Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Civilisation In Peril - Erasing Great Britain's Christian Heritage

I am sure that the post war generation will look back and proclaim that the Great Britain of today has changed beyond recognition, mainly for the worse. The sense of community and patriotism, justice and tolerance, good manners and charity have all gone by the wayside, replaced by selfishness and greed, intolerance and conflict, immorality and dishonesty among a multitude of other things.

The reasons for this downgrade are many and most people will have their own theories, but it cannot be denied that much of it has been due to the deliberate re-engineering of society by a political elite unilaterally imposing their own so called 'progressive' agenda.

This agenda is part of the ongoing project by the UN, and latterly the EU, to re-engineer the post war world based on equality of nations and the relativity of cultures. This is being imposed despite many of these cultures being so backward they still adhere to some of the most barbaric practices imaginable.

The fact that the nations of the world are so diverse with totally incompatible cultures, any attempt to impose equality and cultural relativity by consent would be doomed from the start.

Raising up backward cultures to the level of the developed, civilised world would be impossible, therefore the only way to achieve equality of nations and cultural relativity is to downgrade the latter.

Because the transformation project was generational imposed by stealth and deceit, the people were completely unaware of what was happening..... until now that is, which is much too late.

If the people look back today at the post war events and how they unfolded it becomes obvious what the political class were up to. It also makes it easier to understand their motivation and actions today.

The biggest transformation, and in the opinion of many the main reason for Great Britain's downfall and degradation, has been the deliberate destruction of its Christian heritage in favour of a mythical 'multi-cultural society'.

When one hears a government minister order the people in his ministry to avoid using "Merry Christmas" as the traditional greeting at Christmas time or a headmistress at a primary school ban the traditional Christmas Nativity play, it should be obvious that this is part of a concerted effort to phase out Christmas from British life.

When the same minister forces his ministry and the same headmistress forces her charges to celebrate Diwali, Ramadan, Eid-al Mubarak or Buddha's birthday it should also be obvious that Christmas is being erased and cultural replacement is being imposed.

Politicians from the Anthony Eden, Harold Wilson and Edward Heath era's of the 50's 60's and 70's through to the Tony Blair, David Cameron era today, have never admitted that they are deliberately erasing Great Britain's unique Anglo-Saxon-Celtic culture and way of life in favour of a so called 'multi-cultural society'.

They have opened the borders to all and sundry and even though immigrant numbers are still below those of the indigenous population, the political class and the establishment present it as fait accompli that Great Britain is a peaceful 'multi-cultural society'.

Its all spin, image and PR designed to fool the British people and the world at large because the reality is somewhat different.

This has been an unasked for and unwanted fundamental transformation of Great Britain that has had a devastating effect on the British people. The so called 'multi-cultural society' at peace with itself where different ethnic groups and religions co-exist side by side in mutual respect is a carefully constructed myth.

Great Britain is home to a plethora of mono-cultural ghettos, insular, violent and, more often than not, funded by welfare benefits. Different ethnic and religious groups refuse to integrate, fight with each other and demand more concessions from the British people together with their acceptance of practices that are in the most part barbaric.

The government response and that of its cronies in the establishment is to label the British people as racist, xenophobic, Islamophobic as well as bigoted, in an attempt to intimidate them into acceptance. They also threaten prosecution if they raise a voice in dissent.

Like any country that is facing an invasion from the outside, be it armed or subtle, the indigenous people will eventually stand up and refuse to be intimidated by politicians or anyone else. They will refuse to co-operate and eventually fight back - they will hold the perpetrators of this treachery to account and justice will be done.


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