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Ballot Rigging UK - Another Tangible Benefit Of Multi-Culturalism

If there was one thing that differentiated Great Britain from the third world and the communist sphere of influence it was free and fair elections. With the end of the Rotten Boroughs and the adoption of universal suffrage, multi party election campaigns were hard fought and on the whole good natured. This was an indication of the decency of the British people together with their inherent sense of fair play.

That was before the political elite unilaterally decided that the unique British way of life, together with its centuries old traditions, had to be replaced with a mythical 'multi-cultural society' along with the forced acceptance of culturally backward practices that it entailed.

Until the mass influx of third world immigrants, who lacked the cultural sophistication to understand the concept of free and fair elections, ballot rigging was confined to the Moscow financed Communist Party of Great Britain (CPGB) cheating to get their operatives elected to high office in the trade unions.

This resulted in the infamous High Court action involving the Electrical Trades Union (ETU) in 1961 which laid bare the malign influence of the CPGB in the British trade union and Labour movements.

The latest scandal whereby the Labour Mayor of Rochdale, Cllr Carol Wardle, indicated that she would be willing to rig the result of the recent Heywood and Middleton Parliamentary election was indicative of the acceptance of ballot rigging and the willingness of ideologically driven operatives to indulge in it.

She is frantically rowing back on her comments by claiming it was said in jest but had the microphone been switched off as she thought it was then the jest would have been shared with the winning Labour candidate only instead of the whole world.
(See the story here)

Only six hundred and seventeen votes saved the Labour Party from losing one of its rock solid seats in the middle of its rust belt heartland to the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP). This was well within the margin for a ballot rigging exercise.

This kind of overt political corruption was unheard of a few decades ago and it is commensurate with open border third world immigration. As a career expatriate who has spent many years living in the third world I can confirm through first hand experience that bribery, violent intimidation, corruption and other forms of voter fraud, including ballot rigging, are routine during elections.

(I was actually living in New Delhi when an attempt by the ruling party to bribe the electorate with saris in the poverty stricken state of Uttar Pradesh caused a stampede that resulted in the deaths of twenty one unfortunate electors. But I digress)

Its was back in 2005 that Deputy High Court judge Richard Mawrey infamously compared Great Britain to a 'banana republic' after a Birmingham-wide campaign by the Labour Party to use bogus postal votes to counter the negative impact of Tony Blair's Iraq war.

Labour supporting thugs intimidated postmen into handing over sacks full of postal votes in Great Britain's second city, which is now for all intents and purposes a foreign country. Ballot papers were changed once votes had been cast using correction fluid and police discovered six men in a warehouse with two hundred and seventy four unsealed postal votes.

During another voter fraud scandal in 2012 the same Judge stated that nothing had changed since his original remarks some seven years earlier where fourteen varieties fraud were highlighted but only one had been tackled.

It is worth quoting the judge in full:

"The opportunities for fraud are now the same as they were in Birmingham".

He went on to warn that:

"In local elections a small number of votes will make a considerable difference. The opportunities for fraud are enormous, the chances of detection very small, and a very modest amount of fraud will guarantee you win the election".

A high proportion of the constituencies in Great Britain which were previously 'safe' for the legacy parties are now vulnerable due to the stellar rise of the United Kingdom Independent Party (UKIP). These constituencies will be decided on a very small number of votes therefore as Judge Mawrey has indicated, "a very modest amount of fraud will guarantee you win the election".
(Read the story here)

Judging by recent events in other areas, and by the attitude of the Mayor of Rochdale, there are hundreds of constituencies the length and breadth of the country that will be susceptible to voter fraud and ballot rigging.

The Bangladeshi dominated town of Tower Hamlets in London is a hotbed of political corruption and voter fraud. Its Mayor Lutfur Rahman is under investigation yet again for a catalogue of crimes related to corruption, voter fraud and ballot rigging.

Unsurprisingly, the authorities appear reluctant to convict Rahman of any crime despite the overwhelming weight of evidence and by witnesses from his own community. As with the Muslim paedophile gangs who ran rampant through British cities with impunity, this reluctance is being put down to political correctness and 'cultural sensitivity'.
(Lutfur Rahman story here)

If any town epitomises the rampant corruption associated with mass immigration and imposed multi-culturalism it is Rotherham in the English midlands. This blighted town town is a fiefdom of the Labour Party, a virtual one party state and a depraved cesspit of cronyism and political correctness. The politcal establishment of this town deliberately ignored the grooming, rape and horrific sexual abuse of under age white girls by Muslim paedophile gangs.
(One Rotherham story here)

It would be impossible for me to even start to describe the institutionalised corruption and depravity that has infected what I am sure was once a archetypal English industrial town.
(Two stories of intimidation here and here, one complete with photographs)
(Local MEP gets death threats over Muslim paedophile scandal here)

I can only suggest that readers visit the excellent non partisan website Rothpol which monitors the local politicians and holds them to account.

The explosion of voter fraud is largely due to the extension of postal voting by the Labour Party in 2001. They could no longer rely on the automatic vote of the indigenous working class, consequently they needed an alternative route to political power. Tribalism and the power of Imams over their respective communities meant that the Labour Party only needed to bribe one person to get scores of votes. Its been working to their advantage ever since.

This tacit acceptance of voter fraud and ballot rigging, coupled with the refusal of the politicians to eradicate it, is a sad indictment of British democracy and a measure of far the country has sunk toward third world status.

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