Thursday, January 29, 2015

Emma Thompson - Dump Syrian Refugees In Blighted Britain

There is something about the acting profession that not only drives out any common sense that they may have been born with but also allows them to live their lives completely devoid of reality.

The latest in a long line of entertainers to demonstrate that they live on a different planet to the rest of us is award winning actress Emma Thompson. She joined a group of celebrities, which included Sting, Downton Abbey's Michelle Dockery and others, in sending an open letter to British Prime Minister David Cameron condemning the government's resettlement program for Syrian refugees as inadequate.

These celebrities state in their letter that the are 'ashamed' of the British government's failure to relocate more Syrian refugees to Great Britain. There is no indication in their letter of how many they want to resettle but the fact that fifty percent of all Syrians have been displaced as a result of the ongoing civil war is an indication of the enormity of the problem.

Why these celebrities have chosen the Syrian civil war and not one of the scores of other civil wars around the world that are displacing millions of people requires an explanation.

What have the displaced citizens of Nigeria, Sudan, Somalia, Libya, Yemen, Kashmir and other war ravaged countries done to deserve being overlooked by Ms. Thompson and her friends?

Emma Thompson's abilities as an actress are beyond question, her abilities as a political analyst however are somewhat lacking.

A supporter of the Labour Party and socialism, she claims that Great Britain is a rich country which should be doing more to alleviate the suffering of the Syrians. This is an easy position to take from the vantage point of affluent West Hamptstead, one of the most exclusive parts of London, and an estimated $45 million fortune, but not so for millions of her fellow citizens who are mired in poverty.

Far from being a rich country, the British economy was bankrupted by the last Labour government under the stewardship of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. The various governments to date have accumulated over one trillion in debt and are still borrowing close to one hundred billion per year.

In addition to this economic disaster, there is a shortage of housing, school places and jobs; social and physical infrastructure are collapsing under the weight of an unprecedented increase in population.

Millions of her fellow citizens are in fuel and financial poverty with the use of food banks at an all time high. The National Health Service has failed and is no longer fit for purpose.  In addition, crime and ethnic conflict are spiraling out of control. All this is a result of her Labour Party's socialist policies together with the imposition of 'multi-culturalism' using open border mass immigration.

It is incumbent upon Emma Thompson and the rest of the multi-millionaire celebrities to enlighten the British people as to where these refugees are going to live and where their children will go to school?

It would also be nice to know how they are going to be financed in the future when Great Britain itself is starting to resemble that part of the world from whence the refugees came.

There are a number of false assumptions and inconsistencies in their letter that need to be highlighted:

The Prime Minister "is in a position to offer some of the most vulnerable people in the world safety in Great Britain". No he isn't, it's not exclusively his country to do has he wishes.  As stated previously, the country is broke with no jobs, no houses etc. and the British people have had enough of immigration, they would not consent if, in the unlikely event, they were asked.

"This issue isn't about migration statistics or party politics, its about people. Its about the values that we in Britain hold dear; compassion and humanity".

When she and her cohorts use "we in Britain" they are creating the illusion that we are all in it together, suffering the governments austerity program and drop in living standards in equal measure. This is a PR device that rich celebrities regularly employ to convey a proletarian image.

The fact is that for this group of wealthy elites nothing has changed, they still live the affluent lifestyle that their fellow citizens can only dream about. They can shuttle between their multiple homes and holiday resorts without the lack of money being prohibitive.

If Ms Thompson, Sting and the rest of them were serious about "compassion and humanity" being a value that they hold dear, then maybe they would consider financing some refugees out of their personal fortunes and accommodating some in their multiple residences.

As far as being 'ashamed' of the British people's failure over Syrian refugees, Ms Thompson and her friends should take note and acknowledge the hundreds of thousands of Somali's, Pakistanis, Nigerians, Yemenis, Afghans, Iraqis, Eritreans, etc ad nauseam who have already been given sanctuary in Great Britain.

This doesn't include the millions of economic migrants from the poorest parts of the European Union.

In many cases the British people have been rewarded for their "compassion and humanity" with an explosion of violent crime including mass murder, the rape and horrific sexual abuse of their children and ever increasing demands to eradicate their culture and way of life.
(Examples of immigrant crime wave here, here here and here)

The solution to the problems resulting from civil wars is not the mass relocation of populations, that only creates discord and degradation in the host countries; this fact is probably beyond the capabilities of remote, wealthy celebrities to understand.

Its easy to be compassionate and humane with someone else's money and when one doesn't suffer the consequences of degradation and violent, ethnic related conflict that mass immigration from the third world brings.


  1. Champagne socialists speaking out from atop their ivory towers.

    Now Greece has a loony left wing government perhaps our dear celebrities should visit for a few months or so, and witness true socialism at work. Life on the streets of Greece was tough enough before the eclectic mix of marxists, socialists, and communists took over. The political asylum now belongs to the inmates; methinks the baying crowds who handed them the keys will soon be storming the institution to oust them.

    Air head celebrities, and the slapstick bubble of make believe - Gawd give me strength!

    Yours Aye.

    1. I am looking forward with anticipation to see how this latest Greek tragedy will play out in both Athens and Brussels. The Greek people really need to wean themselves off socialism and its self serving proponents. They need to learn that free stuff isn't free, someone has to pay and in their case its the German taxpayers.

      Your last sentence is a classic, my sentiments exactly.

  2. How many is she going to take into her home?

  3. This is the stupid bint who complained about Exeter being hideously white,but is completely fine about African cities being totally black,why do they get to have a homeland but we don't?
    this one way attitude of the establishment to the racial and ethnic make up of my country along with the MSMs gleeful announcements about whites becoming minorities in parts of their own country is starting to turn me into a serious racist where before I wasn't, racism in support of my people is starting to look like a much needed survival strategy since our political class seem determined to let the world and his wife come and live here regardless of the damage it does to our country,culture and way of life.

    1. I agree with your sentiments Andy, however I disagree that wanting preserve your culture and your way of life makes you a 'racist. If that were the case then most people in Great Britain are racists. That would include myself and I am most definitely not.

      The political class have embarked on a project to replace Great Britain's culture and way of life with a mythical 'multi-cultural society'. If the people don't wake up soon and oppose this cultural vandalism it will be too late and the traitorous politicians will have won.