Thursday, November 8, 2012

President Obama Re-Elected - The Fundamental Transformation of America Can Now Be Completed

I was residing in the United States of America on that fateful day in 2008 when the good people were seduced into electing a media created impostor with no history and no record of any experience in the real world outside of extreme left wing politics.

As a reformed member of the hard left I can spot a socialist a mile away. I tried to warn my friends and colleagues but they were swept up in the euphoria surrounding this telegenic, eloquent, mixed race family man with his messiah-like message of hope and change.

I tried to warn them that anyone who claims that they can heal the planet and stop the oceans from rising is an impostor who is taking them for fools and that most likely he has a hidden agenda. Candidate Obama gave us a clue of this agenda when he stated many times during the campaign that he was going to fundamentally transform America.

I begged my friends to consider that if the United States of America is the most free and the most prosperous country on the planet why would he want to transform it and more importantly, transform it into what?

Four years later, despite an appalling record of failure, too many people were still being seduced by President Obama's manufactured image and charm and sadly, they still haven't caught on to what his real agenda is all about.

The Democratic Party controlled Mainstream Media was in the bag for candidate Obama in 2008 and subsequently left him unscrutinised.

Much of his life is still a mystery but there has been enough uncovered to confirm that he is a radical socialist, a Muslim sympathiser and a supra nationalist who has little or no respect for American history, its Judeo-Christian heritage or of its culture of individual liberty and responsibility.

Let me state it now, unequivocally, just as I did to my friends and colleagues back in 2008, the fundamental transformation of America promised by candidate Obama is from a country based on liberty and free enterprise where the people can achieve whatever they set their mind to into a socialist country where the government dominates and decides how people live their lives.

The nationalisation of health care was an absolute priority for the first administration so was the need for re-election therefore the fundamental transformation of America would not be possible in a single term. With his re-election to a second term these restraints can be removed and it is a certainty that the pace of the fundamental transformation will accelerate.

This is not the first time I've watched this scenario unfold. The presidential election of 2008 was a carbon copy of the 1997 election of another telegenic, eloquent, media created impostor named Tony Blair. He also paraded his young family in front of a compliant media in order create the image of a new generation of young progressive politicians who were going to sweep away the old guard and build a new Cool Britannia.

This was going to be hope and change Great Britain style.

For the first few years the fundamental transformation of Great Britain was slow and steady. The civil service, the police and other British institutions were being politicised, under the radar, by the appointment of well paid, politically motivated placemen dedicated to the socialist cause.

Unaccountable czars together with a Common Purpose trained quangocracy were being put in place by stealth to run the government machine outside of the democratic process.

With Blair's re-election for a second term it was now or never for the fundamental transformation of Great Britain from a free and prosperous country into an impoverished, welfare addicted, multi-cultural nightmare. All the restraints were removed and the transformation picked up speed with a vengeance.

Border controls were removed and unlimited mass immigration was encouraged with the deliberate intention of  demographic and cultural replacement.  European Human Rights requirements were incorporated into British law thus making it impossible to deport even the most heinous of foreign criminals. This in effect was an amnesty for illegals immigrants.

Promises to cap government spending were broken and the floodgates were opened. Government was expanded into the expensive, bloated, inefficient bureaucracy we see today. Borrowing, deficits and debt have, in effect, bankrupted the nation.

In addition to the millions of new immigrants, welfare entitlements were increased and made available to more people, creating a new and permanent voting constituency for the socialist government.

Using equality and fairness as justification, the government confiscated wealth from anyone earning over 42,000 pounds per year for redistribution. (Approx $67,200). Direct and indirect taxes were increased both openly and by stealth and property taxes were increased by 100%.

Even though it's been exposed as a scam, Man Made Global Warming ( now renamed Climate Change) was, and still is, being used as a pretext to artificially increase energy prices which are now beyond the reach of the most vulnerable making them even more dependent on the government.

Thousands of job and wealth destroying rules and regulations were churned out by local, national and supranational politicians every day.

The most effective weapon used by the government to control the people was political correctness. This was rigidly enforced by unaccountable petty officials and bureaucrats. This enforcement has the effect of closing down any debate and suppressing free speech using the threat of prosecution or smear.

The traditional family is being ridiculed and welfare funded single parenthood is being encouraged. Traditional marriage is also being changed by the vocal campaign of the so called 'progressives' for homosexual marriage.

Controlling the message has always been the dream of socialists worldwide and with the conclusion of the Leverson inquiry into press ethics, it looks like this dream is about to come true.  Legally enforced restraints on the press freedom, censorship to you and me, are being drawn up and with the press censored the Internet will not be far behind.

One final indignity the British people had to suffer was that while their country was being transformed, their personal liberties were being taken away and their standard of living was being deliberately eroded, they were forced to watch as the politicians and their cronies who were responsible for this disaster accumulated vast fortunes, mainly with taxpayer money. Phony Tony Blair, Lord and Lady Kinnock, Baroness Uddin, Lord Taylor to name but a guilty few.

So what can America expect from an Obama second term? The following is a very brief summary of the salient points.

The President promised a new era of bi-partisan co-operation to find the solutions the American people so desperately want. This is PR and spin, he is working to implement an agenda long planned so without doubt there will be a doubling down on the transformation that has taken place during his first term.

The repercussions of the nationalisation of healthcare (Obamacare) will kick in this term, massively increasing taxes on both individuals and businesses with a subsequent increase in business failures and job losses. To make matters worse there will be fewer business start ups with a consequent negative effect on new job creation and a loss of job opportunities for school leavers and graduates.

Under the pretext of equality and fairness there will be a program of wealth confiscation for the purposes of redistribution, with a corresponding expansion of entitlements. This will be achieved by an increase in taxes on the so called 'rich.'

The threshold  for being classified as 'rich' will have to be progressively lowered as the revenue fails to materialise.

The threshold for claiming entitlements will also be lowered and the time limit for unemployment benefit will be extended or done away with completely.

The American Judeo-Christian heritage will continue to be vilified and its festivals downgraded with a subsequent upgrade of alien festivals such as India's Diwali and Islam's Ramadan.

Tradition marriage and the  family will be further subverted with the legalisation of homosexual marriage. There will be unlimited, taxpayer funded abortions and contraception for all who want it.

The President has promised to find ways of governing by bypassing Congress, so expect the trashing of the Constitution to continue. With the appointment of Supreme Court judges likely this term expect to see the Supreme Court become a tool of the administration and a rubber stamp for transformational and socialist policies.

The long dreamed of ending of the American peoples' Second Amendment rights to bear arms will finally be achieved by using supranational treaties to bypass Congress.

Unions will be paid back for their support by Federal pressure and litigation against Right to Work states and also by the implementation of Card Check laws thus ending one of democracy's fundamental requirements of a secret ballot.

The Environmental Protection Agency will continue its war on America's energy sector. The Man Made Global Warming scam (now renamed Combating Climate Change) will continue to enrich the well connected. The Cap and Trade nonsense will be resurrected.

As promised by candidate Obama, prepare for huge increases in energy prices to European levels combined with shortages and blackouts.

Socialists must control the message and they will try to suppress dissenting points of view so expect the Fairness Doctrine to be resurrected with the war on talk radio and Fox News intensified.

The left has always despised the military so expect the defence budget to be eviscerated.

This administration are Cultural Relativists who do not believe in American Exceptionalism. Equality and fairness is their justification for wealth redistribution at home and they equally apply this to nations abroad.

Redistribution of American taxpayer dollars via international aid will increase to developing countries including those that hate America and wish to do it harm.

The effect of this radical downgrade of America's status abroad will be to embolden her enemies. Just as they were after 9/11, the Hugo Chavez's and Islamic Jihadi's of this world will be dancing in the streets at this election victory. The world has become a much more dangerous place.

The administration's contempt for Israel will continue and Israeli citizens are now in mortal danger of being wiped off the face of the earth as promised by Iran's resident nutcase Ahmedinajad.

The American Jewish community's slavish dedication to the Democratic Party is about to have dire consequences in the Promised Land, their ancestral God given home.

Finally, for those of us who love liberty and prosperity and who look on America as the final redoubt against global socialism, the most soul destroying aspect of this election is the fact that victory was largely the result of the shifting demographic from historical home grown self reliance toward imported entitlement addiction and government dependency.

To make this shift irreversible this administration will give an amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants and the prospect of a conservative government in the Land Of The Free will disappear.......for ever.


  1. You need a wider audience for your superb writings.
    Paris Claims
    Additionally, if you can speak as well as you write, you should enter politics.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I am not up to speed on the technical side of blogging but I have started sending these musings to anyone I think will make use of them. That includes lefties.

      I don't have the resources to challenge entrenched politicians so for the time being I will help the cause of freedom one blog at a time.

  2. NIcely written;

    Keep in mind one thing. 24 States did not vote for this. 24 states remain deeply committed to "not Obama". Therein lies the hope. When the threat is actually realized, much as has happened throughout history, people begin to move. My ancestors fled Bavaria when Napoleon approached, the Pilgrims fled for the sake of religious freedom.

    America exists. Clearly. It just does not exist in 26 states and even in those it really only ceases to exist in urban areas, incapable of self-support (witness Staten Island right now).

    The migration is coming and we are soon to see large movements of Constitutionalists start walking toward brighter places. Those states WILL begin to align with one another, nullify federal mandates and truly separate. I do not see the stomach in this nation for another 1861, besides, the historically savvy who live in the 24 states understand that potential and are typically armed and ready to meet the challenge.

    I see a very hopeful future for America actually. It will be smaller and different but it will be stronger and clearer on it's principles and the things that it hold's dear. It is just time and history working...

    1. Thank you for commenting. In my experience once the left get their hands on the levers of power they know how to wield it in order to maximise their advantage.

      That said, your message is one of optimism, the "not Obama" vote is down but not out and should take heart.

      America does indeed exist, the shining city on a hill is little darker today but hopefully the people will come to their senses and restore it to it's proper place as leader of the free world.