Friday, November 30, 2012

Bankrupt Government Suspends Aid To An African Despot

With the news that the bankrupt British government is suspending handouts of hard earned taxpayer money to Rwandan despot Paul Kigame, readers will be forgiven for thinking that the government was finally listening to the people they claim to represent.

Justine Greening, the new Secretary of State for International Development has announced that she is withholding a 21 million pound installment out of a 300 million pound budget, 200 million of which has already been spent, which is due to be handed over to Rwanda in December.

Apparently Justine Greening has only just become aware of what the rest of the world has known for years,  that Rwandan President Paul Kigame is a blood soaked despot who, in addition to killing any opposition in his own country, is involved in a bloody insurrection in the neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo.

Justine Greening is a qualified accountant who is so highly regarded in the business world that she has enjoyed senior positions with such international giants as GlaxoSmithKline and PriceWaterhouseCooper.

It is surprising then that she appears to be unaware that Great Britain is bankrupt to the point that the country has to borrow over 121 billion pounds per year and has accumulated a national debt of some 1.5 trillion pounds which in turn attracts an annual interest payment of some 45 billion pounds.

Under the present dire economic circumstances in Great Britain one would think that this Rwandan windfall could be put to better use by either decreasing the borrowing requirement which would help to keep the colossal nation debt in check, or by paying off some of the national debt itself with the subsequent decrease in the crippling debt interest bill.

If not then it could be used toward a cut in VAT from the current ruinous 20% to help stimulate economic growth, or to cut duty on fuel and energy which is the life blood of the economy.

The money could be better used at home where people are struggling to cope with the effects of the ineffective government induced austerity programme.

This is austerity programme is causing hardship for millions of people including the elderly,  many of whom have been forced into fuel poverty by the governments deliberate inflation of energy bills which are used to pay for the 'combating climate change' scam.

Justine Greening could give the money back to those to whom it rightly belongs, i.e the taxpayer, but in keeping with current thinking the government can spend the peoples money better than the people can themselves.

As usual the wishes and the suffering of the British people will be ignored and none of this money will be spent at home. The International Development aid budget is a percentage of Gross Domestic Product therefore the money must be spent elsewhere in the so called developing world.

The aid budget is currently some 7 billion pounds per year, Prime Minister David Cameron has indicated his determination to double this figure by incorporating into law the UN mandated figure of 0.7% of GDP dedicated to foreign aid by the end of this parliament.

This is against the express wishes of the British people but this counts for nothing to Cameron as he attempts to  boost his image in the eyes of the UN and the international political elite. David Cameron is lining himself up to cash in on the multi billion pound aid industry with its millionaire consultants when the British people finally kick him out of office at the next election.

The British people can only guess which country is going to get an increase in baksheesh now that Kigame is out of favour. The Democratic Republic of Congo must be candidate despite being one of the most resource rich countries on the planet. Poverty in this country is avoidable and is the result of Western sanctioned corruption by government officials and their cronies.

Justine Greening could increase the bloated billion pound aid budget to oil rich Nigeria, the poster child for African corruption. Taxpayers money is being spent in a country which collects billions in oil generated revenue and where vast areas of the country are under Sharia law. The British government is financing a country where thousands of Christians are being massacred and their homes and churches burned.

Similarly she could increase aid to Pakistan and Bangladesh, two violent kleptocratic dictatorships that suppress any opposition at home and who, like Nigeria,  have a penchant for murdering Christians and burning their homes and churches.

Then there is oil rich Libya or Muslim Brotherhood controlled Egypt,then there's the long term basket case Somalia, resource rich Uganda and Tanzania, Mugabe controlled Zimbabwe, Assad controlled Syria, diamond and mineral rich South Africa and many more undeserving countries who could all be benefiting from an increase of British taxpayer money.

Apart from Somalia,  these countries all have functioning governments of their own who are capable of prioritising where they allocate their own resources however limited these resources may be.

These governments have conciously chosen corruption and the personal well being of its officials over the well being of their people.

The governments of the developed world can better help the people of the developing world by not financing corrupt dictators and their cronies who spirit away the money that was meant for development aid.

They could also listen to the global economists and expatriates who have been calling for an increase in trade by removing protectionist barriers that are an impediment to economic advancement.

International Aid is an industry in its own right which would collapse if the developing world should ever truly develop.

Justine Greening should ignore David Cameron's post Prime Ministerial ambitions and listen to the experts.

Trade not Aid.

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