Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Manufactured Third World Immigration Crisis - Australia Fights Back

The fact that headlines and newsreels from various civilised countries are simultaneously full of images and comment about immigrants seeking refuge from persecution should be proof enough that the whole issue is being manufactured for political ends.

The disastrous consequences of mass immigration is at variance to what the relentless tide of spin and propaganda from the offending governments portray. The promised economic benefits turned out be nothing more than extra competition for scarce jobs with wages undercut and suppressed to the joy of unscrupulous employers.

The strain on taxpayer funded social services such as housing, education and health care has reached crisis proportions where, due to political correctness by agenda driven politicians and their compliant bureaucrats, immigrants often get priority over the local people.

The much vaunted cultural enrichment consists of female genital mutilation, spousal abuse, including murder in the name of honour, child brides, Muslim paedophile gangs, jihadi's, sharia law, gender selective abortion, halal meat, electoral corruption at the ballot box etc.etc.

Multiculturalism consists of everything associated with the host nation, including its flags, religious festivals, traditions and way of life being suppressed for the spurious reason that immigrants may be offended, while alien traditions, however repulsive, are accepted and promoted.

In reality multiculturalism consists of thousands of taxpayer financed mono-cultural, crime ridden, welfare addicted ghettos which are off limits to the indigenous people and in many cases to the police 'service' as well.

To the chagrin of the political establishment, the people are becoming immune to government spin and propaganda which is reduced to a series of puerile soundbites and slogans. Who hasn't heard and laughed at the nonsense the politicians want the people to take seriously?

Words and soundbites such as inclusion, cultural enrichment, shared values, celebrating diversity, community cohesion, cultural sensitivity etc. are a running joke. My particular favourite was uttered a Labour MP, who said that "our strength is our diversity" then claimed that sixty four million pounds was needed to promote 'community cohesion'. One needs a heart of stone not to laugh.

Regardless of the spin and propaganda to the contrary, it is now unarguable that open border mass immigration from the third world into developed countries has been an unmitigated disaster for the put upon people who were targeted by the global 'progressive' elite for cultural and demographic replacement.

At this point in time there is a manufactured immigration crisis in the USA, Great Britain and most other western countries as the global elite continue to downgrade and alter the cultural and demographic balances of the white developed world.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel however which is being illuminated by Tony Abbott on behalf of the Australian people who, it appears, is confronting the global elite head on. It is without doubt that despite its tougher than normal immigration rules, Australia has suffered greatly due mass third world immigration.

News that the Australian navy intercepted a boatload of Sri Lankan economic migrants posing as asylum seekers at sea, processed the occupants and then sent some back home via the Sri Lankan navy was met with applause from everyone except the usual crowd of self loathing bleeding hearts and the agenda driven global elite.

The case of these particular migrants highlights the false claims and outright lies that the aforementioned proponents indulge in to further their political ends.

The Sinhalese population are the majority in Sri Lanka therefore should have no reason to seek asylum elsewhere. If they do they are primarily Buddhist and could seek sanctuary in the Buddhist areas of India, Thailand, etc.

Since the ending of the civil war, Sri Lanka is no longer considered as dangerous as it was and it is now considered a destination for adventurous tourists. One has to ask why Sri Lankans are seeking asylum elsewhere when seventy percent of their compatriots, who fled their homeland to Canada, return there each year on holidays and vacations?

The Tamil population derive from, or are ethnically related to, the natives of Tamil Nadu in southern India. They are also mainly Hindu's so should assimilate easily into what is their ancestral home.

The Sri Lankan diaspora are located in nearby countries such as Malaysia and Singapore where they are highly regarded and hold senior positions in industry, business and political life.

When the facts are looked at in the cold light of day one has ask why a boatload of Sri Lankans would embark upon a perilous ocean journey to Australia from Tamil Nadu in India where they already have sanctuary with ethnic ancestors, to a country where they have nothing in common. If some reports are accurate they may even face a hostile reception as well as abuse and ostrication.

To get to Australia from Southern India or Sri Lanka they would have to bypass Malaysia and Singapore which have fairly large and mainly successful Sri Lankan populations.

For those supposed asylum seekers there is an eighteen mile long land bridge between Sri Lanka and India while the distance between Jaffna and Perth, Australia is some three thousand miles. If they take the northern route to Darwin its nine thousand miles while Singapore is some seventeen hundred miles and Kuala Lumpur is a mere sixteen hundred.

There can be no justification for migrants from Sri Lanka or from India to make a perilous sea voyage to Australia while bypassing more suitable countries in order to claim political asylum. The fact is they are economic migrants who are being encouraged in the same way that Guatemalans, Salvadoreans and Hondurans are being encouraged to enter the USA illegally for the purposes of cultural or demographic replacement.

The usual suspects are coming down hard on Tony Abbott and his administration for taking these sensible steps to counter what is yet another ploy by the global elite to force change that the people he represents wholly reject.

With the confession by one of the Labour Party's most senior figures, Peter, now Lord, Mandelson, that the Blair government sent emissaries around the world recruiting immigrants to come to Great Britain in order to facilitate cultural and demographic replacement, it should be more than obvious to every Australian and American that these 'crisis' are deliberately manufactured for political ends.

Tony Abbott is a hero for standing up the the global elite and deserves all the support he can get.


  1. Please tell that to Australia's high court - who seem to think that they are above the elected rabble and seek to frustrate the current government on party political lines.

    1. Thanks for the tipoff. I see that the Aussie judges are following their British counterparts by blocking deportation of anyone using the flimsiest of grounds.

      The criminal justice systems have been politicised and are now fully paid up agents of the state. I guess the post democratic age is here and Tony Abbott is going to need all the help he can get.

  2. Tony Abbott is the best thing to have happened to Australia in a long time. May God bless and keep him, and may his policies flourish!

    1. Tony Abbott has some guts thats for sure. Practically the whole of the worlds' 'progressive' institutions are ranged against him and he still does what's right for the Australian people.

      Compared to the spineless, sniveling behavior of Cameron, Obama and the rest of the western wussies he's a giant.

      I'm with you Denis. may God bless him and keep him, and may his policies flourish and hopefully spread.

    2. Tony needs to slash and burn - fire the judges, the liberals that infest the ABC and those funded by government in the institutions of "learning".

    3. George Orwell said back in the day that a new government can't work with a machinery set up by the old one. Slash and burn, fire them all sounds good to me.