Monday, July 1, 2013

Obama's War On Coal - Time To Stockpile Prozac

If anyone is taken in by reasons for the war on coal by their 'Progressive in Chief', then there is no hope for the American people. Having already claimed that he will heal the planet and stop the oceans from rising, he is now claiming that by throwing thousands of coal miners out of work and destroying long established communities, he will cool the planet and stop any further hurricanes such as Sandy and Katrina.

In addition to this nonsense, the 'Progressive in Chief' has put the American people on notice that "energy prices will necessarily have to skyrocket" in order to cool the planet. The community organizer and economic genius obviously hasn't worked out the devastating effect this will have on American industry and the jobs market, at a time when the economy is in the doldrums and the nation's debt is approaching $17 trillion.

As the informed people of the world are aware, due to the lack of global warming over the last 17 years, the 'progressive' elite have been forced to change the name of their scam from 'Man Made Global Warming' to the more flexible 'Combating Climate Change'.

Either way they are still carrying on with the same plan to wreck the economies of the developed world and redistribute its wealth in order to compensate the developing world for the damage they have already done to the planet and to help them to 'combat climate change' in the future.

In his choreographed speech the 'Progressive in Chief' wheeled out the same tired, discredited soundbites that blighted the airwaves during the height of the scam. 'The science is settled' and 'the debate is over' etc. ad nauseum, that were so beloved by global warming billionaire Al Gore.

President Obama deliberately failed to mentioned the lack of warming for the last 17 years; he failed to mention the 'Climategate Scandal' whereby the so called experts from the Climate Change Unit at the University of East Anglia were caught red handed falsifying data, using flawed cost models and vilifying any scientist who spoke the truth.

He also failed to mention that the very basis for the global warning scam i.e. the Mann Hockey Stick graph, has been exposed as a fake and also the fact that it conveniently excluded the medieval warm period.

He failed to mention that the UN International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reports are riddled with deliberate falsehoods and lies concerning the Amazon rain forests, the retreating Himalayan glaciers, which are not, and the African harvest scare.

The 'Progressive' in Chief's'  battle against climate change is not even original. The British people have been putting up with this nonsense for years. They even have a Department of Energy and Climate Change at the heart of their government, which is busy closing coal fired power stations and covering the countryside with bird shredding windmills which will not cover the shortfall in energy.

**The coal industry in Great Britain has been destroyed and the aftermath is not a pretty sight. The coal mining communities and the people of America in general would do well to look at their brothers and sisters over the pond.

Energy prices have already 'skyrocketed' and many of the most vulnerable are in fuel poverty, although the government, in an act of generosity with taxpayers money, give pensioners a 'winter fuel allowance' of $310 per year. This allowance is not means tested therefore it is given to millionaires and billionaires like Sir Richard Branson of Virgin fame. This stupidity means that Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates would qualify for a 'winter fuel allowance if he were British.

The former coal mining communities are devastated and reduced to welfare addiction, poor educational standards, drink and drug fuelled crime, family breakdown and poor health.

A multitude of areas in the former South Wales coalfield have been classified by the government as 'deprived areas' although after my recent tour of the former coalfield  that can be taken with a pinch of salt.

The recent story from Blaenau Gwent would be laughable if it wasn't so serious. In this former coal mining area 1 in 6 of the population are being prescribed Prozac to combat depression. There were no figures for the rest of the coalfield but if the same is true then the whole area will be plagued by violent, suicidal zombies suffering from sexual dysfunction.

What is not surprising is that area has been represented by the hard left of the Labour Party for generations. The population obviously hasn't made the connection between the Labour Party, socialism, economic failure and poverty.

Now that the voters are addicted to Prozac, I don't suppose the real world will encroach upon their pharmaceutically induced LaLa Land and change their voting patterns.

** To clarify, the British coal industry was not destroyed in pursuit of 'combating climate change' but by the communist run National Union of Mineworkers during their attempt to bring down the democratically elected government.

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