Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Truth About Romanian Neighbours - MSM Hypocrisy During Smear Campaign

The coordinated campaign by the political elite to smear the new kids on the block, who are threatening to end their decades long hold on power, is moving from the hysterical to the downright laughable.

The popularity of the United Kingdom Independence Party, UKIP, has put the fear of God into this corrupt political elite to the point where their desperation to make the charge of 'racist' stick is exposing their hypocrisy for all to see.

UKIP leader, Nigel Farage, spoke the truth when being goaded and browbeaten by hostile LBC radio show host James O'Brien when he indicated that it is mainly Romanian immigrants that are responsible for the crime wave that is blighting the lives of the British people and that he would prefer to have German, as opposed to Romanian, neighbours.

The modus operandi of the media during this campaign has been to seize on any remark that refers to a nationality and distort in order to portray UKIP and Nigel Farage as racist. On orders from their political masters the editor and so called 'journalists' of the popular Daily Mail newspaper led the charge, assuming that the public will have forgotten their previous articles on the scourge of Romanian immigrants that are trashing some of London's most iconic landmarks and causing havoc among communities in some of Great Britain's cities, including other settled immigrant communities.

Here is a Daily Mail report on the seven hundred and fifty foreign criminals including violent robbers, rapists, drug dealers and killers, who are on the streets of Great Britain because the EU will not allow the government to deport them. Is the Daily Mail guilty of stirring up animosity against foreigners or reporting the truth like Nigel Farage?

Read the Daily Mail's report on Romanian beggars in London and decide if Nigel Farage's comments are justified or is he being a racist.

This is a Daily Mail report on a Roma gang who used young girls as sex slaves subjecting them to horrific sexual abuse. Read this and decide if Nigel Farage is speaking the truth or being racist.

Another Daily Mail report on the how the influx of Roma from Slovakia are blighting the lives of people in Sheffield to such an extent that the former Labour Home Secretary, David Blunkett is warning of race riots. It must be remembered that David Blunkett was a senior member of Tony Blair's government that opened the borders to all and sundry in the first place.

This Daily Mail report highlights the fact that one in four serious crimes in Great Britain are committed by foreigners.

Read these articles and decide not only if Nigel Farage was speaking the truth or being a racist but would you prefer to have these people or Germans as your neighbours?

These articles are proof, if any were needed, that the Daily Mail is rife with hypocrisy and is playing its part along with the rest of the media in the coordinated campaign of insult and smear against UKIP and Nigel Farage.

The Daily Mail, the BBC and the rest of the media are claiming that they are only doing their duty by subjecting the policies and candidates of UKIP to scrutiny - in a proper functioning democracy this would be the right thing to do but the ad hominem personal attacks and attempts at portraying UKIP and Nigel Farage as racist is anything but scrutiny.

Compare the pathetically soft treatment of Labour supporting drug abuser and pervert, Paul Flowers by the BBC's supposed attack dog, Jeremy Paxman with his indignant sneering at Nigel Farage.

It must be borne in mind that Methodist preacher Reverend Paul Flowers used illegal drugs, crystal meth, Ketamin and party drug GHB in industrial quantities and indulged in three-in-a bed orgies with rent boys while leading the so called ethical Coop Bank into bankruptcy. This behavior put in jeopardy the savings and livelihoods of millions of members and stakeholders including millions of ordinary working class people.

If the BBC and media had put establishment politicians under the same scrutiny as Nigel Farage then maybe hundreds of young boys would be unmolested by Liberal paedophile Cyril Smith, convicted criminal Chris Huhne would never have become and MP and hundreds of underage girls in Rochdale, Rotherham and Oxford would not have been subjected to sexual abuse and rape by immigrant gangs.

Just minor scrutiny would have revealed the criminal element that infests the Houses of Parliament and Tony Blair would not have taken Great Britain into what many consider to be an illegal war, Gordon Brown would not have been able to spend the country into bankruptcy or destroy the private sector pension funds.

Proper scrutiny would have revealed the numerous sex scandals in Parliament since Profumo fifty years ago.

In conclusion it must be said that the Daily Mail and the rest of the bought and paid for media are not only smearing UKIP and Nigel Farage but also his supporters together with millions of honest, decent people the length and breadth of the country who's only 'crime' in their eyes is to challenge the agenda of the political elite. Hopefully these much abused people will let their feelings be known at the ballot box on Thursday.

Update: Its looks David Blunkett was right. Violent confrontations in Sheffield this week between Yemeni and Pakistani immigrants. It's worth reminding people that Blunkett was part of the government that opened the borders to mass immigration and smeared anyone who questioned the policy as a racist.

Is this the cultural enrichment Blunkett and his government was referring to? Is this inter-racial violence the tangible benefits of multiculturalism? The people deserve an answer from Blunkett, Clegg and the other two charlatans that refuse to manage immigration.

Our diversity is our strength my a*rse.

For those with a strong constitution here is some further reading on media hypocrisy regarding immigration that would have generated howls of manufactured outrage if highlighted by UKIP or Nigel Farage:

Daily Mail story on the Heston Bridge people.

A mind boggling article by the BBC on Nick Clegg calling on Roma immigrants to show sensitivity to the British way of life.

Daily Mail story reporting a French politicians call for Roma gypsies to return to Romania and Bulgaria because they refuse to integrate.

Daily Mail article by Yasmin Alibai-Brown on welfare colonists from the Caribbean and Asia taking over the constituency of Birmingham, Ladywood. Read this and weep for Great Britain.



  1. Nick Clegg becomes more absurd with each passing day.

    1. Clegg is an appalling man and totally untrustworthy. The sooner the people of Sheffield Hallam boot him out the better.

  2. Add to the the sneering over the figures of Romanian immigrants, along the lines of not quite the flood that Farage predicted, he is a scaremongerer...BBC even made a little film about it, then oh dear, got rather embarrased..

    Watch Mark Reckless explang to Paxman the figures, bandied about as official by many, were based on FIVE households

    As for conservatives getting a renegotiation, Daniel Hannah said himself on news today the agenda for renegotiation was so weak "even the liberals would have no trouble voting for it"

    They've failed at the racism card
    They've failed at the numbers game as the official ONS immigration figures finally proved a week after the false number were being bandied around the press.
    They've failed at the referendum promise
    They've failed on any decent agenda for renegotiation.
    They fail to understand this is not a protest. They do not need to listen more. Or convince us of their views. UKIP have understood. UKIP have listened and UKIP realise their job is not to convince us, but to represent us!

    1. Thanks for commenting. What you have written down here is what millions of people the length and breadth of the country have realised is the truth.

      The LibLabCon legacy parties have deceived with false promises, lied about everything from immigration figures to referendums and unjustly smeared UKIP and its supporters with charges of racism. They still lost because, as you correctly say, UKIP have listened and understood the people and are now their true representatives.