Thursday, December 18, 2014

Bloodshed in Sydney, Peshawar, Boston Ad Nauseam - Don't Blame Islam??

The list of atrocities across the planet carried out by Muslims in the name of Allah, on the orders of his prophet, and as written in the Koran, are becoming more frequent and ever more appalling.

A day after the terrorist attack on the Lindt Chocolate Cafe in Sydney came the shocking attack on a school in Peshawar, Pakistan where Muslim terrorists murdered one hundred and thirty two school children and thirteen adults. Not content with killing school kids, these animals burned a teacher to death in front of them.

These instances of pre-planned, cold blooded murder of innocent civilians going about their daily lives raises several important issues, with two in particular that should be of concern to everyone.

Firstly, with the short attention span of the public, combined with the control of the twenty-four hour worldwide news cycle by government media managers, these atrocities will be virtually forgotten within days, having been replaced by some engineered celebrity imbecility or major sporting event.

It is my guess that very few people will recall the incidents which took place only two months ago on October 22nd, and another one a day later*, which attracted saturation news coverage at the time. These incidents, which generated the usual pre-prepared slogans and soundbites that political leaders around the world keep in stock for such occasions, have now been virtually forgotten.

These slogans and soundbites are all the same format and are delivered by media trained Prime Ministers and Presidents with as much emotion as a campaign speech or new policy announcement. They consist of condolences for the families of the victims, buckets full of faux outrage and crocodile tears then finished off with with false promises to leave no stone unturned in order to bring the perpetrators to justice.

In the following days these same leaders and their acolytes will make choreographed appearances in the media with some tough sounding rhetoric assuring the people that they are on their side. This will be accompanied by some more vague promises which they know they will not carry out.

There will be no practical, effective actions to deal with Muslim terrorism at home or abroad for the simple reason that the global political elite are committed to imposing Islam on western civilisation as part of their post war agenda of re-ordering the planet.

Secondly, and more worrying, is the attempt by the politicians of western governments to distance Islam from these atrocities and absolve it from blame. This is despite the fact that the perpetrators and their worldwide supporters claim responsibility for their despicable acts and rejoice at every drop of infidel blood they spill.

If people around the world took the election of Tony Abbot in Australia as a sign that a common sense political leader from the real world had at last stepped onto the global stage, then his refusal to blame Islam for the killings in Sydney will come as a crushing disappointment.

Abbott has joined British Prime Minister David Cameron and the so called leader of the free world, Barack Obama, as protectors and appeasers of Islam because their 'fundamental transformation' agenda requires it.

The rhetoric they all employ when absolving Islam from these atrocities, together with the soundbites and slogans they use, could have been written by the same spin doctor. Bearing in mind they were all together in Australia for the recent G8 jamboree they most likely were.

Despite the tens of thousands of innocents murdered in the name of Islam across the planet from Indonesia to Nigeria every year, they continue to trot out "the great global religion of peace" nonsense at every opportunity.

The Fort Hood atrocity, where Muslim terrorist Nadal Hasan murdered thirteen Americans in the name of Islam, is being referred to as "workplace violence". Hasan has recently asked ISIS to make him a citizen.

The Obama administration has decreed that the global war on terror be referred to as an "overseas contingency operation" supposedly to appease offended jihadis.

The latest attempt to distance the global Islamic community ( the Ummah) from the Muslim atrocities is by claiming the perpetrators are "lone wolves" who are "self starting" terrorists who, without help, "self radicalise" via the Internet.

This deliberate deception conveniently absolves the thousands of mosques and madrassas, with their imams, tribal elders and hate preachers, from any blame for the radicalisation of their congregations.

It also absolves the politicians themselves for allowing millions of backward, and in many cases illiterate tribal orientated immigrants, into their respective countries to form welfare funded, violent, self governing ghettos where radicalisation is allowed to fester unhindered.

They knew these unfortunates would not be able to integrate or accept the modern way of life of the host country. In fact they encouraged them not to integrate and to keep their often barbaric cultural practices under the guise of diversity and cultural enrichment for indigenous people.

It is worth reminding ourselves of some of the atrocities, many now forgotten, and deciding if they were carried out by "self radicalised lone wolves" as the politicians would have us believe, or deliberate acts of terrorism, meticulously planned and financed by ruthless organisations who operate with impunity inside western countries as well as the fifty two Muslim countries on the planet.

The 1998 United States Embassy bombing in Nairobi, Kenya. 214 killed.

The 2002 Bali bombings in Indonesia. 202 killed.

The 2004 Madrid train bombings. 191 killed.

The 2005 bombings on the London Transport System. 53 killed.

The 2008 bombings in New Delhi, India. 3 killed.

The co-ordinated attacks on the business district of Mumbai. 166 killed.

The 2013 bombing of the Boston marathon. 3 killed.

The 2013 murder of British soldier Lee Rigby in a London street.

The Westgate shopping mall attack, Nairobi, Kenya. 67 killed.

*Finally the largely forgotten the October 2014 attack on the war memorial and Parliament building in Ottowa, Canada and the New York subway hatchet attack on four New York police officers.

In conclusion, the radical Muslims who are currently butchering their way across the Middle East in the name of Allah and his prophet are creations of the western political leaders, they are obviously not lone wolves, self starters, self radicalised or anything else.

They are the product of the multi-cultural agenda which is being imposed on western countries by an out of control political class who listen to no one but themselves. No amount of spin, soundbites or PR generated slogans are going to absolve them of the responsibility for the bloodletting abroad or at home when their creations make good their threats



  1. As per usual you have hit the nail squarely on the head.

    Our pathetic ruling class are far to politically correct to speak out openly against the 'religion of peace,' though we do have some politician's with the correct attitude and backbone; those who have served… (Please scratch wobbly faced whiskey slewed Bob Stewart from that list.)

    As usual we British will have to be cornered with our backs to the wall before we come out fighting, and this time France will be leading the way, as they took the lead last year by banning the burkha in public. We're even walking in Italy's shadow when it comes to showing steel and grit against the same. (Over exaggerated palm slap!)

    My hopes are pinned on UKIP frightening the Tory's sufficiently enough that we are given a referendum one way or another, which will see the wheel of change slowly turn. It is hoped that Nigel 'last orders at the bar please' Farage is able to keep the good ship UKIP on an even keel long enough to make a difference when the election comes around. My real fear is that we will need to see a major islamic extremist atrocity within the UK to make our dismal leaders realise what is truly happening within the deep shadows. That day is not too far away…

    Yours Aye.

  2. Thank you EB, the pathetic ruling class, as you rightly call them, are taking us for fools if they think we swallow this 'religion of peace' nonsense.

    Its my belief, and I hope I am wrong, that if UKIP fail to shake up the political class and they carry on with their appeasement of Islam agenda, its going to turn ugly.

    If there is an atrocity on British soil the the political class should be held accountable and punished accordingly.

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