Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tony Blair Wheeled Out To Defend EU - Claims A Sovereign Great Britain Is Regressive

With the humiliating defeat handed out by the British people to the three legacy parties it was inevitable that the political establishment would adopt desperate measures to preserve their century old grip on power.

To the horror of the LibLabCon party hierarchies, the overwhelming success of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) was achieved in spite of a vicious coordinated campaign of vilification and smear by the entire government-media complex.

The worry for the old political order is compounded by the fact that UKIP's success will inspire the other disenfranchised peoples across Europe, who have been impoverished by the cabal of unelected, unsackable bureaucrats, to cast off the chains that bind them and fight for the restoration of their respective democracies.

The revolt against the smug, metropolitan elite is the biggest threat the EU has faced since the British people were seduced into joining the then Common Market with a continuous tissue of lies about the true intention to build a federal superstate.

More worrying for the self serving political class is that the end of the EU monster will also bring to an end the taxpayer funded gravy train and with it the prospects of a lucrative sinecure that has made millionaires out of their predecessors no matter how incompetent and destructive they have been.

With the British people in open revolt and the disenfranchised peoples of Europe emboldened by the success of UKIP, who better for the old political order to wheel out and defend the indefensible than former Prime Minister, Tony Blair.

They could have heeled out Peter, now Lord, Mandelson, or the ennobled Neil and Glenys Kinnock but these unwholesome characters are a living embodiment of the corrupt entity that allows career politicians with no experience in business or wealth creation to become millionaires virtually overnight.

Tony Blair's appearance on the political scene has highlighted several facts about the old establishment that if properly articulated to the British people should act as a recruiting tool for UKIP and help it make bigger inroads into the traditional Labour heartlands.

Tony Blair is a congenital liar who hoodwinked his Labour supporters about his dedication to their wellbeing and that of the British people. At the same time he masked his intention to destroy their unique Anglo-Saxon culture and replace it with a mythical 'multi-cultural' society.

With this intervention Tony Blair is continuing where his campaigners left off by smearing UKIP and its supporters, including those in the Labour heartlands as "pretty nasty and unpleasant".

He demonstrated his contempt for the British people, including Labour supporters, by urging his party's elite not to allow the people a say in their future by denying them an In/Out referendum on EU membership.
Only Tony Blair and the political elite know what's best for the British people who are obviously too stupid to decide their own future.

Blair really does think the British people are stupid and Labour voters particularly so. He urged the old political establishment to "ignore the people on immigration - swinging to the right will only 'confuse' Labour voters". Obviously Labour voters are easily confused and incapable of making up their own minds about mass immigration.

The next quote is revealing in that it confirms that Blair is part of a supranational elite who have analysed Great Britain and decided that its existence as an independent sovereign state is regressive, reactionary and over.

With reference to UKIP, Tony Blair says that:

"What they are putting before the people is a set of solutions that anybody who analyses a country like Britain has to be in the twenty first century knows they are solutions that are regressive, reactionary and would make all the problems of the country worse not better".

One would have thought that Blair would have put his analysis before the people so that they can decide but this is the post democratic age and only Tony know what's best.

It's worth asking what Blair means when he says that UKIP'S solutions "would make all the problems of the country worse not better".

After thirteen years of unfettered Labour rule both locally and nationally, what problems could he possibly be referring to?

Could it be economic stagnation and lack of growth or out of control deficit spending and debt?  It was his government that opened the floodgates, expanded the public sector and introduced over one hundred new taxes.

Could it be the catastrophic collapse of educational standards? It was his government that dumbed down the curriculum, did away with competitive sport and introduced an 'all must have prizes mentality'.

Could it be the breakdown of social order and the wanton destruction of indigenous communities that have existed for centuries? It was him and his government that opened the borders to mass immigration with the pre-planned intention of destroying the traditional Great Britain and replacing it with an unwanted, unasked for 'multi-cultural' society. His intention also was to "rub the rights noses in diversity".

It's also interesting to note that Blair is talking about Great Britain in the twenty first century when he himself, together with Red Ed Miliband, the current leader of his Labour party, are disciples of Karl Marx, a nineteenth century philosopher who's perverted economic system has failed wherever it has been imposed and is responsible for the deaths of over one hundred million people.

If proof were needed that Blair is not an inhabitant of the real word, he is actually saying that Marxism is 'progressive'. Many people who do live in the real world would love be Marxists like Blair but they are too busy working for a living.

What he is also suggesting is that the creation of thousands of mono-cultural, crime ridden, welfare addicted ghettos is 'progressive' and essential for economic growth and the future prosperity of the British people. He obviously hasn't been a recent visitor to Tower Hamlets, Mosside, Manchester, St Paul's, Bristol, Rothertham, Rochdale or any of the thousands of communities that have been blighted as a result of his open border mass immigration policy.

The people of Great Britain should be reminded, just in case they are tempted to heed the words of Blair:

This is the same Tony Blair that wrecked the British economy and the best funded pension schemes in the world thus ruining the retirement plans and lives of millions of his countrymen and women.

This is the bloodsoaked Tony Blair who is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi men, women and children not to mention the lives of British military personnel.

This is the same Tony Blair who claimed that he "came to socialism via Marxism" who is now a multi-millionaire who seeks the company of the rich and famous and who wouldn't be seen dead with a member of the working class.

This is the same Tony Blair that dumped the unstable, misogynist Gordon Brown onto the British people and who then proceeded to embark upon a scorched earth policy from which the country is yet to recover.

Many people after thirteen years of wanton destruction wish Tony Blair would stay away and spare them any more of his perverted views but many will see his intervention as an opportunity to remind the British of his destruction and use him as a recruiting tool for UKIP and their noble attempt to get their country back.


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