Monday, December 22, 2014

de Blasio, Sharpton And Dead Cops - We Reap What We Sow

As America comes to terms with the summary execution of two police officers at the hands of a killer who was incited by a government that deliberately stirs up race hatred in pursuit of their political ends, the people themselves have to accept a share of the blame.

Anyone who doesn't understand the race baiting politics of the 'Reverend' Al Sharpton are either not paying attention or ignoring them on purpose because they share his agenda.

Because this race pimp is a self appointed leader of a community which consists mainly of gullible people not known for their intellectual capacity, he lacks official legitimacy. The malign influence he has over his flock however is immense.

Whenever and wherever there is an opportunity to divide and stir up hatred based on skin colour he is usually the first on the scene.

If the devil had a son he would look like Al Sharpton.

It is therefore a sad indictment of elected political leaders that they choose to align themselves with people like Sharpton knowing the divisiveness and hatred they peddle. They do this, not only to ingratiate themselves with his community in the hope of harvesting their votes, but because they actually share his agenda.

The people of New York elected Bill de Blasio as their Mayor knowing full well about his communist sympathies and his political alliances with race pimps like the 'Reverend' Sharpton. As a consequence they must share some of the blame for the deaths of these two brave officers.

New York's first, and hopefully last, openly Marxist Mayor shares with Sharpton the anti-police philosophy that is inherent in this perverted creed.

This was recently demonstrated firstly by the admission that de Blasio taught his own mixed race son to distrust New York police officers, and secondly by his condoning of an anti-police march by Sharpton which shut down some New York streets and closed the Brooklyn Bridge.

The chanting of the ignorant, deliberately aroused rabble should be replayed to these two cop haters for the rest of the miserable lives.

                                                      What do we want?

                                                      Dead cops

                                                      When do we want them?


(Watch the disgusting spectacle here)

In light of the incitement to hatred against white people and the police, and the rabble rousing by race baiters like Sharpton,  it's no wonder that some idiot would do the inevitable and kill some policemen.

As Mayor, de Blasio will have known about Sharpton and his modus operandi therefore he should have taken control of the demonstration containing it to a certain area. He also should have had Sharpton arrested under inciting racial hatred laws, the minute he started his rabble rousing.

He is after all supposed to be representing the interests of all New Yorkers not just the professional, agenda driven rent-a-mob.

Mayor de Blasio was elected by the people of New York despite his unwavering support for the brutal Sandinista terrorist organisation that butchered its way to power in Nicaragua, and his support for America's implacable blood drenched enemy, Fidel Castro.

(See de Blasio's communist pedigree here, here and here)

The people of New York by choosing an agenda driven communist as their Mayor has resulted in the deaths of two policemen who were doing their duty on behalf of the community. They can atone for this aberration by instigating the recall of de Blasio and by being more discerning in their future choice of Mayor.

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May officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu Rest in Peace.


  1. I watched de Blasio visit the hospital where officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu lay; it was quite surreal to watch the line of police officers turn their backs towards him as he breezed by. There is no doubt that the NYPD feel betrayed by him as well as his office, which has affected police morale right through the rank structure. It goes without saying that Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu were badly let down by de Blasio and his politics.

    Sadly it is a fact that the NYPD require a good shake up, as certain departments have fallen well below the expected standard required of them, which in part is down to the powerful police union who defend any officer regardless of their 'alleged' crime to the nth degree. 'To Protect and Serve' is pure bluster and fantasy as the link below makes obvious.

    'Link quick heads up.' Remarkably two NYPD officers refused to intervene during an in-progress stabbing on a subway, instead the officers watched a man fend off a serial killer attacking him. Currently the same victim who fought for his life is involved in a legal suit over the neglect of the officers. The NYPD and the City of NY is arguing that the NYPD has NO duty to protect its own citizens. UNBELIEVABLE; for years the NYPD as well as the City of NY have lulled the general public into believing otherwise.

    We here in the UK are fortunate that our own Police have a duty of care that falls under
    'Duties and Responsibilities'
    (1.46) "Police officers do not neglect their duties or responsibilities."
    Whether on duty or off duty, to ignore any incident would see an individual placed before a tribunal, as they would be deemed as falling below the 'Standards of Professional Behaviour.' An offence of which (if found guilty of) often leads to instant dismissal.

    There will always be a few rotten apples within any uniformed service - lack of discipline from above forces lack of self discipline down through the rank structure, where the weak often buckle. The NYPD have proven this theory correct numerous times, which eventually costs the Mayors office $ USD millions in lost law suits.

    The people of NY voted for de Blasio knowing full well that his political background placed him at a great disadvantage for the job, which is a frightening thought as they are stuck with him for four years. At least Obama and his lickspittles will be gone within two years, sadly Sharpton will be around for quite a while, unless he busts a gasket through his ranting and raving… (We live in hope!)

    Yours Aye.

    1. Apologies for my tardy response, too much Festive spirit obviously.

      Mayor de Blasio ran for office on an anti-police ticket and to their shame the people of NY elected him. Police distrust of the Mayor is an inevitable consequence. You are right however that the NYPD and their union leave a lot to be desired.

      There needs to be some three way bridge building between the police, the Mayor and the people. What I am sure about is that neither Mayor de Blasio nor Al Sharpton are the people to do it.

      The British police are lions led by donkeys who have become fully fledged agents of the state. Their new mission is policing political correctness above protecting the people. The Muslim/Westminster paedophile cover-up is to their eternal shame.

      I long for the day when the British people get their police force back from the government that has hijacked it.