence at all.

    1. Thank you for your comments Mathew. You obviously didn't watch Jackson's outburst against Thatcher - now that's what I call nasty. The House of Commons pays a non partisan tribute to one of Britain's greatest politicians and she uses the occasion to spew bile against her. If that's not bitter and twisted then I don't know what is.

      She made herself into a hag by her appearance - the eyes of the world were on this tribute and look at the state of her, a lick of makeup and comb would have helped but she obviously has no self respect.

      I have followed Dan Hodges for years, apart from some minor deviations, he was and remains a dyed-in-the wool left wing advocate.

      You cannot be seriously suggesting that there was not a campaign of vilification and smear against UKIP and Nigel Farage?. If so then I must bring your judgement into question. Even to the casual non partisan observer it was blatantly obvious from the start.

      Off course Farage was on the airwaves and the BBC, that doesn't mean that the coverage was fair and balanced. It was an election campaign where UKIP were threatening to end the hegemony of the old political order.

      Like the BBC's Mimi Kempton-Stuart, and LBC's resident lefty, James O'Brien, Hodges' anti-Ukip, anti- Farage campaign was almost a personal vendetta bordering on the hysterical. The BBC's left wing bias is legendary, to claim otherwise would put you in denial.

      The old order is not going to give up its stranglehold on British life without a fight and because they have lost the arguments they resorted to smear. This is the modus operandi of the left and their expensively hired spin doctors.

      The negative attacks and smear, particularly the 'racist' mantra, were constant throughout the campaign by most outlets - even the anti-politics website Guido Fawkes joined in the free for all until its editor was admonished by his own readership.

      You reveal your own prejudices by describing Farage's remarks about Romanian neighbours as 'creepy' and yet Farage's sentiments were echoed by none other than Nick Clegg and David Blunkett with reference to immigrant behavior in their own constituencies in Sheffield.

      If you take time to look at the latest crime figures you will find a disproportionate number of Romanians and East Europeans are responsible, as a previous commentator has remarked, would you really like people like these living next you and your family. I think not.

      I will politely suggest that you enlighten yourself by reading the previous four posts, paying particular attention to the one about Romanian neighbours.

      Thanks again for your comment.

    2. Daniel, you should really know better than to try to reason with an "independent" left wing mind. OTOH - isn't great to see the left scurrying around like a bunch of cockroaches exposed to the sun.

    3. There are lots of words that can be used to describe Hodges and the rest but independent isn't one of them. One has to wonder what planet these people are from.

      I have to admit I have sat back and laughed myself hoarse at these losers running around trying to pretend UKIP's overwhelming victory is just a protest.

      Their days are numbered and they'd better get used to it.

  5. Matthew, the papers were full of smears slagging off anyone who had any connection with Ukip for two to three weeks before the Euros. And would you like a large group of Romanians moving in next door to you and your family? I suppose it would be preferable to a large group of muslims, but that's the only positive I can find.

    1. What would the problem be with a large group of muslims?

    2. Perhaps you should address your question to the family of Drummer Rigby or the hundreds of underage white girls who were subjected to appalling sexual abuse and rape by Muslim paedophile gangs across the country.

      Alternatively, you could ask the families and loved ones of the 7/7 atrocities in London.

      You obviously haven't heard the blood curdling threats from Abu Hamza, Abu Qatada or Anjem 'Andy' Choudary.

      I dare you take a Sunday stroll through the Somali ghetto in St Pauls, Bristol or the Sharia controlled ghettos in Leeds, Bradford, Leicester,Tower Hamlets and elsewhere.

      I think you should get out more.

  6. apart from my house plummeting in value, there's a far greater chance of my wife and daughter being raped

  7. I get the impression that Mathew only sees what he wants to see. His mind is obviously closed to the reality of life in the Muslim ghettos.