Thursday, May 29, 2014

EU Lurches To The Right? Bad For The Jews And The US? - Reality Bypass Warning!

It was widely expected that the victory of the non establishment political parties in the recent EU elections would provoke a hostile reaction from the government-media complex combined with a twisted interpretation of the results, but one would have expected that non aligned foreign media outlets would give a mature analysis and a arrive at a more accurate conclusion.

If the Commentary Magazine is anything to go by then the standards of international journalism and political commentary has descended from the mediocre to the downright infantile. Even by Soviet Union Pravda standards its very poor indeed.

I came across this article over at Theo Spark's news site while looking to see what kind of interpretation the international punditry was putting on the EU election results - if I was looking for a mature insight of an independent commentator then I obviously chose the wrong place.

For a publication that describes itself as "America's premier monthly magazine of opinion and a pivotal voice in American intellectual life" it leaves a lot to be desired. Its blanket use of outdated tags such as 'far right' and 'extreme right' to describe political parties who's policies are widely different is not only intellectually lazy but inaccurate and way out of date.

The magazine's interpretation of the results suggests that this publication is just another tool of a global 'progressive' movement that is imposing its agenda on reluctant countries by closing down debate on any issue that that contradicts its worldview.    

Along with the much overused term, 'racist', the labels 'far right and 'extreme right' are now used by the old political order and their cronies in the media as generic smears to taint anyone who questions their policies on self government, sovereignty and control of ones own borders.

The authors' ignorance of the European Union, its institutions and its motives is staggering, which renders his talking points and conclusions as utterly useless.

The nonsensical assertions in the first paragraph confirms that the author, Jonathan S. Tobin, is far from being a 'pivotal voice in American intellectual life' but just another advocate of the 'progressive' post democratic age.

"The huge gains made by the 'far right' nationalist parties in the European Union elections last week have a lot of people on the continent and elsewhere scared".

What is there to be scared about by countries restoring the democracy that was stolen from them by unelected bureaucrats that cannot be removed by popular vote? Was Mr. Tobin scared when the countries of Eastern Europe got their democracy back from the undemocratic Soviet Union?

"The results threaten to undermine the hard-won European Unity that has been achieved since the end of World War Two".

The freedom loving peoples of Great Britain and its allies fought World Wars One and Two not just to restore the independence of those European countries that fell victim to Germany's imperial aspirations but also to 'secure the Blessings of Liberty would be enjoyed by themselves and their Posterity'.

The next sentence is so outrageously incorrect it can only be described as either the result of total ignorance or just naked propaganda.

"The gains made by such parties across the board are a result of a variety of local dynamics, but the common theme is hostility to immigrants and other religious minorities".

The real facts are that the common theme is not hostility to immigrants, religious minorities or anyone else but the restoration of 'government of the people, for the people, by the people'. This is the system Mr. Tobin lives under but which he denies the disenfranchised peoples of Europe.

"...the election threatens to further exacerbate an atmosphere in Europe in which anger against perceived outsiders morphs from localised violence to a general spirit of isolationism". 

Why does he refer to the three million economic migrants that have entered Great Britain since Tony Blair opened the borders as 'perceived' outsiders? They are outsiders and in terms of the economy, the strain on social services, the explosion in crime and the destruction of centuries old communities, they have been an unmitigated disaster.

It's not just the supporters of UKIP who are routinely smeared as 'racist' but anyone who supports an independent, sovereign Great Britain based on democracy, individual liberty and personal responsibility. They are becoming accustomed to to this smear but the charge of anti-semitism is outrageous and unjustifiable.

"The fact that many of these parties, such as France's National Front, have flirted with anti-semitism while others such Greece's Golden Dawn have openly embraced it seems to illustrate the rising tide of anti-semitism in Europe".

Tobin did not specifically exclude UKIP from the 'many of these parties' so it is unclear to the uninformed reader if UKIP shares their animosity towards the Jews or not. I will make it make it absolutely clear where Tobin is deliberately vague. UKIP and its supporters are neither racist nor anti-semitic, they are decent people who just want their democracy back.

Tobin's analysis of anti-semitism in Europe is not just ill informed but breathtaking in its ignorance; it gives a further indication that he is not a serious journalist but just another agenda driven hack.

"When some Jews look at Europe's 'far right' parties they see a potential ally against Islamists since the nationalists there are often obsessed with what they see as a threat to their culture and national identity from the large populations of immigrants from Muslim countries".

It cannot be ascertained whether Tobin can see the war on traditional ways of life from his ivory tower in the USA, but the"threats to culture and national identity" by mass immigration from Muslim countries is very real to those whose communities have been turned into welfare addicted, crime ridden ghettos. (See here)

Here follows some more ignorant and wholly false references to anti-semtism from Tobin's article:

"This leads some Americans who are on the right to believe that even though the EU nationalists are clearly hostile to Jews and Israel..."

"The rising influence of these (Muslim) communities and the anti-semitism they help fuel stems not only from their numbers but also from the way the Jew-hatred they brought with them dovetails with traditional European anti-semitism".

"Hostility to Israel and Jewish interests unites academics and other elites with those on the 'far right' and Muslims".

This is woeful stuff. What he is saying is that academics and elites are uniting with the 'far right' parties and Muslims in a devils pact to be hostile to the Jews and Israel.

Before enlightening Mr. Tobin about the real anti-semites in the European Union, I will quote him one more time and beg the reader not to laugh:

"European anti-semites are, in fact, natural allies of their Muslim antagonists when it comes to making life difficult for European Jews and Israel".

So there we have it, some pearls of wisdom from across the pond - the 'far right' and the Muslims are joining forces to make life difficult for Europe's Jews and Israel and only the unelected bureaucrats from the EU can save the day.

Tobin will obviously be surprised to know that the European Union which he champions is looking to impose new economic sanctions on Israel.

"The EU is now developing economic sanctions against Israel so that any private entity that wants to deal with the EU financially can't have any ties beyond the green line".

"The implication of this could be the creation of a Jew-free state".

Here's some more to be getting along with:

Official BDS statement on new EU regulations:

"The era of sanctions against Israel has started".

Here are the official guidelines from the European Commission on sanctions against Israel

The campaign to isolate Israel gathers pace with assistance from European entities.

And finally, his own magazine printed an article on Jew hatred in Sweden, which is quite horrific. Surely Tobin is aware that Sweden is highly regarded in the EU, it is considered an upstanding model that other member countries should emulate.

Whatever spin Tobin puts on it, his beloved EU bureaucrats themselves are not only anti-semitic and anti-Israel but racists of the very highest order. 

Perhaps Mr Tobin can tell us whether we can now classify the European Union as 'far right' along with the French National Front, the Greek Golden Dawn and the other nationalist parties of Europe?

What an ill informed hack Mr Tobin is and what a low grade rag Commentary Magazine must be to employ such an ignoramus. If he had bothered to do just a modicum of research he would know that the biggest anti-semites, Jew haters and threats to Israel are the European bureaucrats themselves.


  1. It would be helpful if people recognised that the National Socialists were part of the left, not the right (as if all human thought could be plotted on a line). The clue is in the name.
    I know it was necessary to call them far right in 1941 in order to get differing left wing groups to oppose them.
    FN is socialist, so is Golden Dawn. They are also nationalist.Which aspect of their programs found favour with the public won't be known until a credible non socialist nationalist party appears as an alternative.
    Regardless of that, I doubt Mr. Tobin would take kindly immigrants to his own country telling him how to live his life there- something a significant minority of Moslims are prone to. I doubt if he would be happy to welcome immigrants who cut off soldiers heads in public, or plant bombs on planes or buses as a few of such people do.
    And as for Europe being disunited- well so is America.m When some unelected Columbian official, aided by unelected (say) Mexicans, Argentinians and maybe Canadians get to tell the US people what to do he might decide like many here that unity is not everything.

    1. Thanks for commenting Pat. The old labels of right, left and centre are obsolete, they are only used to smear by association in the same way that 'denier' is linked to the Holocaust.

      Its also worth noting, as you correctly say, the Nazi's were socialists but always labelled 'far right'. Again this is an attempt at smear by association.

      They never explain why the British people's desire to be governed democratically from London as opposed to unelected bureaucrats from Brussels is 'right wing' or 'far right'.

      It became obvious the more I read Mr. Tobin's article that he hasn't spent anytime in Great Britain or Europe. If he had then he wouldn't be so flippant and dismissive of peoples objection to mass immigration.

      His ignorance about about anti-semitism and the EU was risible and an indication that he is not a serious commentator

      My guess is that if Tobin was subjected to what the British are subjected to he would be the first to run bleating to Uncle Sam.

  2. Here's one for you Daniel:


    1. Thanks for the link Steve. I have to say I was a little shocked after reading this article, I didn't realise that Sweden had gone so far down the totalitarian road.

      I have never paid much attention to Sweden but if that is whats happening in an EU country then I will take a closer look, it could be us tomorrow.