Friday, December 12, 2014

Russell Brand - Sex, Drugs And Socialist Hypocrisy

It should come as no surprise to even the most casual observer that the media attention given to the views of chemically damaged celebrities such as Russell Brand has taken political discourse to abysmal levels of puerility.

Whether this is a deliberate policy to match the plummeting intellectual level of the electorate, or as a precursor to giving the vote to impressionable, celebrity obsessed sixteen year old kids, is a matter of debate. What is indisputable is the fact that the political views of celebrities like Brand are getting ever more prominence in the bought-and-paid-for media despite being manufactured and blatantly hypocritical.

Whenever there is an opportunity to push the 'progressive' agenda, especially where there is a celebrity involved, the taxpayer funded BBC can be relied upon to oblige. Despite being a phony with a reputation for imbecilic behavior and deranged ranting, he was invited to participate in Question Timeone of their flagship political programmes.

Brand is a self confessed drug and sex addict who's money making activities revolve around 'alternative' comedy, juvenile pranks and general anti-social behavior. Over time this has become stale, predictable and decidedly unfunny. His business managers together with his PR team and image consultants are having to change his public activities in order to keep the money rolling in.

As skilled as PR teams are in this age of spin and media management, his managers have got a challenge on their hands trying to transform an immature, drug addled narcissist into a serious political commentator.

Their efforts so far have consisted of a book of his thoughts, childishly referred to as his Booky Wookies, together with some incoherent, anti-establishment rants. These have been supplemented with some choreographed publicity stunts protesting against the economic system he uses to accumulate his personal wealth.

Russell Brand's money making machine have adopted the same tried and tested strategy used by wealthy celebrities the world over in order keep their client in the public eye thus maximising his revenue generating potential.

By attempting to identify their client with the poor and downtrodden and falsely adopting a political philosophy which involves equality of outcome and redistribution of wealth, Brand and his business managers show themselves up for the cynical, money grubbing exploiters they really are.

This kind of radical chic allows us, the informed public, to laugh at celebrities like Sean Penn who spouts solidarity with the working class and hob nobs with socialist tyrants like Hugo Chavez from atop a multi-million dollar personal fortune.

Russell Brand thinks we don't see the hypocrisy of extremely wealthy celebrities like George Clooney, Ben Afflick or Robert Redford, who make millions for making a single movie, talking about income inequality at a thirty thousand dollar per plate fund raising dinner for a socialist party.

Brand of course is no George Clooney or Robert Redford but he does share their penchant for radical chic and socialist hypocrisy while in pursuit of personal riches.

What his supporters, the BBC and the rest of the bought-and-paid-for media should take into account is the fact that Brand's brain has been damaged by drug abuse which could explain his deranged ramblings along with his eccentric and juvenile behavior.

I am not sure what constitutes a sex addict but I assume it is also detrimental to his mental well being. As a drug abuser he is addicted to narcotics whereby any craving can be satiated by a visit to his drug dealer. As a sex addict it depends on what he is attracted to before a craving can be satisfied.

Women would be the obvious choice but in a drug induced stupor it could men, farmyard animals, inanimate objects or perhaps a self administered five knuckle shuffle would suffice. One report indicated Brand had an encounter with a man in a public toilet which he put down to research or something, but either way it cannot have helped with his mental equilibrium.

It is the opinion of many impartial observers that whatever his problems or proclivities may be, it should be obvious to the media and the public at large that drug abuse and his sex addiction have affected his mental stability.

This may excuse his deranged rantings and eccentric behavior but his venture into the realm of revolutionary politics may very well be a part of a re-branding exercise designed to attract publicity and keep the revenue rolling in.

Like all celebrity socialists Brand takes it out on the messenger when confronted with his hypocrisy as he did with a rant at a Channel 4 reporter who questioned his sincerity during a recent rent protest in London.

Other Russell Brand imbecilities can be found here.

Whatever his business managers and image consultants come up with to attract publicity and keep the revenues rolling in, he is no revolutionary and never will be. There may be a passing resemblance but Brand's phony revolutionary beliefs lack the reality, conviction and commitment of a real revolutionary.


  1. You have caught the mood just right regarding this smug champagne socialist. Brand is sinking slowly but surely, and no amount of submersible pumps will re-float him.

    Having perused your blog in depth; It would appear that your keyboard enemies are also mine.

    I trust you and yours are well enough to enjoy the festive season.

    Yours Aye. Ex Bootneck

  2. We are fine thank you although I don't know how the good lady can remain so cheerful under the circumstances. A port undercarriage change after Christmas and she'll be up and running again.

    Smug champagne socialist sums Russell Brand up perfectly, it makes him an easy target for ridicule. Another wealthy luvvie on the list.

    I am a subscriber to The Mellow Jihadi and I have to admit to a common wavelength. In fact we had a bit of an overlap on St.Crispins Day. I always check now to make sure it doesn't happen again.

    Thanks for your good wishes and we wish the same to you and yours over the festive season. ( Nor forgetting the canines)