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Anarchy If ISIS Killers Are Not Allowed To Return 'Home'

It seems such a long time ago but it was only August 20th that PM David Cameron was being lauded around the world for cutting short his summer vacation in order to take tough action after American journalist James Foley was beheaded by a British documented Muslim killer known as Jihadi John.

Just to recap - Cameron's tough action was going to prevent the radicalisation of Muslims in Great Britain by banning preachers of hate and by teaching British values in the schools. He also promised to prevent British documented Muslims from going abroad to fight on behalf of Allah and his prophet.

In addition to this tough action he promised he would confiscate the passports and cancel the citizenship of Muslim killers who were already raping and butchering their way across Iraq, Syria and other Islamic hot spots around the world.

Those who are familiar with Cameron's modus operandi, myself included, warned at the time that this was a calculated PR exercise put together by his media management team in order to create a tough image, at least until the news cycle moved on.
(See herehere and here)

The news cycle has indeed moved on and to date, as predicted, Muslim preachers of hate, including the celebrity shariah advocate and ISIS supporter Anjem 'Andy' Choudary, are still on the streets and in the media spouting their filth. In the meantime Paul Weston of Liberty GB remains charged by the police for quoting from Sir Winston Churchill's book, The River War.

Cameron's coalition partner and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg of the increasingly lunatic Liberal Democrat party, claims that teaching British values in British schools will somehow offend Muslims. In addition to this, not a single radicalising mosque or madrassa has been closed down, not a single passport has been cancelled nor has anybody's citizenship been revoked.

It is the issue of passports and citizenship that appears to be attracting the most attention while at the same time exposing the yawning chasm between the remote political elite and the people they are supposed to be representing.

It is fair to say without fear of contradiction that outside of the 'progressive' elite and the inadequates of the self loathing community, the British people are heartily sick of all things Muslim.

They are sick to death of constantly hearing the words Koran,  sharia,  halal,  burqua,  hijab,  jihad, Ramadan, Eid,  Haj,  Mohammad,  ISIS,  beheading and Allahu Akbar. They are sick of their politicians constantly caving in to Muslim sensitivities regarding pork, alcohol, dogs, music, dancing, dress codes and the rights, or non rights, of women.

Most of all they are sick and tired of being smeared as bigots, racists or Islamophobes for voicing a contrary opinion of Muslims and Islam.  In the final analysis, they didn't ask for this, they weren't consulted and they don't want it. Many regard Islam as a medieval desert death cult which is being imposed upon them by a remote, agenda driven political class for their own social engineering ends.

The vast majority of the British people do not want British documented Muslim killers to return to Great Britain from the killing fields of the Islamic world. Neither do they want the government preventing Muslims from leaving to join ISIS. Having made their choice to leave, the British people want the killers' passports cancelled and their citizenship revoked on arrival in their beloved Islamic State.

Unsurprisingly, the political class, as represented by the Labour MP Emily Thornberry, take an entirely different view and as the British people know to their cost, their view will be disregarded because only her view counts.

An archetypal 'progressive' technocrat, Thornberry is a barrister by profession specialising in human rights law; it shouldn't come as a shock therefore to learn that in her mind the human rights of the Muslim killers come before the safety and security of the British people.

Her must see interview with the BBC's Andrew Neil reveals a remote political elitist who has no concept of how real people think or what their hopes and fears may be. She has an unwavering belief that international laws made behind closed doors by technocrats like herself are unquestionably correct and must be obeyed.
(Must see interview here)

Thornberry was bemused by the suggestion that the safety and security of the British people with regard to returning killers takes precedent over some obscure law made up by unknown technocrats in New York or Geneva.

As a socialist she put her natural authoritarian instincts on display when she claimed that without the total  obedience of these laws there would be chaos and anarchy. This is almost as if the situation in Great Britain and these Muslim countries is one of peace, tolerance and social order.

She is unable to comprehend that these jihadis are, in the main, British educated adults who are quite capable of making a personal decision. They have made it plain that they despise Great Britain, its people, its culture and its way of life. They have made it abundantly clear they believe in the supremacy of Islam, the teachings of their prophet as written in the Koran and their duty to die in the name of Allah.

It should be re-emphasised for the benefit of people like Thornberry and the 'progressive' elite, that the jihadi's loyalty is to the Islamic State and not to Great Britain, they are in effect renouncing their citizenship in spirit if not in actuality.

These fanatics have made it crystal clear that they intend to bring their blood soaked jihad to Great Britain and state that they will not stop until the ISIS flag is flying over Buckingham Palace and 10 Downing Street.

Everyone is familiar with the barbaric brutality of these killers and for those with a strong constitution graphic images of their methods are available on the Internet for all to see. One is entitled to ask why these savages who are doing what they left Great Britain to do, now want to return to the beer drinking, pork eating, infidel infested country that is an affront to their religious sensitivities.

Firstly, some are cowards who, like bullies and thugs the world over, are happy to rape, torture behead and kill innocent women and children when unopposed. When there is a prospect of meeting an opposition who are just as ruthless, seventy two virgins in paradise doesn't seem quite so attractive.

Secondly, to the more fanatical ones, getting killed in the desert or some sh*thole of a mud brick town without taking a hundreds of infidels with you will not please Allah as much as returning home and letting off a bomb in some crowded arena or similar venue.

This murderous scenario and the trepidation of the British people is beyond the understanding of people such as Emily Thornberry and the political elite who believe that these sub humans should be brought 'home' and subjected to a judicial process focused on their human rights.

Despite the possibility that they may have committed horrific crimes in the course of their jihad, prosecuting them in a British court will be difficult if not impossible.

In her technocratic brain, Thornberry believes that these jihadis can be found guilty of 'something' then be made subject of a control order which will include some kind of de-radicalisation program.

If past form is anything to go by, the most likely scenario will be that some liberal, bleeding heart judge will send them on a cultural sensitivity course then release them with an order to report to the local police station once a month.

In conclusion I would suggest that readers avail themselves of the BBC interview, watch Emily Thornberry's performance closely and be afraid, be very afraid.

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