Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Engineered Immigration Crisis - British Disease Reaches America

As the United States of America prepares to celebrate its independence from Great Britain, it's former colonial ruler is engaged in a life or death struggle of its own trying to free itself from an imperial tyranny that threatens its very existence.

As part of it's project to rid the world of Great Britain's unique Anglo/Saxon/Celtic culture and its traditional way of life, the European Union Lodge of the global elite have chosen open border mass immigration as its weapon of choice. Combined with rigidly enforced political correctness, carried out with religious fervor by the politicised institutions, the project is rolling relentlessly on and it will soon pass the tipping point from which there will be no return.

This cultural replacement project was long in the planning and although its implementation had been slowly carried out by governments of all colours, its progress took on a new momentum with the accession of new countries into the EU combined with the election of Tony Blair's Labour government in 1997. Immigration needed to be sped up in order for the tipping point to be reached before another Thatcher type conservative took control and derailed the project, possibly putting it into reverse.

Blair's government proceeded to send emissaries to all corners of the world encouraging people to come to Great Britain with promises of free housing, education, health care and welfare cash benefits. They also enshrined the European Union Human Rights disaster into British law making deportation unlikely no matter what crimes were committed.
( See an immigrant recruitment story here)

The rest is history and is there for all to see. Great Britain is no longer the country it was a decade ago and is now so degraded it has more in common with the third world from whence many of its new citizens came.

The global elite need not have worried because after Blair political power in Great Britain was usurped by their own candidate, the self proclaimed 'Heir to Blair', David Cameron. He has made sure that the cultural replacement project remains firmly on course.

Despite his promises to curb mass immigration and to make Great Britain unattractive to welfare colonists and other economic migrants, he continues to encourage it and promote the mythical 'multi-cultural society' over the indigenous people's tradition way of life.

From his prosperous mono-cultural, white, Anglo-Saxon enclave in Whitney, Oxfordshire, David Cameron plans to shame British businesses into employing more ethnic minority workers while at the same time whinging and whining that Parliament is too white.

While cultural replacement is one of the prime reasons for open border mass immigration, demographic replacement is a another one. Immigrants traditionally vote for left of centre candidates therefore right of centre governments will be a thing of the past when electoral benefits are handed out.

The American people are currently having an immigration disaster of their own but they have not yet cottoned on to how this is coming about and for what reason.

It is being labelled as a crisis and in some quarters as a humanitarian crisis but, as it was in Great Britain, this has been long in the planning with a defined objective of demographic replacement.

The spin operation by the government-media complex around this engineered crisis is so blatantly obvious its embarrassing.

It is being reported that the word is being put out in Central American countries such as Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador, that immigrants, particularly children, will not be deported. Simultaneous to this, the word is being put out in the USA that these are unfortunates fleeing drug gangs and violence in their home countries.

It shouldn't take a genius to work out just who is putting the word out and for what reason. Only the 'progressive' left benefits from mass third world immigration and the current Obama administration is about as 'progressive' left as it's possible to be.

The British government admits it sent recruitment parties around the world to entice immigrants into Great Britain knowing that it would make it difficult for British people to find work. This also gives some indication of the low regard and high contempt with which the British government held its own people.
(Read the contemptible story here)

If fleeing violence and drug gangs is a legitimate reason to enter the USA then the entire populations of these countries should be allowed to enter together with those from Colombia, Mexico, Afghanistan and a hundred other violent narco states.

I warned back in 2008 and again in 2012 during the Presidential elections that mass immigration and amnesty will be on Obama's agenda for the purpose of altering the demographic balance in favour of left of centre governments.

This deliberate encouragement of mass immigration was a precursor to the much vaunted immigration reform proposals. Suddenly, with his second term drawing to a close, President Obama is bypassing Congress in order to fulfill his obligation to the global elite by giving amnesty, disguised as a 'path to citizenship', to twelve million or so illegals and there will never be a right of centre government in the USA again.

Candidate Obama promised during his first election campaign to 'fundamentaly transform' America and this project will be complete once immigration reform is implemented. After that, the once great United States of America will join the once 'Great' Britain in the history books as just another former superpower that destroyed itself and rotted from the inside out.


I will be spending the rest of the week celebrating July 4th with my American family and friends camping and floating the Huzza river in Missouri. I will try and lay off the politics but can't promise anything.


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  2. Had a quick google at Huzza River Camping. Looks great. Enjoy yourself. Doubt if you'll bump into many mosquerats over there, they just don't appreciate the finer things in life.

    1. Awesome time. Ordinary people from middle America are great people to spend time with. Among other lovely dishes they have pork steaks here. Somebody also produced some moonshine, so we celebrated ramadan our own way.

      The truth is only two people I spoke to had even heard of ramadan and the rest didn't give a ****