Friday, October 3, 2014

Bombing Hamas And ISIS - Only Israel Must Show Restraint

The bombing of ISIS terrorists in Iraq and Syria must have come as a welcome relief for the much maligned Israeli government and the war weary civilian population of Israel as they emerge blinking from their bomb shelters.

As air forces from Great Britain, America and some Arab states rain down death and destruction on the latest bogey men from the Muslim world, one cannot help but be struck by the breathtaking hypocrisy of those politicians and Hamas supporters in the west who condemned Israel for taking similar action a few months ago.

Condemning Israel is putting it mildly; the first air strike in Gaza signaled the beginning of the usual tirade of abuse and mindless Jew hatred that accompanies any action by the Israeli government to protect its citizens from the medieval savages who have sworn an oath to kill every Jew on the planet.

Western governments, the anti-semitic elements that infest the 'progressive' community together with global organisations such as the United Nations and the European Union, joined forces to urge restraint from the Israelis or claim that their self defence actions have been disproportionate.

Urging restraint is all very well when one is living terror free in Washington DC, New York, London or Brussels but not so much when one is running with your children for dear life into a bomb shelter in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem.

What makes the hypocrisy worse is the fact that none of the countries currently bombing Iraq and Syria have been targeted, let alone hit, by a single rocket from Hamas or ISIS. Apart from the horrific murders of two American journalists and a British aid worker there have been no casualties in either Great Britain or America.

It is worth reminding ourselves that Hamas used stolen humanitarian aid money, and other resources that were intended for the Palestinian people, to stockpile rockets and other war materials in preparation for an unprovoked attack on Israeli civilians. They also built a series of tunnels for purposes of kidnapping children from Israeli kindergartens and other terrorist activities.

Hamas terrorists fired over four thousand five hundred rockets into Israel with the specific intention of committing mass murder and carnage of innocent civilians including women and children. It would be interesting to know what constitutes restraint under such circumstances.

In an unprecedented exercise to limit collateral damage to civilians, the Israeli Defence Forces dropped leaflets, sent texts and used all possible communication methods, including social media, to warn civilians to leave intended targets.

The British and American governments tempered their comments about Israel's right to defend itself with continual calls for restraint and for a ceasefire. The fact that Hamas broke every single ceasefire did not stop the pressure on Israel to be lenient and compassionate toward the people bent on its destruction.

It would be stating the obvious that in spite of the fact that there has not been a single rocket fired at Great Britain or America, let alone four and half thousand, Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu will not be putting David Cameron or Barack Obama under constant pressure to show restraint in the same way that they and their acolytes pressured him.

Their justification for wreaking death and destruction in Iraq and Syria is that ISIS have threatened bloodshed and mayhem in Great Britain and America by operatives who are citizens of these respective countries. These proposed attacks on the British and American people is weak justification compared to the actual attacks on the Israeli people.

I cannot speak for the American people but their British cousins are entitled ask who is to blame for the thousands of radicalised Muslims who are either fighting the jihad in Iraq and Syria or who are acting as a fifth column ready to activate and kill British people in the name of Islam?

Driven by their fanatical determination to impose a so called 'multi-cultural society' on behalf of the global 'progressive' elite, it was the political class and their like minded cronies that allowed radical Islam to flourish in mono-cultural ghettos the length and breadth of the country.

Great Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron, by tolerating the existence of Muslim ghettos, promoting Islam as the 'religion of peace' and caving in to every Muslim demand is responsible for the creation of radical jihadis and must accept responsibility should they harm the British people.

Its ironic that David Cameron, and similarly Barack Obama, have created thousands of radicalised Muslim citizens of their respective countries and who continually laud their contribution to cultural richness and diversity then send hi-tech weapons of war half way around the planet to blow them all to smithereens.

In conclusion I will add that next time Hamas or Hezbollah or any other terrorist group attacks Israel, it would be incumbent upon those western leaders who have authorised and support the bombing of Muslim radicals in Iraq and Syria to refrain from pressuring the Israeli Prime Minister to show restraint while defending his people.

Footnote: I will add that I fully support any action, including bombing, that rids the world of the radical Islamists and jihadis that are causing death and destruction in all corners of the planet. Fight back, hunt them down, root them out and kill them all.

Update: This article was published before I got news of the barbaric murder of aid worker Alan Henning. My prayers are with his family and may he Rest In Peace.

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