Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Rotherham Scandal And The Ugly Face Of Progressivism

What has become clear as the fostering scandal unfolds is that Rotheram is a breeding ground for Labour Party 'progressives' who are intent on pushing through their demographic and cultural replacement agenda.

Rotherham until recently was just another run down, post industrial iron and steel town who's electorate would return a donkey to Parliament just so long as it was a Labour donkey.

Rotherham hit the headlines recently for two reasons.:

Firstly, their Member of Parliament, socialist Denis McShane, was forced to resign because according to his fellow MP's he had helped himself to taxpayers money that he wasn't entitled to.

The public take a different view, according to them Denis McShane is a common thief who stole their hard earned money and who should have been prosecuted instead of being allowed to resign with his gold plated pension intact.

Secondly, the Pakistani Muslim child sex grooming scandal, a horrifying episode which exposed Rotherham as a cesspit of 'progressive' activism and who's adherents are highly motivated multi-culturalists who will stop at nothing to impose their transformational agenda on the town.

There are no depths to which the political establishment, the police and the media in Rotherham will sink in order to protect their evil clients and their perverted agenda.

Muslim men, mainly from the Pakistani colony, were grooming underage white girls, some as young as ten, for sex and for prostitution with the full knowledge of the authorities.

Intelligence, including names, was given to the police and the local authorities by other victims, also by schools and by social workers that a child sex grooming ring was operating in Rotherham. They chose to ignore that information in order to protect, what some sycophants claim was ' cultural sensitivities'. In the real world this is known as political correctness.

Lets put this disgusting episode into stark language so that the people of Rotherham, Great Britain and the world can understand.

The police and the local authorities had information that young white girls were being groomed using drink and drugs then raped and used for prostitution by mainly Pakistani Muslim men. The police then made a conscious decision to ignore the plight of the young girls in order to protect their own politically correct, multi-cultural agenda.

Their former MP, the aforementioned expenses cheat Denis McShane demonstrated his commitment to the multi-cultural cause, and by doing so just how low a human being can sink, when he tried to blame the girls themselves or their parents. This is appalling behaviour by a supposedly civilised human being.

The Police Chief, David Crompton, tried to blame lack of resources indicating that child sexual abuse including rape was not the very highest priority for what resources he did have.

Council leader, Roger Stone didn't disappoint when he used the standard coward's defence of  "lessons have been learned". Obviously they haven't because according to some reports known sex offenders have not been prosecuted and they are still operating in Rotherham.

The Rotherham fostering scandal is further proof, if any were needed that, 'progessivism' with its cultural replacement agenda is thriving in this now morally bankrupt sewer of a town.

The Director of Children, Joyce Thacker, a Common Purpose trained enforcer has removed three happy children from their foster parents because their political views differ from hers.

It obviously hasn't entered her thick skull that the political views of the majority of the British people differ from hers.

Thacker is typical of the fanatical, stop at nothing 'progressives' that infest public life and who clearly operate outside of democratic control.

There are tens of thousands of similar Common Purpose operatives who are specially trained for 'leadership beyond authority in a post democratic age' burrowed into all British institutions from the local authorities to the biggest corporations and to the NHS and the BBC.

Their only agenda is the demolishing the Great Britain of the past and replacing it with an egalitarian, ideologically pure socialist state.

The resignation of expense cheat McShane has caused a byelection in Rotherham. It will be interesting to see if the electorate has learned anything from these scandals or of the true agenda of the Labour Party and its 'progressive' fanatics who gave Muslim paedophile sex gangs a higher priority than vulnerable, underage girls.


  1. Urban11 wrote:
    lifted from Rotherham Politics. Dated 10 Nov.

    Jones says:

    November 10, 2012 at 2:46 pm

    I have met Joyce Thacker on a few occasions, whilst she was head of Bradford youth service. At the moment there is an a yet to emerge story regarding grooming and child abuse in the Bradford/ Keighley area that is equal to if not bigger than the terrible events in Rotherham (see Anne Cryer MP, who has been vocal on this) Joyce Thacker oversaw the stopping of prosecutions, the stopping of the ‘groming and let the repeated rapes carry on…they still are going on. She had a reputation with staff as someone who would attack them in a brutal manner if they had the temerity to challenge her. I know that one of her lines was that if staff mentioned abuse by asian men, they would be dismissed for racism. As you can imagine, they were not happy bunnies, as some staff were working directy with victims.

    Mrs Thacker has a track record in colluding with and covering up abuse.
    She shoud face criminal prosecution for this collusion.

    She has little professional experience or training in child protection.

    In Bradford she left a ‘disrupted,’ youth service and a general atmosphere of fear regarding senior management

    I worked for a charity project, and viewed with horror, her actions (in-actions!) and was disturbed when she got the job in Rotherham.Mabye she got the job as she is skilled in cover up, blaming others and dodging the bullets.

    A word of warning; Joyce will be swift and nasty when challenged, blaming anyone and smearing them as much as she can. If she was profiled by a psychologist, the report would match that of a sociopath.

    It is also interesting to note that McShane, before blessing us with his political skills, was a big cheese at the nuj. Under his stewardship,new guidlines ( strict rules) were introduced. Wherever possible never mention the race of a criminal unless they're white. Always show the BNP in the worst possible light.

    Paris Claims

  2. Thacker is a self loathing fanatic who is ruthless when it comes to her multi-culti agenda. British institutions are infested with her type. If Thacker was sacked tomorrow, it would be with a huge payoff and she would reappear in the same job somewhere else.

    McShane is another fanatic but thankfully he's out on his ear although I won't be suprised to see him reappaer in public life somewhere.

    1. The inside of a prison, hopefully.
      Paris Claims

  3. Whilst not disagreeing with the substance of the post, I do wish you had got all your facts right! It was not an adoption scandal. It was a fostering scandal -the two are very different.

    Dennis McShane a 'hard left winger' oh pleassse McShane was and never has been a hard left MP. Chancer, self server and thief YES but hard left definitely NOT!

    1. Thank you for your comment. I stand corrected it was indeed a fostering issue.

      Again I stand corrected.The description of McShane as a left winger was by concensus of my fellows. I should have confirmed before going to press.