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Meryl Streep Plays The Iron Lady - David Cameron Plays Himself

Anyone who has watched Meryl Streep's depiction of the former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in the film The Iron Lady, can not have failed to have been impressed by how uncannily well she played the part. In addition to an Oscar nomination, she also won Golden Globe and BAFTA awards for best actress.

Written by Abi Morgan and directed by Phyllidia Lloyd, the one criticism one reads about is that by choosing Margaret Thatcher's decent into dementia as the backdrop instead of her history changing presence on the world stage, they missed a golden opportunity to make a truly classic biographical movie.

As good as the film was, when everything is taken into consideration Meryl Streep's performance was just acting and The Iron Lady, despite being loosely based on historical events, was mostly fiction.

For those of us fortunate enough to be immune to spin and the black arts of media manipulation, David Cameron's speech to the Conservative Party conference last week was similar to Ms. Streep's movie performance but without the glamour. It was all just acting and the contents of his speech, despite being loosely based on history, was mostly fiction also.

The whole choreographed charade was directed by Cameron's expensively hired political strategist, Lynton Crosby and written by his team of spin doctors. The object of the exercise is to get Cameron re-elected with his personal political agenda intact with little or no regard for the truth or the aspirations of the British people.

Although it is most likely down to professional coaching, one has to give Cameron credit for his acting abilities. His performance may not have won him an Oscar but his ability to read a prepared script, using emphasis and cadence in the right places, and making good use of choreographed body language, he came across as mildly Prime Ministerial.

(One has to admit that compared with the previous weeks performance by Labour Party leader Ed Miliband, he was positively Churchillian. No great achievement under the circumstances but I digress)

Before looking at the speech itself it is worth keeping in mind some facts about David Cameron, his core beliefs and his political loyalties. This will help the reader to understand the subtlety of the deception being perpetrated on the British people and also to admire the dubious skills of Lynton Crosby and his team of media manipulators.

On seizing control of the Conservative Party, Cameron replaced their traditional British values and policies with the trendy 'progressive' agenda that has been adopted by the remote, wealthy metropolitan elite. They live under the mistaken belief that only their view is right and all other views, including those of the British people, should be ignored.

He has had little or no contact with the British people, he cannot identify with them, he has no empathy for them, he has little understanding of them nor does he care. Whatever he says, the truth is he is totally committed to the 'progressive' transformational agenda for Great Britain. This consists primarily of remaining a member of the European Union at all costs and with all that entails.

When reading the speech it is essential to keep Cameron's previous statements and actions at the forefront of ones mind or run the risk of being seduced by his faux passion and his convincing display. Also remember it is choreographed for its impact in the media for their use in the coming election campaign.
(Get the transcript here)

There was no better way for him to kick things off than by displaying his patriotism coupled with his supposed respect for our glorious military men and women. Bearing in mind he is eviscerating the same military in readiness for its absorption into the European Defence Force.  Associating himself with a ninety one year old veteran of the Normandy landings created the right image but was particularly cynical.

He goes on to invoke the horrors of ISIS in order to justify the bombing campaign in Iraq and to deal with ISIS abroad before they bring terror and murder to the streets of Great Britain.

Obviously Cameron suffers from the same selective amnesia that afflicted Ed Miliband during his speech last week where he forgot to mention the deficit his party left behind.

As a reminder, Muslim terror and murder has already been visited on the streets of Great Britain for some years.

The 7th July bombings, the 21st July attempted bombings, the beheadings of Drummer Lee Rigby and eighty two year old widow, Palmira Silva in London, may have conveniently slipped his mind but not the minds of those people who pay attention.

Continuing with his recently acquired tough guy act, Cameron warned the home grown ISIS terrorists that he will deal with them very firmly indeed. He threatened to prosecute and imprison them or take away their passports. If they are already in Syria or Iraq he will stop them coming back. He is well aware that he can't do this under international law but no matter, there's an election coming up next year and he needs to appear tough.

In a shameless attempt to win the Yorkshire vote he invoked the spirit of another tough guy. Continually at his side during his fight to keep the British people safe from the radical Muslim jihadis that are the creation of his beloved 'multi-cultural society' stood England's greatest living Yorkshireman, William Hague.

I am not sure that the title he has bestowed upon the man known locally as Little Willy Squit has secured the Yorkshire vote, but that's the risk one takes when you hire an Australian as your election guru.

As a sop to the disenchanted and disenfranchised people of England, Cameron has bestowed upon the retiring Hague the task of securing for the English people some democratic justice after the shameless Scottish referendum bribery scandal.

"So this is my vow: English votes for English laws - the Conservatives will deliver it!" How can any English person not vote for David Cameron after that cast iron guarantee?

So on it went for an hour or so, false promise after false promise eloquently delivered in a practiced contrived style that was worthy of an academy award. He doesn't believe a word of it but he delivered it anyway in an attempt to win back the voters that have suffered the consequences of his 'progressive' agenda and who have jumped ship to the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP).

The speech was riddled with the usual soundbites and slogans that have become tedious to all but those who live their lives in the spin doctor dominated, out-of-touch Westminster village.

"Families come first, they are the way you make a nation strong" - In truth Cameron promised to give families a tax break which didn't materialize.

"I care deeply about those who struggle to get by" - In truth Cameron has deliberately increased income taxes,  consumption taxes, fuel and booze duty, energy prices and the cost of living in general.

He then proceeds to let go a series of slogans that are patently in contradiction to what he says and what he does in practice:

"I believe in something for something not something for nothing" - In his speech Cameron claims that those who do the right thing and put in the effort are the people that should be rewarded. This is so patently false because living on welfare is still a lifestyle choice enjoyed by millions and welfare tourism by economic migrants is still effectively unchallenged.

"A Britain that everyone is proud to call home is a Britain where hard work is really rewarded".

"Not a free for all, but a chance for all".

And in a complete contradiction to the reality of David Cameron's Great Britain : "There's no reward without effort; no wealth without work; no success without sacrifice...."  Except of course if you are a politician, a crony, a quangocrat, a cheating recipient of welfare entitlements or an economic migrant.

What about this for cheek: "So let other politicians stand on stages like this and promise an easy life. Not me".......

With a chapter of caveats Cameron sums up this section with:

"Its pretty simple really: a good job , a nice home, more money at the end of the month, a decent education for your children, a safe and secure retirement.

A country where if you put in, you get out

A Britain everyone is proud to call home

And real long term plan to get there"

The delivery of his Crosby inspired speech goes from strength to strength:

"What I call: full employment in Britain. Just think what that would mean:

"Those who can work, able to work......standing on their own two feet, looking at their children and thinking - I am providing for you.

We can get there - but only if we stick to our plan".

After almost five years of austerity and increasing taxes, Cameron is promising to:

"..balance the books by 2018, and start putting aside money for the future".

With echoes of his cast iron guarantee of an EU referendum, Cameron sums up this section thus:

"So here is our commitment to the British people:

No income tax if you are on minimum wage.

A twelve and a half thousand pound personal allowance for millions of hard working people

And you only pay 40p tax when you earn fifty thousand pounds.

With the Conservatives, if you work hard and do the right thing we say you should keep more of your own money to spend as you choose".

These particular policies have been unashamedly stolen from the UKIP manifesto in the mistaken belief that stealing some of their clothes will hide who they really are. It truly is desperate stuff.

I will leave it to the reader to continue with the remaining pages of this soundbite and slogan riddled nonsense. It was designed not to tell the truth but to give the impression that David Cameron actually cares about the British people or their hopes and aspirations with a view to securing his re-election.

He has devoted his political life to implementing the EU driven agenda and in that he is single minded, it is his absolute priority.

He has never listened to the British people and he has no intention of listening to them any time soon. He strongly believes that if he delivers a media orientated speech loaded with false promises, soundbites and slogans he can hoodwink the British people into electing him as their Prime Minister.

They do so at their peril. If they fall for his play acting they will lose their country to the EU bureaucrats once and for all.


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