Monday, July 14, 2014

British Muslims Fighting In Syria - A Poor Excuse For Crusaders

"Muslims are not meant to be ruled by non-Muslims. The Koran is very clear that they are to resist unbelievers by any means until Islam establishes political supremacy. This doesn't mean that everyone must be forced to become Muslim, but rather everyone must submit to Muslim rule". - The Guide To Understanding Islam.

"There is nothing in Britain - it is just pure evil".  If and when I come back to Britain it will be when this Kilafah - this Islamic State - comes to conquer Britain and I come to raise the black flag of Islam over Downing Street, over Buckingham Palace, over Tower Bridge and over Big Ben". - Abu Osama, British born jihadi fighting in Syria.

It must be clarified from the start that by their own declarations there is no such thing as a British Muslim, there only Muslims who have been granted a British passport, a National Insurance Number or 'Leave To Remain' in Great Britain by an agenda driven government.

Regardless of where they were born, Muslims are loyal to their fellow Muslims and to the diktats written in the Koran. Loyalty to Queen and country, the American Constitution or any form of western democratic government is not incumbent upon Muslims, in fact what is incumbent upon them is to subjugate all non-Muslims.

Hundreds of thousands of the inhabitants residing in the Muslim ghettos that infest Great Britain are now second generation but consider themselves one hundred percent Pakistani as opposed to British or even British Pakistani. Likewise Bangladeshi and Indian Muslims together with the more recent arrivals from Middle Eastern countries such as Yemen, Afghanistan, Somalia, Ethiopia, Iraq and Iran.

The British political class, led by Prime Minster David Cameron and his senior Lieutenants, are now warning about the massive threat to security posed by young radicalised 'British' Muslims returning from the middle eastern battlefields skilled in the arts of terrorism, bomb making and mass murder.
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It appears to have completely passed them by that this danger is the direct result of the government's open border immigration policies and the only proposal they have to counter this threat is to remove what individual liberties the British people have left, supposedly for their own protection.

Despite being armed with the knowledge that Muslims must dominate all other people and will never integrate into any non-Muslim society, the government went ahead and opened the borders to tens of thousands of third world Muslim immigrants, regardless of the danger and against the express wishes of the British people.

Such was their commitment to the cultural replacement agenda and their determination to impose a so called 'multi-cultural society', they bullied, threatened and demonised anyone who had the temerity to even question their actions.

The threats to peace and security that we are witnessing today from the Muslim community is the direct result of an out of control political class, ignoring the interests and wishes of the British people in favour of imposing their own cultural replacement agenda.

In an act of jaw dropping stupidity the government are proposing to cancel the passports of Muslims joining the jihad in Syria, Iraq and Somalia while at the same time handing them out like confetti to others newly arriving by the boatload.

As more and more Muslims, mostly born and bred in Great Britain, go abroad to join the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) with the intention of setting up of a Caliphate, the government are setting up inquiries to find out how they became so radicalised. They are obviously blind to the fact that radical Islam is not only inbred into all Muslims, they are also taught it from an early age and absorb it every time they read verses from the Koran.

Abdul Raqib Amin, a British born jihadi, is quoted as saying on his arrival in Syria  "the happiest moment of my life was when the plane took off from Gatwick Airport. I was happy because as a Muslim you cannot be in a country of Kaffurs". 

For the attention of  David Cameron, together with his government and the multi-culturalists; the country he is referring to is Great Britain and the Kaffurs he is referring to are us, the British people.
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It has been reported that some sixty five people have been arrested on their return to Great Britain for Syria related activities out of some five hundred British documented Muslims believed to have joined ISIS.

Putting this into historical context it's a poor excuse for a religiously or politically motivated military adventure and compared to the Christian Crusades it is pretty pathetic. As ruthless and bloody as they are, if this is the best they can do then, if the British people are allowed to defend themselves, they will have nothing to fear from these jihadis at home.

Only a measly five hundred? During the First Crusade tens of thousands of religiously motivated volunteers from Great Britain and hundreds of thousands from the continent marched across Europe to free the Holy Land from Muslim rule then set up the Christian Kingdom of Jerusalem. They also set up the Christian County of Osessa and the Christian Principality of Antioch.

In later history, Henry V raised an army of thousands who marched across England and, after laying siege to it, they took the citadel of Harfleur. That Band of Brothers then marched as a sickly army across northern France before defeating their King at Agincourt, against the most fearful odds, to reclaim part of the British Kingdom.

These gains were subsequently lost as a result of weak leadership rather than any weakness on the part of the people. This is the same kind of pathetic leadership the British are lumbered with today.

Why sixty five people were arrested is a mystery due to the fact that Briton's fighting in foreign wars is nothing new. As recently as World War II and later, British people have volunteered to fight in places such as Spain and Africa. Volunteers, including many from South Wales, made their way across England and France to fight in Spain for the International Brigade against General Franco and his Fascists.

Far from being arrested, the volunteers including the Labour Party icon, George Orwell, returned to a hero's welcome. They are still revered in annals of socialist folklore to this day.

The Crusaders were led into battle by Kings such as Richard the Lionheart and Phillip II, whereas the modern British Muslims are being egged on, but not led, by the likes of Anjem 'Andy' Choudary who makes sure he is as far away from any action as possible.

It must be noted that Andy Choudary is no Suleiman the Magnificent, while he is collecting his welfare benefits and running away from jihad in Syria, his brain dead disciples, such as the killers of Drummer Leigh Rigby, will be rotting in an English jail for the rest of their lives as will the failed London Transport bombers of 21st July 2005.

No seventy two black eyed virgins for these cowards, just a life time of porridge and romantic encounters in the showers with their co-religionist menfolk. They would have been much better off ignoring the likes of Choudary and making their way to Syria or Iraq.

For all the fiery rhetoric of hate preachers like Andy Choudary, Abu Hamza and Abu Qatada and after all the emotional sermons at Friday prayers down at the local mosque, one would think that Muslims would be lining up for tickets to Istanbul and the onward journey to Syria. Out of some three million Muslims in Great Britain they can only muster five hundred to go fight for Allah? That's a sorry excuse for a Crusade and at this rate the historical aspiration of a global Caliphate will remain just aspiration.

Abu Osama, Andy Choudary, Cam el-Fukar and the rest of them have more chance of hanging the black flag of Islam on their mothers washing line than on Buckingham Palace or Big Ben.

One would have thought that Andy Choudary and his followers are being inspired by the video reports from their brothers, and sisters, in Syria and Iraq who are indulging in merciless killing and beheading in the name of Allah. Smashing up the ancient tomb of the Prophet Jonah with a sledgehammer surrounded by brave fellow warriors must be more satisfying than picking up a welfare cheque surrounded by beer drinking, pork eating Kaffurs and their uncovered women.
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Being surrounded by fellow Muslims in the desert and with access to jihadi brides, young girls who have run away from their families to Syria to act as breeding sows for Islam, must be preferable to living on a windswept island in the north Atlantic among people they despise.

It must be noted that the majority of the normally tolerant British people have been pushed into uncharacteristic dislike of another ethnic group by the relentless pressure on them by their government to accept a community of people whose practices are barbaric and with whom they have nothing in common.

Their continual demands that the British people change their way of life to accommodate them and their medieval death cult, combined with threats from the government if they resist, is engendering a loathing of Muslims that would not be there had their numbers been controlled and they had made at least some attempt at integration.

As it stands now it is hoped that as many British documented Muslims as possible follow their instincts and head to Syria and set up their Caliphate -  we will take it from there when they try to spread it to Great Britain.

Update: Bought-and-paid-for lackey Fraser Nelson beggars belief with his assertion that the British Muslim is truely one among us and proud to be so. He obviously walks around with his eyes wide shut.
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  1. I cannot remember their names, but there's been a lot in the press about the two 16 year old twin girls who followed their older brother to Syria to wage jihad. They came from a family of Somalis, with 11 kids in all. For all I know the father could have been a brain surgeon, but most likely he was lounging around on benefits, like the vast majority of Somalis.
    Their education must have cost us around 1/4 million, I can only take a wild guess at their living costs , healthcare costs, etc. It's as likely as not that a small army of translators, social workers, probation officiers, and police have been in close attendance for many years also. They have been housed in social housing, and a woman and her kid, an ex war heroin, have been booted out of their home (next door to jihad family) in order to provide more accommodation for these vermin. I expect they have cost the tax payer over £1million in all.
    If there was any justice, the whole family should be booted out of the country, and the bill for the costs of keeping them here should be split between the Home Sec and Immigration minister who were "serving" when this revolting family washed up over here.

    1. I looked up this story and it is outrageous, it demonstrates the governments determination to dump these people in our midst at any costs. They are so determined to impose their so called 'multi-cultural society' they couldn't care less about outrage, injustice or what people think.

      If the Ministers responsible were given the bill it would make them think twice about doing this kind of thing.