Monday, December 29, 2014

Modern Propaganda - The Mayor, The Junkie And The Punk Rocker

With a general election coming ever closer in Great Britain and the century long grip of the corrupt political establishment over British life being threatened like never before, it promises to be one of the dirtiest campaigns ever.

Nobody can dispute that the political establishment has the British institutions firmly under its control. This includes the machinery of government itself. One only has to scratch the surface of any institution to find the grubby fingers of the establishment manipulating and corrupting events in order to pursue its own agenda. This agenda includes its own preservation in power as its topmost priority.

Just a partial lifting the lid off the Civil Service, the Quangocracy, the NHS, the police, the military, the judiciary, the Bank of England, local government bureaucracies, the Church of England etc. etc. will reveal an infestation of like minded operatives, apparatchiks and political cronies manipulating events to preserve establishment control.

All these institutions are brought into play during election campaigns in order to influence the eventual result but none more so than the BBC and the rest of the government-media axis.

Modern elections are not decided by the merits of each party's policies or the quality of the various candidates, they are decided by the slickness and plausibility of the media campaigns.

Political scientists, pollsters and focus groups decide what promises they need to make to the various demographic, socio-economic, ethnic or religious groups in their particular part of the country. They then leave it to the party political PR machines to design the individual media campaigns.

These party machines are made up of advertising executives, spin doctors, PR men, image consultants, media management experts and most shamefully, rebuttal and smear units.

The individual candidates are irrelevant as they are indistinguishable from each other. They tend to come from similar backgrounds who share the establishment agenda and who possess the inherent ability to hold conflicting views simultaneously while lying with a straight face at the same time.

The entrenched political establishment and its hegemony over British life has been threatened like never before by the inexorable rise of the United Kingdom Independence Party, universally referred to as UKIP.

This party believes that Great Britain should remain an independent, sovereign nation engaging with the world, as opposed to surrendering its sovereignty to unaccountable bureaucrats while becoming a minor province in an incestuous, post-democratic United States of Europe.

The three establishment parties, Conservative, Labour and the increasingly ludicrous Liberal Democrat party, are all committed to the United States of Europe. Subsequently they are joining forces to fight UKIP in order to preserve their hegemony over the British people while keeping their pro-EU agenda intact.

UKIP's anti-EU message is resonating with the people therefore the legacy parties have to resort to smear in order to compete and there is no better smear than the word "racist".

"Racist" is now the establishment's favourite smear and the one most frequently used, not only to smear opponents, but to close down any meaningful discussion on their common policy of open border mass immigration. In utter desperation the Labour Party has instructed its canvassers to change the subject if electors mention it during the campaign.

UKIP's policy on immigration is well known and supported by the majority of the British people. They are pro-immigration, preferring a managed points system similar to Australia and Canada as opposed to the free for all open border mass immigration as practiced by the three legacy parties.

The fact that the government-media axis can mobilise three apparently diverse and unconnected public figures to smear UKIP and its supporters as "racists" demonstrates its power over the media along with their desperation.

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson has smeared as racist, not just UKIP and its supporters, but tens of millions of British people who oppose open border mass immigration. Johnson's media managers and image consultants portray him as an intelligent, highly educated anti-establishment rebel who's rebelliousness manifests itself as genial buffoonery.

The fact is that Johnson is a bought-and-paid-for member of the establishment who along with Prime Minister David Cameron, Chancellor George Osborne and the other legacy party leaders is fully committed to the EU project and its cultural replacement agenda.

At the same time as Johnson was smearing UKIP and the British people, the media's favourite celebrity junkie was doing the same.

One cannot be sure whether Russell Brand is having a lucid moment when he uses the racist smear or his drug addled brain is controlling his oral output. Either way its a pity that he gets credence for his ramblings because its a sad reflection of the intellectual standard of his millions of followers.

Brand also took Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott to task for linking the Sydney Lindt Cafe terrorist outrage to Islam. This was despite the perpetrator being an avowed Muslim carrying out the wishes of Allah and his prophet.

One can never be absolutely sure if the multi-millionaire anarchist and self proclaimed revolutionary is acting on orders of the government-media axis or just courting publicity in order to top up his already substantial bank balance.

On the subject of anarchists, John Lydon chipped in with the racist smear along with Johnson and Brand. Lydon, better known as Johnny Rotten, the snarling, spitting front man for the now defunct punk rock band the Sex Pistols.

They portrayed themselves as the ultimate anti-establishment group taking particular pleasure in insulting the Queen and the Royal Family while espousing mayhem and anarchy at the same time.

Its another sad fact that insulting behavior and causing public outrage attracts publicity and publicity attracts money.

As far as the government is concerned getting Rotten/Lydon to smear UKIP as racist will appeal to the gullible and lend credence to the image that diverse sections of the populace associate UKIP with racism. Its classic media management by a well organised, if shameless, media machine.

In conclusion I would add that it is understandable that a ruthless establishment figure like Boris Johnson, who is committed to the EU/Cultural Replacement agenda, will use the bought-and-paid-for-media to further his aims but publicity seeking celebrities are obviously prepared to sell out their supposed anti-establishment credentials for a few pieces of silver.


  1. Daniel, a slight deflection away from your spot on post...

    The following link by 'Jake Yapp' that is a parody of the parody of the pretend socialist Russell Brand, which you may well find amusing. Yours Aye.

    (If it fails to open you can find the same on YouTube under 'Russell Brand's 2014 in 2 Minutes 51 Seconds')

    1. Hilarious EB, thanks for the link. Summed up the phony revolutionary to a T.