Friday, October 24, 2014

EU Bureaucrats Demand More Money On The Feast Of St Crispin

Hot on the heels of yesterdays article, reference the government of Great Britain being run by EU bureaucrats and the impotence of Prime Minister Cameron, comes news of a daylight robbery that confirms it beyond doubt.
(See here)

Nobody should be surprised if the EU bureaucrats knew the significance of this particular date and chose it deliberately to compound David Cameron's humiliation; such is their hatred of Great Britain, its people and their history.

The Battle Agincourt fought on St Crispin's Day in 1415 ranks as one of Great Britain's greatest military victories where the French were roundly defeated despite odds in their favour some historians put at five to one.

As if to negate the significance of the victory and rub the noses of the British people in the fact that they may have won that particular battle but they no longer run their own country, the bureaucrats have ordered David Cameron's government to hand over an extra 1.7 billion pounds of hard earned taxpayers money.

This is on top of the 55 million pounds they hand over per day, circa 20 billion per year, and despite the fact that they handed over 1.4 billion pounds to the European Investment Bank the previous March.

To add insult to injury, while the hard working British taxpayers get fleeced, Germany and France will get a rebate.

The reason for this daylight robbery is supposedly because the British economy has grown more than expected relative to the others. To put this in layman's terms, the British economy has grown on the back of an austerity package which has seen the British people suffer a sharp reduction in their living standards with many formerly prosperous people resorting to food banks in order to survive.

Thousands of pensioners and others in fuel poverty will die of hypothermia this coming winter because they can't afford to pay their artificially inflated fuel bills. Also at the same time, the tsunami of economic migrants continues unabated putting already scarce resources under further intolerable pressure.

The French economy has collapsed as predicted when their economically illiterate President Hollande increased taxes and opened the floodgate of government spending, mainly on social programs. So the increasingly impoverished British people are subsidising the improving lifestyle of their French counterparts.

Likewise after winning two world wars the same impoverished British people are subsidising the already affluent lifestyles of Angela Merkel's Deutschen Volke.

As the British people have discovered to their cost, their Prime Minister David Cameron is a weak, inexperienced media creation - their chances of him discovering a bit of the Agincourt spirit and standing up to the smirking Eurocrats on their behalf is nonexistent.

For the benefit of his media image and his ongoing election campaign, Cameron has expressed bucket loads of faux anger at this outrageous demand, but as everyone knows by his previous appeasement of the Eurocrats, he will hand over their money in the end. When it comes to doing battle with the Eurocrats David Cameron is more Neville Chamberlain than Henry V.

By the way Cameron and the Eurocrats rig the economic system to suit themselves and their agenda, there's no way the British people can ever overcome austerity and get ahead. It would appear they face an endless drop in living standards with prosperity for themselves and future generations disappearing further into the distance despite a growing economy.
(Bankrolling the EU here)

Whenever the economy grows Great Britain's contributions to the EU grow accordingly, likewise with a commitment to spend 0.7% of GDP on foreign aid, more is given away to finance vanity projects abroad and to maintain the lifestyles of corrupt foreign dictators.

Boasting that this is his finest achievement, the foreign aid budget has been doubled by David Cameron and it now stands at over 11 billion pounds per year. This will continue to rise until the 0.7% target is reached and go on rising as the economy grows.
(Cameron aid story here)

In addition to this foreign aid insanity, the inexorable rise in net immigration has resulted in 25 billion pounds being sent abroad each year in remittances together with welfare entitlements to immigrant families and payments to the World Bank, the IMF, the UN and its agencies, not to mention NATO.

The harder the British people work to improve the economy the more of their money is sent abroad for the benefit of others.

This is all smoke and mirrors of course and only in the fetid air of the political swamp can such flawed economics be used as a criteria for the redistribution of nonexistent wealth. If individuals, families or businesses used the same criteria they would be sewing mailbags for pennies at one of Her Majesty's penal institutions.

In reality there is no money, there is no wealth to redistribute, not a single penny. By any account, the British people are not only bankrupt but up to their necks in debt that will take generations to pay off, if at all.

Government borrowing increased by 10% last month to 11.8 billion, which is 1.6 billion more than last year and 1 billion more than forecast. The national debt has increased each year of Cameron's Premiership and now stands at an unsustainable 1.36 trillion pounds.
(Government borrowing figures here, debt figures here)

How can these figures improve and the living standards of the British people increase when any extra money earned due to a rise in economic growth is dispersed abroad instead of used at home to fix the broken economy.

There is no chance this side of hell that David Cameron in the year 2014 will ever discover the indomitable spirit of that happy few, that band of brothers that stood up against such fearful odds and won the day at the Battle of Agincourt fought on the day of  Crispin Crispianus in year of our Lord 1415.

See the battle speech here at The Mellow Jihadi and be inspired.

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