Thursday, September 19, 2013

Child Poverty And Sex Abuse - Fighting One While Promoting The Other

To civilized people the world over there are no more heinous crimes committed than those against children. Looking after the well being and interests of children is one of the prime measures of a civilised society, therefore it is with absolute horror that one has to helplessly stand by while the political class sacrifices the well being of children in the interests of their 'progressive' agenda.

Politicians always put children at the top of their agenda when they are slagging each other off at election times by citing increases/decreases in child poverty or educational standards depending on whether it's the government in office or the opposition doing the slagging. None of them ever mentions the dramatic and shameful increase in heinous crimes against children that has taken place over the last two decades under governments of all colours.

The catalyst for this article was the 30 day sentence given to a paedophile teacher in the USA who raped a fourteen year old pupil who subsequently committed suicide as a result of her traumatic experience. In his summing up, the judge all but blamed the girl and exonerated the perpetrator. One has to ask what kind of mindset does this judge have? Why does he not take the side of the victim or at least acknowledge that a terrible crime has been committed against a child and act accordingly?
(Story here)

By his actions this judge is treating this crime the same as the rape of an adult and is therefore normalizing paedophilia in the justice system and in the public psyche.

Further research reveals that this is not the isolated actions of a rogue judge but one of the fundamental aims of the global 'progressive' movement who's history of paedophilia goes back to the Bloomsbury Group and the Fabian Society, together with the Labour and Liberal Parties.

Since it was taken over and 'modernised' by David Cameron and his inner circle of remote, trendy elitists, these 'progressive' ideas have also infested the British Conservative Party in addition to the Democratic Party in the USA.

Even a cursory glance into the Bloomsbury Group shines a light on the history of the 'progressive' movement and reveals the origin of the descent into depravity which we see taking place today. It was a gathering of influential so called intellectuals, including artists, economists and politicians who believed that a 'progressive' socialist society should consider acts of sexual depravity, including those with children, as normal.

Influential people such as John Maynard Keynes, Lytton Strachey, Havelock Ellis and Bertrand Russell considered themselves to be 'progressive' and all were drug addicts, perverts and pederasts. They all had a penchant for sodomy, young boys and each other; they despised Christianity and any other form or morality. These people were depravity personified and agitated for the normalization of homosexuality and sex between adults and children.
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It would appear that Keynesian economics is accompanied by Keynesian perversion and depravity. 

These words of Fabian Society founder, Havelock Ellis, would not be out of place today if spoken by David Cameron, Barack Obama or any other 'progressive'. "Love transcends age as well as gender".
(A Fabian Story here)

One only has to look back at the recent past to see the British political establishments' acceptance of paedophilia and child abuse.

The Liberal party's high profile Member of Parliament for Rochdale, Cyril Smith was a serial child abuser and paedophile. This fact was kept from the public by an evil conspiracy between the police and the political establishment including military intelligence. With this protection, the degenerate Smith went on to enjoy a long parliamentary career and therefore with the full knowledge of the establishment children kept being horrifically abused.
(Story here)

Even today the Liberal Democrat MP and self confessed child abuser, Mike Hancock, is still in office funded by the taxpayers. Not only is he a Member of Parliament, he is also on the local government gravy train as a councillor. The people in his constituency should hang their heads in shame.
(Story here)

There can be no bigger example of the political establishments' acceptance of child sex abuse than the Muslim paedophile scandals that have rocked so many of Great Britain's cities. The horrific child sex abuse scandals in Rotherham, Rochdale and Oxford were shocking, not only for the nature of the crimes but by their acceptance by the authorities and their subsequent cover ups.

These heinous crimes not only went on with the full knowledge of the local authorities including local politicians, teachers, social workers and the police, they were actually enabled by the willful participation by these same institutions. After years of foot dragging and excuses, no one at this point has been held responsible, disciplined, fired or prosecuted.

After national publicity and pressure from the public, investigative inquiries are now being set up and the political establishment are in a panic to make sure their ars*es are covered by limiting the terms of reference of these inquiries, then running away.

Incidentally it's worth noting that the political establishment's spin machines in Rotherham and elsewhere are using the abbreviation CSE when referring to these appalling crimes. Child Sexual Exploitation is a more politically correct term than Muslim paedophile gangs.

The British Labour Party has supported the 'progressive' paedophile agenda over the years with leading lights Harriet Harman and Patricia Hewitt defending paedophiles in the past. Harman has also used her immense influence in the Labour government to support paedophiles by fighting to water down child pornography laws.
(Stories here and here)

The Labour Party has a previous history of supporting sexual deviants by using it's favourite homosexual campaigners Peter Tatchell and Greville Janner to advocate sex between adults and children .

That bastion of 'progressivism' and Labour Party mouthpiece, otherwise known as the BBC, is awash with paedophiles as the horrific Jimmy Savile scandal revealed. Some of the BBC's top attractions were rampant child abusers and they carried on with their depravity for decades with the full knowledge of the management. It's been over a year since this scandal broke but nobody from the hierarchy has been prosecuted.
(Savile, Janner and Tatchel stories here, here and here)

It is now accepted that the 'progressive agenda is being implemented in the civilized world therefore it is not confined to Great Britain.

Child sex abuse has been advocated in Germany for many years by that epitome of 'progressivism', the Green Party. They are trying to distance themselves from their advocacy in order to continue their place on the gravy train.
(German paedo stories here and here)

There can be no discussion about the 'progressive' child sex agenda without mentioning the European Union.  This place is awash with perverts and paedophiles nothing would please them more than to be able to have sex with children legally. Under the Lisbon Treaty paedophilia must not be disriminated against and is classed as an acceptable sexual orientation.
(Must read story here)

In conclusion it must be noted that although they project themselves as the guardians of children's well being, legalizing sex between adults and children is high on the 'progressive' agenda with their promotional soundbite becomeing more established -  "Paedophilia is just another sexual orientation".
(Story here)

Socialists/progressives call for action to reduce child poverty out of one side of their mouths and call for their legalised rape out of the other.

Due its topicality, this is a re-edited post from last year.


  1. I think it's hilarious that the economic pin-up poster boy of the left was a raving nonce (JMK).
    There's a fair bit about Brown & Blair's unusual ways of gratifying themselves on the net if you dig around. Not sure if it's true, I do hope so.

    1. No need to dig around they're everywhere. Perverted gratification including child abuse is endemic among progressives.

      The BBC is the tip of the iceberg.

      Sir Jimmy Savile, Jonathan King, Gary Glitter etc.

      Politician kiddie fiddlers include Ted Heath, Lord Boothby, Greville Janner, and if the rumours are true, Blair and Brown.

      Keynesian economics goes side by side Keynesian perversion and depravity. It's progressive don't ya know.

  2. The Frankfurt school recommended (amongst other things):
    1. the creation of racism offences
    2.continual change to create confusion
    3.the teaching of sex and homosexuality to children
    4.the undermining of schools and teachers' authority
    5.huge immigration to destroy national identity
    6.the promotion of excessive drinking
    7.emptying the churches unreliable legal system with bias against the victim of crime
    9.dependency on the state or state benefits
    10.control and dumbing down of media
    11.encouraging the breakdown of the family
    Official policy of the liblabcon party. Should be in their manifesto

    1. Can anyone be in any doubt about what the politicians have in store for them?

      The people really need to wake up and take action.

    I think you might have the Swedish stats wrong. This blog has shut down now. Shame.

    1. Thanks for the heads up. The stats seemed to be consistent so I used this site.

      What is certain is that Sweden is the rape capital of Europe and 2nd highest on the planet.

    Don't know if you've had the pleasure of listening to Pat. He's pretty good when he gets on a roll. Hates progressives.


    1. This site is dazzling on the eye. There's a lot of information and all in one place. I will be consulting this place when I need info.



    1. Holy smokes Steve, if half of this site is true, I haven't even scratched the surface.