Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Mohammed Dundee - A New Icon For A New Transformed Australia

It wasn't too long ago that Australian men were humorously caricatured  by macho types like Paul Hogan's Crocodile Dundee and women by the politically incorrect Dame Edna Everage played by Barry Humphries. If these were accurate stereotypes of the generic Australian from a few decades ago they certainly don't apply today.

Like their kith and kin back in Mother England they have allowed their country to be transformed by a cabal of politically correct, self loathing, agenda driven 'progressives' to the point where killer Man Haron Monis would be more suitable as a caricature along with his charming partner Amira Droudis.

Although the Australian people have not quite reached the depths of despair being suffered by their counterparts in Great Britain, recent events indicate they are not too far behind.

After the horrific siege of the Lindt Cafe in Sydney was brought to an end with the loss of two innocent lives, we now face the undignified prospect of watching the politicians and their accessories in the establishment wriggle, spin and lie to absolve themselves of any blame.

While the civilised world express their condolences to the family and friends of the deceased, and many in the Muslim world, including Amira Droudis rejoice, the establishment are falling over themselves to absolve the wider world of Islam.

Before any inquiry is held or any empirical evidence is presented, the global media is already portraying the killer as a 'lone wolf'. How a lone wolf out on bail with a high media profile can procure a firearm is not explained.

While the world watches radical Muslims indulge in the most depraved savagery across the planet, and listen to the specific threats to bring this savagery to the civilised world, including Australia,  the New South Wales state police commissioner, Andrew Scipione, has already dismissed this well-planned outrage as "an isolated incident".

British Prime Minister David Cameron, a committed multi-culturalist and promoter of the moral equivalence of Islam, made a speech to the Australian Parliament just a matter of weeks ago explaining what steps he is taking to neutralise the tens of thousands of radical Muslims in his own country as they clamour to join the global jihad against civilisation. Without a hint of irony he went on to describe Islam as "a great global religion of peace".

As expected, his speech was widely acclaimed by his fellow politicians and the sycophantic hangers-on that hover around the fringes of the powerful like flies around a dead cat. They obviously don't follow the news or watch the horrific images of innocent men, women and children being tortured, maimed and beheaded in the name of Islam and its prophet on the Internet.

Referring to the Lindt Cafe siege and its tragic aftermath, David Cameron continued with the globally agreed 'lone wolf' theme and declared that Britain could suffer a similar attack "at any moment".

In a direct contradiction to his earlier 'great global religion of peace' nonsense, he went on to say that the outrage "demonstrates the terror threat all over the world".

Politicians like Cameron, who are totally dedicated to the UN/EU mandated creation of so called multi-cultural societies in the West, will continue to put the imposition of Islam and its practices above the safety and security of the British people.

Informed people will not be fooled by the PR manufactured platitudes Cameron trotted out before the House of Commons Liaison Committee yesterday.

Determined to absolve and protect the wider Ummah, he continued with the lone wolf theme and added the 'self starting' terrorists. These are people who are supposedly self radicalising using the Internet as opposed to deliberate radicalisation within the Ummah by hate preachers, imams and tribal elders.

Looking at what Cameron said to the Committee, and his contradictions, he clearly demonstrates either his complete ignorance of events both at home and abroad and their causes or his total dedication to the cultural replacement agenda at any cost.

"The tragedy may have been played out more than 10,000 miles away but it could be repeated in Britain".

He followed this with the equally ignorant statement:

"This is on the other side of the world but is the sort of thing that could just as well happen here in the UK or in Europe".

Since it already has happened in the UK and in Europe these statements are an insult to those who died and their loved ones. It is also a cynical attempt to portray the Sydney atrocity as a new development that needs radical action.

To remind the Prime Minister:

One hundred and ninety one innocent people were murdered and eighteen hundred injured by Muslim terrorists in Madrid, Spain 11th March 2004.

Fifty two innocent people were killed and seven hundred were injured by Muslim terrorists in London on the 7th July 2005.

Soldier Lee Rigby was murdered in horrific fashion on a London street in broad daylight by two Muslim terrorists 13th May 2013.

 In addition to these atrocities, carnage was avoided more by incompetence than government action on the 21st July 2005 when Muslim terrorists attempted to repeat the 7/7 bombers on the London transport system.

Richard Reid, known as the shoe bomber, attempted to commit mass murder by blowing up an airliner 22 December 2001.

Umar Abdulmutallab, known as the underwear bomber, similarly attempted mass murder on an airliner on 25th December 2009.

There are anywhere between five hundred and two thousand British documented Muslims (Cameron's government has no idea of the exact number) fighting the global jihad against civilization in hot spots around the world including Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Afghanistan and Yemen.

None of these savages, including Jihadi John from London, were lone wolves nor were they self starting terrorists who self radicalised using the Internet. They were part of the Ummah who interpret the words of their prophet as written in their holy book the Koran and as taught by their spiritual leaders at their local mosque or madrassa.

If Cameron and the other political leaders were serious about tackling Muslim terrorism they would:

Stop mass immigration from backward Muslim countries forthwith.

Stop giving in to demands that require the British people to conform to Islam.

Stop handing out British passports to people from backward countries who cannot integrate.

There is no justification for thousands of madrassas and mosques in Great Britain. They should be closed with immediate effect.

Radical preachers should prosecuted under the same hate laws that everyone else is subject to and imprisoned before deportation.

Assistance to emigrate to a Muslim country of their choice should be given to anyone wanting a caliphate or sharia law, including the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS). That choice being made, their citizenship or visas should be revoked to prevent their return.

In conclusion it must be stated categorically that the atrocities listed above including the tragedy in Sydney are the direct result of the political class opening the borders to mass immigration as part of their cultural replacement agenda.

Promises of future action to deal with Muslim terrorists is no longer acceptable, immediate radical action is required.

This is Cameron's and the political elite's agenda not the people's; they must take responsibility for past bloodshed and they will be held responsible for bloodshed in the future.

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