Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The United States of America - D-Day, Stay True To Your Heritage

Today is a crucial day for America and the world. After a 236 year journey America has reached a point in its evolution where it must decide whether to continue travelling along the road of liberty and prosperity to the sunlit uplands and remain that shining city on a hill or will it be seduced into following old Europe down the potholed road to socialism and onward into the dark pit of despair.

It is said that people don't realise how important something is until it's no longer there. So it is with liberty and prosperity. If America chooses the wrong road today and Obama, unrestrained by the need for re-election, is free to finish the socialist agenda he started 4 years ago, liberty and prosperity will disappear.

The awful truth will dawn on the American people when the fundamental transformation of America into a Russian type, government controlled, collectivist nightmare starts in earnest.

They will rue the day they handed this media created impostor and his bitter America hating wife the levers of power to their great nation.

If the fall of Great Britain from a global superpower to a mediocre, impoverished, third world nation was spectacular, then the fall of the USA will be even more so.

If the American people think that their country is immune from a Greek type debt fuelled failure then they are in for a shock of their lives.

Socialists around the world are rubbing their hands with glee at the prospect of a failed America. The global socialist movements or 'progressives' as they call themselves have waited for over century for this moment.

They know that all the while America exists as a free and prosperous nation it shows up their vision of a socialist run world for what it is, a dreary impoverished nightmare but in their perverted eyes an equal and ideologically pure paradise.

Freedom loving people around the world look on America as that shining city on the hill and all the time it remains free it gives them hope.

If America chooses the wrong road today that hope will be extinguished and the world will become a more dangerous place.

I appeal to the American people today, stay true to your heritage, choose liberty and prosperity and may God Bless The United States of America.


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