Thursday, October 23, 2014

After Two World Wars EU Bureaucrats Finally Govern Great Britain

When EU Commission President Jose Manuel Barrosso appeared on prime time television and proceeded to shred Prime Minister David Cameron's agenda to pieces, it left the viewer in no doubt who governs Great Britain. It also left the viewer in no doubt that David Cameron, by continuing to talk about repatriating powers, including border control, is either in denial or totally deluded in his desperate attempt to cling on to power.
(Interview here)

A disciple of Chairman Mao, Jose Manuel Barrosso is one in a long line of EU bureaucrats who have so little regard for Great Britain that they feel confident enough to lecture David Cameron and the British people on what their future policies will be.

Apart from the usual suspects from the 'progressive' left, together with the Liberal Democrats and the rest of the self loathing community, the British people are almost unanimous in their opposition to open border mass immigration and the access of economic migrants to their taxpayer funded welfare benefits. This includes access to housing, education and health care which are now strained to the point of collapse.

As a self confessed Europhile and a committed supporter of the federal superstate project, David Cameron studiously ignored the wishes of the British people until the rise of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) threatened to derail the project, throwing Cameron out of office in the process.

He has continued to surrender British sovereignty to Brussels and despite solemn promises to the people, he has failed to curb mass immigration. On the contrary, to comply with EU diktats immigration is increasing year on year equivalent to a city the size of Strasbourg.

In a desperate attempt to cling on to office, Cameron is reduced to making promises he knows he can't keep with regard to curbing mass immigration and restricting access to the taxpayers welfare system.

It would appear that every time he makes a promise to the British people there's an EU bureaucrat waiting at the ready to chastise him, letting him know who governs Great Britain in the process.

Who would have guessed that a British Prime Minister would be humiliated on prime time television by an unelected Portuguese bureaucrat?

David Cameron's humiliation doesn't end there. In the recent past he has been publicly put down by a number of foreign bureaucrats including Cecilia Malmstron from Sweden, Ollie Rhen from Finland, Mark Rutte from Holland, Laszio Andor from Hungary and even a chap named Aligurdius Ballevioius from Lithuania.
(Reding slap down here)

Barrosso's replacement as the unelected President Europe, Jean-Claude Junker, is an even bigger humiliation for David Cameron. Having suffered a defeat over Junker's appointment, this Euro federalist fanatic has promised to make immigration into Great Britain even easier - he has listed this as a prime aspiration of his tenure in office.
(Junker's appointment here, immigration slap down here)

However powerful these bureaucrats are, they are mere cheerleaders for the German Chancellor Angela Merkel. She has told Cameron in no uncertain terms, and on many occasions, that 'ever closer union' and mass immigration are not negotiable now or in the future. It is accepted, even by Junker and his army of bureaucrats, that when it comes to the direction of the EU, what Merkel says goes.

If David Cameron is serious about repatriating powers from the EU bureaucrats back to the people, then it would make sense to have a moratorium on surrendering any further sovereignty until the re-negotiation and referendum are complete. It would also make sense to have a similar moratorium on any further immigration into Great Britain.

The fact is that David Cameron hails from a remote elite who's only experience in the world outside of exclusive educational establishments and privilege was four years as a PR executive for a now failed television company. This has left him bereft of the skills necessary to stand up to the hardened agenda driven, career bureaucrats such as Merkel and Junker.

Embarrassingly they are in the habit of treating him like an errant schoolboy whenever he articulates the wishes of the people he represents.

A week truly is a long time in politics. After ignoring the increasingly desperate pleas of the long suffering British people for years, Barrosso's latest public slap down has provoked Cameron to make statements that he himself claimed were racist just a few days ago.

After publicly declaring his fealty to the European Union and its ruling bureaucrats, including Barrosso, Cameron has now declared that the British people are his only boss.
(Cameron's declaration here)

If this is true then the decades long nightmare is finally over for the British people. They demand that David Cameron implements the following without delay:

a) A referendum on Great Britain's membership of the European Union.

b) No further implementation of the Lisbon Treat due on 1st November which effectively ends the supremacy of the UK Parliament.
(See the story here)

c) A suspension of all but emergency foreign aid.

d) Using the precedent set by other EU members, the deportation of foreign criminals together with illegal immigrants and those who's asylum requests have been refused.

e) the freedom to conclude trade deals with members of the British Commonwealth of Nations.

f) The supremacy of British law over all other laws including sharia.

This list is not exclusive but is a start for Cameron to demonstrate that his final acceptance of his subservience to the will of the British people is genuine and not just another of his cast iron guarantees.

(A previous post on Cameron subservience here)

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