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David Cameron - Abuses Of Power In An Outdated Democracy

The dust has settled after the American election and the recriminations have begun. Despite the evidence of Greece and the other Eurozone disasters, the incumbents have managed to convince enough of the electorate that the European model based on government mandated fairness and equality, socialism to give its correct name, is the way forward.

The only obstacle on this road to serfdom is the House of Representatives. The President is on record as saying that he will have to find a way to govern that bypasses Congress. Whether the House is successful in this monumental task only time will tell.

The Founding Fathers knew that this kind of abuse of power by a dictatorial Executive was possible, which is why they framed the Constitution in the way that they did.

I would advise the American people to scrutinise what the Obama administration is doing and use everything in their power to make sure that he adheres to the Constitution. It is your only safeguard against the long planned, malign agenda that the left want to implement in your beloved country.

The British people don't have this safeguard and as a result they have lost their birthright and the freedoms that so many of their brave countrymen and women paid the ultimate sacrifice to preserve.

We were led to believe that the British Parliamentary system was the best in the world. We were taught that the Mother of Parliaments was perfected over centuries of evolution from Alfred the Great to Magna Carta, from the civil war to the great Reform Acts of the 19th and 20th centuries.

This distortion of history falls apart under the slightest scrutiny. Power has always been wielded by the person or group of people that could raise the most powerful army. From barbarian tribal elders to the Roman invaders.

After the departure of the Romans, power passed back and forth between Norse or European invaders and local leaders. As time passed the most powerful of the local leaders consolidated their power and extended their boundaries, they went on to proclaim themselves kings as a means of keeping power in the family.

It didn't end there, rival monarchs made their claims to the throne, they raised armies and battled each other for power and the Divine Right to rule.

The civil war between the royalists and the more powerful parliamentary army put an end to that nonsense. Parliament won, the king was beheaded, and that was the beginning of the system we have today.

The British system is not based on a written constitution. This gave the politicians of the day the freedom to make it up as they went along in order to further their own interests and that of their sponsors.

Today's parliamentary system is so antiquated and undemocratic that the British people are powerless, in effect they are disenfranchised.

Universal suffrage in Great Britain is meaningless and the supposedly sacred vote is worthless This state of affairs has been seized upon by a ruthless political class who have decided among themselves what kind of country they want with complete disregard for the views of the people the are implementing it.

There is no separation of powers, the Executive branch, currently led by Prime Minister David Cameron, is all powerful. He is elected by the insider political class and their paymasters and not by popular vote. There are no primary elections.

Members of the Legislature, known as the House of Commons, are chosen or approved by the party machines and dumped on the constituencies whether they want them or not.

Loyalty to the party is the main criteria but in recent a development political correctness has reared its ugly head with candidates now being selected by quotas based on gender, sexuality and ethnicity instead of being selected on merit.

For the constituencies its tough luck as there are no primary elections.

The second chamber, known as the House of Lords, is a total shambles and an insult to democracy. Previously inhabited by hereditary Peers of the Realm with a sprinkling of appointed cronies, it is now under the patronage of the Prime Minister.

Consequently it is stuffed to its ancient rafters with cronies, villains, expense cheats, geriatrics and losers. These so called noble Lords are appointed for life so there is no prospect of them ever being removed by the people.

The leader of the Judicial branch is selected by the Prime Minister.

The leaders of the great Offices of State are chosen by the Prime Minister as are the Ministers of State and the leaders of the Establishment.

The leaders of the British institutions like the BBC and the NHS are also influenced by the PM.

Parliamentary terms are limited to 5 years but the Prime Minister can call election within that time if he thinks it is to his advantage to do so.

The British people became a laughing stock when the Labour Party and its Union paymasters got rid of  Prime Minister Tony Blair in a mid term coup and appointed a fanatical socialist and reputed sociopath Gordon Brown in his place.

The Opposition demanded an election and at one point it appeared he would concede but Gordon Brown changed his mind claiming that he needed more time to put his vision for the country before the people. It appears that the megalomaniac Brown believed the country was his personal property to alter as he saw fit.

As the leader of the Opposition David Cameron took over as Prime Minister after Gordon Brown's fingers were finally prised from the levers of power when he lost the next election. One would be forgiven for thinking that David Cameron, claiming to be a freedom loving conservative, would reform this outdated system and repair the damage done by Blair/Brown and the socialists.

To the horror of the informed electorate he lacked an overall majority so he went into coalition with that other gang of unreconstructed socialists who operate under the benign sounding name of the Liberal Democrats.

David Cameron set about carrying on where Gordon Brown left off by following his own and the elite's agenda while ignoring the will of the British people.

The majority British people despises the European Union and they demand a referendum on their membership. In true Brownian fashion David Cameron stated that he believes Britain's place is inside the European Union and subsequently refuses the peoples demand.

Hopefully his arrogant intransigence on this issue will be his downfall.

The vast majority of the British people vehemently oppose the government giving taxpayer money away in foreign aid while they are hurting at home. David Cameron states that he believes Britain should not try to pull itself out of recession at the expense of the worlds poor therefore he will continue foreign aid.

To compound his arrogance and further demonstrate his contempt for the British people he plans to double the amount of foreign aid and enshrine into British law the United Nations' demand that 0.7% of British GDP should be redistributed to the developing world.

This United Nations demand applies all developed countries. To an economy the size of the United States this is a colossal amount of money. This Obama administration has already indicated to the UN their willingness to go along with this.

David Cameron's latest abuse of power and show of contempt for the British people is demonstrated by his intention to legalise homosexual marriage, against the wishes of the majority, by the end of this parliament.

"I believe its a straight matter of equality", he is quoted as saying. He is backed by his Deputy the odious Nick Clegg who claims that anyone who does not agree with them is a bigot.

David Cameron is a member of the remote, privileged elite. He was educated at Eton, Britain's most exclusive private school and then he went on to study the inevitable Politics, Philosophy and Economics at Oxbridge with the rest of the political elite including Red Ed Miliband and the Labour Party's parliamentary hierarchy.

David Cameron worked for two years in the Public Relations department of a failing television company before moving into party politics. He has no experience in the real world of industry, business or wealth creation. More importantly he has no experience of ordinary people, he is unable to identify with them and is incapable of understanding the effect his policies have on their lives.

He has lived his entire life in isolation, moving within a small circle of like minded friends.

David Cameron has the powers that many would be dictators would envy and there's nothing the British people can do about it.

Great Britain is unrecognisable from the country it was a decade ago so I beg the American people to look on our plight and learn from it.

Your Constitution is the bulwark against a powerful Executive who's declared intention is the fundamental transformation of your country.

Be vigilant, don't give up your birthright.

* Update - In true Gordon Brown fashion, David Cameron is planning to make a long awaited speech laying out his vision of Britains' place in the European Union. Watch this space.

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