Monday, October 13, 2014

Racism, Bigotry And The 'Far Right' Are Acceptable When Chasing Votes

One of the most publicised incidents during the last British general election campaign was the labeling of Rochdale resident Gillian Duffy as "a bigoted woman" for having the temerity to mention immigration to the then Prime Minister Gordon Brown.
(Bigot story here)

The fact that Ms Duffy and her family were long time supporters of the Labour Party was of no consequence to the Brown or his Party, she had mentioned immigration with a negative connotation and was punished in accordance with the party's calculated tactic of demonisation and smear.

Rochdale is one of the multitude of close knit, post industrial towns in England that prides itself on close family and community ties. It is also one of the multitude of towns that has been disfigured beyond recognition by the Labour's Party's policy of cultural replacement using open border mass immigration. 

The Labour Party had long planned their covert cultural replacement agenda and knew that it would face fierce opposition once the horrific repercussions started to become apparent. Equality and hate crime laws were the main battering ram they used to bow the people into submission, along with a rigidly policed policy of political correctness.

Central to these policies, and to further back up the anti-British tactic of closing down debate, was the routine use of smear and demonisation. The Labour Party turned this into a fine art with a full time Smear Unit located at the heart of Brown's government in No 10 Downing Street. 

Anyone making a statement that was remotely critical of their immigration policy or made any reference to race, religion, ethnicity, no matter how innocuous, was seized upon by Labour's race zealots and met with insults, demonisation and smear. 

Insults such as racist, bigot, xenophobe and 'far right' were thrown around with abandon regardless of whether they were appropriate or not. The idea was to shame opponents into silence closing down any debate in the process. 

Despite promises to the contrary, it became apparent after they took office that the Conservative/Liberal Democrat coalition shared the same cultural replacement agenda of their predecessors. They also had no intention of dealing with open border mass immigration, political correctness or the policy of smearing anyone who questioned the agenda.

The coalition added to the armoury of insults by labelling people and groups who questioned open border mass immigration as 'far right'. The main proponent of this particular smear was none other than David Cameron's token Muslim woman cabinet member, the Baroness Warsi.

As an untalented, over promoted token appointment, the noble Baroness's attempts at linking opponents of mass immigration to more unsavoury elements was amateurish to the point of embarrassing. Prior to her resignation over her support for the terrorist group Hamas, she was in the habit of labeling any critic of mass immigration as 'far right'.

To say that the political class's mass immigration policy has been a complete and utter disaster would not only be the understatement of the century, it is also their declaration of war against the British people.

The British people didn't ask for this, they weren't consulted, they don't want it and it was never put in any election manifesto. The ruling political class, under orders from the global 'progressive' elite, were going to impose a so called  'multi-cultural society' regardless.

Consequently, villages, towns and vast areas of Great Britain's major cities are unrecognisable. Welfare financed, crime ridden, mono-cultural ghettos infest British cities with some operating under sharia law and consequently out of bounds for British citizens including the police.

With the connivance and approval of the political establishment and the local authorities, including the police, social services, care homes, schools and the media, the rape and sexual abuse of thousands of under age white girls by Muslim men was allowed continue.

(Rochdale Child abuse story here)

In addition to the increased competition for jobs, Great Britain's taxpayer funded social services including, education, health and housing have been put under intolerable strain by the unsustainable increase in the population.

Although they are yet to fully re-discover the bulldog spirit that defeated Hitler and the National Socialists, the British people are slowly awakening from their media induced slumber and fighting back against a patronising and malignant political class.

The phenomenon known as the United Kingdom Independent Party, usually referred to as UKIP or the People's Army, have been growing in influence for some years, taking support from the old legacy parties together with non-aligned and independent voters.

Their prime objective is getting Great Britain out of the European Union, regaining control over the borders, economic sanity via balanced budgets and most notably putting the interests of the British people above all others.

As a measure of their rising support they recently won the European elections, vastly increased their numbers of local councillors and won their first Member of the Westminster Parliament in a byelection. Their momentum has put the fear of God into the current political establishment who up until recently variously described them, among other things, as fascists, 'far right', xenophobes, little Englanders etc. 

The current Prime Minister David Cameron famously referred to UKIP supporters as "loonies, fruitcakes and closet racists".

The meteoric rise in support for UKIP and the corresponding fall in support for the legacy parties has heralded a change in the usual political discourse and in particular a change in language.

Not only are the policies and lexicon of UKIP no longer attracting the usual smears of racist, bigot and 'far right', they are actively being adopted by the three legacy parties.

The Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron spotted the threat earlier and has been making false promises for some time about border control, access to welfare for immigrants, deportation of foreign criminals and whole raft of measures he knows the EU bureaucrats will forbid him to action.

The rise of UKIP is heralding the end for Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg and his ludicrously named Liberal Democrat Party. If ever there was a party of loonies and fruitcakes this collection of weirdos is it; to make the list of names more accurate we can add sex pests, fornicators, perverts and paedophiles. 

In a desperate attempt to ward off oblivion Clegg has softened his previously solid anti-British pro-immigrant stance and is talking in terms that would have attracted smears from him had they been spoken by a UKIP representative.

It has long been accepted that Cameron and Clegg are in total thrall to the EU bureaucrats and are prepared to lie, deceive, obfuscate and make any false promise to implement their masters agenda. It is the utter hypocrisy of the Labour Party that really beggars belief.

This is the party that has been most dedicated to the cultural replacement agenda and the most prolific in the use of insult, demonisation and smear to denigrate opponents. The Labour Party has an even uglier side it is wont to employ in order to intimidate its opponents. They call themselves Unite Against Fascism (UAF) and they violently disrupt UKIP activities hurling insults such as 'racist' and 'fascist' with abandon.

Supposedly independent of the Labour Party, UAF are in fact their unwashed, post-pubescent street activists who enjoy a bit slogan shouting, banner waving and aggravation. They enjoy pretend revolution along with bayonets and barricades rhetoric and a cup of hot chocolate from their mothers before bedtime.

(Labour and UAF here)

Labour Party leader Ed Miliband together with his second-in-command Harriet Harman and his Shadow Home Secretary, Yvette Cooper-Balls, are all stealing UKIP's clothes and talking the same UKIP language that attracted insults from them less than a week ago.

(Miliband hypocrisy here)

Harman hypocrisy here)

(Yvette Cooper hypocrisy here)

Yesterdays insults are no longer applicable when the ruling class want to use the same policies and arguments to steal the votes of the people they previously dismissed as racists and bigots. 

This kind of  cynical behavior and breathtaking hypocrisy is utterly disgraceful and serves as a clear demonstration of the abysmal standard of politician that has lied and spun their way into office. It is hoped that the rise of UKIP will consign these charlatans to the dustbin of history where they so rightly belong.   


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