Monday, July 11, 2016

Brexit Wars - The Establishment Strikes Back

As the people of France, the Netherlands, Ireland and Greece can attest, the European Union (EU) does not do democracy. All have had their referendum results ignored or overturned at a second ballot because the ruling political establishment didn't like the outcomes.

These countries were fortunate enough to have been allowed a referendum in the first place as most other EU countries have had their requests for ballots refused. This includes Great Britain where all three of the legacy parties have promised EU referendums in past election campaigns then reneged when the election is over.

The recent referendum on whether Great Britain should leave the EU was a ploy by the ruling political establishment to block the rise of the United Kingdom Independence Party (Ukip) who despite concerted media campaigns of smear, vilification and demonisation continued to attract popular support.

With the EU descending into economic disaster for the majority of people and their lives blighted by open border mass immigration, Ukip support culminated in victory at the last EU elections and attracted four million votes at the last General Election becoming the third largest political party in the country.

For students of politics, the British EU referendum is a case study in modern day election strategy and a blueprint for future ballots. It was a classic example of electoral fraud, deliberate distortion and lies along with hideous bias by the bought-and-paid-for media whores, including the taxpayer funded BBC.

Aptly described as Project Fear, the Remain side had unlimited resources at their disposal to deluge the electorate with threats of economic and social Armageddon if they voted to take their sovereignty back and become a self governing nation once again.

The British people saw through it all and unequivocally voted to reject Project Fear and take their country back from the unelected bureaucrats of the EU and the UN based global elite.

Armageddon as promised by Project Fear failed to materialize therefore Project Remain has been implemented. The leader of Project Fear, Prime Minister David Cameron, had no alternative but to resign; it's architect however remains securely in position.

Exposed during the campaign as an inveterate liar and cheat, senior Bilderberger and Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, is in a position to obfuscate and delay, possibly indefinitely, the Brexit process should it ever get going in the first place.

The race to replace Cameron has been the most revealing consequence of the Brexit vote and it serves as an example of the power the ruling elite can wield in order to get their operatives into power and engineer the outcome they desire.

By a process of elimination only Conservative Members of Parliament get to decide which two candidates to replace Cameron will go forward to a ballot in the constituency parties at large. All the supporters of Brexit save one were eliminated, some by their own hand, leaving Brexiteer Andrea Leadsom and the pro-EU establishment candidate, Theresa May.

Leadsom was the popular choice while May is a detested establishment automaton and accepted by the informed commentators as the worst Home Secretary in recent history.

Leadsom has promised to start the Brexit process immediately by triggering what is known as Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty while May has said she will prevaricate without justification. Firstly to the end of the year and more recently into 2017.

Leadsom was a clear and present danger to the Remain side and the EU project in general and had to be eliminated from the race before the vote went to the constituency parties at large. The trap was set by the Rupert Murdoch owned Times newspaper using a bought-and-paid-for media whore named Rachel Sylvester. She lied about instigating comments made about motherhood by Leadsom and as May is childless spun the comments as derogatory.

The subsequent over-the-top media firestorm against Leadsom was blatantly co-ordinated and achieved the desired result whereby Leadsom was hounded out of the contest. This left the accession to power of Theresa May a mere formality without a single popular vote being cast.

At this moment in time the Brexit process is under the control of a Europhile Cabinet led by an establishment Europhile Prime Minster who replaced another establishment Europhile Prime Minster both of who are totally committed to the United States of Europe project.

Both Houses of the Westminster Parliament, the Commons and the Lords, are overwhelmingly Europhile and they are claiming the sole right to trigger Article 50 with many claiming that the referendum result is non-binding and should be ignored completely.

The United Kingdom Independence Party that campaigned over decades for this referendum has been excluded from the Brexit process entirely.

In conclusion, the referendum result is becoming irrelevant as Project Remain reaches full speed. Like it is with Climate Change propaganda, every negative consequence in the country at present from the value of the Pound Sterling to a supposed increase in racial incidents are being blamed on the Brexit vote.

The pro-EU establishment have seized control of the government to go with their control over Parliament in general, the government-media axis and more importantly the entire Brexit process.

The electorate are in control of nothing therefore their wishes will be studiously ignored as usual.  



  1. Brexit, may be forced to take up arms.Sometimes, that's the only way to regain freedom lost through inattention.

  2. Brexit, may be forced to take up arms.Sometimes, that's the only way to regain freedom lost through inattention.

    1. Unfortunately there is no Second Amendment in the Sceptred Isle. The British people were disarmed years ago.

    2. I'm sure Jo Cox may have an opinion on that. Only the law abiding were disarmed. That is always all those laws achieve.

    3. My mistake, you are correct Lord T only the law abiding were disarmed

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    1. Feel free to explain why this is horse sh*t. The floor is yours