Monday, August 22, 2016

Angela Merkel - Another Unstable Dictator Is Destroying Europe

When Republican Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, referred to his rival, Hillary Clinton, as 'America's Angela Merkel' it may not have resonated as much with the American people as it would have done with the long suffering people of Germany and Europe.

Increasingly heavy censorship aided and abetted by the government- media axis is preventing the full horror of the German Chancellor's open border mass immigration madness from reaching the American people but that does not mean it isn't happening. On the contrary, it is most definitely happening and escalating beyond control.

Mass rape, violent assault and the murder of German citizens are being committed on an ever increasing scale while the law enforcement authorities are stood down on orders from Chancellor Merkel and her regime.
(Police stood down here)

Despite official denials, almost all of these heinous crimes are being committed by the millions of economic migrants invited into the country by Merkel including murder in the name of Allah by ISIS and other radical Muslim groups.
(Islam belongs in Germany here)

As a demonstration of her fanatical dedication to the destruction of Europe, or an indication of her complete insanity, Mrs. Merkel has decreed that mass immigration from the war torn middle east will continue unabated despite ISIS signalling in advance their intention to infiltrate their fighters into the incoming hordes in order to commit acts of terror.
(See here)

Listening to the incoherent ramblings and irresponsible pronouncements by Chancellor Merkel, especially with reference to the immigration crisis, one cannot come to any other conclusion than she is mentally unstable.

What the medical term for her condition is will be known to the men in white coats but to the everyday normal people who are suffering the appalling consequences of her despotic rule she is quite clearly deluded.

Her pronouncements and speeches are increasingly bizarre and contradictory whereby on any given day she acknowledges that her policies are causing rape, death and destruction not only in Germany but across Europe, then on another day she claims immigrants and Muslims are not to blame.

(Immigrants not to blame for Islamic terror here)

If it's not the sudden influx of millions of third world migrants and Muslim jihadis then who is responsible for this astronomical increase in rape, violent crime and murder? The victims and the public at large are entitled to know.

Apart from her dictatorial behavior and eccentric public pronouncements, her total lack of emotion or empathy for the victims of her policies or their suffering is another sign of her deteriorating mental state. These symptoms would require any ordinary person in a position of responsibility to undergo a psychiatric evaluation with a view to assessing their continued fitness to hold that position.

If past experience is anything to go by, the ruling elite will allow Chancellor Merkel to remain in power as long as she continues to implement their fundamental transformation of Europe agenda. The minute she becomes an impediment to it's progress she will be removed.

Why the German people tolerate this insanity that is causing them so much pain and suffering is open to debate. Some commentators suggest that the German people still harbour feelings of guilt for the horrors perpetrated by Hitler and the Third Reich while others suggest that the Germans are indulging some inherent national propensity to dominate and control Europe.

In addition to NATO and the nuclear deterrent, continued peace in Europe is also dependent upon the eternal vigilance of the German people against the rise of another unstable dictator who behaves more like an emperor than an elected representative who has sworn never to repeat the horrors of the past.

Since the rise of Angela Merkel and her megalomania, the European continent has descended into poverty, chaos and internecine violence; by all accounts it is now on the brink of civil war.
(See here)

The German people dropped their guard, they let their vigilance sleep, allowing the rise of yet another unstable despot to bring Europe to the brink of ruination and despair.

There's nothing they can do to atone for the horrors perpetrated by German politicians in the past but they can help prevent another dark period in European history by voting Merkel out of office. Get rid of her before she does any more damage and brings disgrace and hatred on the German people once again.  

Donald Trump's reading  of the situation in Europe is correct and his comparison of Clinton with Merkel is wholly justified.

Chancellor Merkel and the global elite used the manufactured 'refugee crisis' as a the reason to implement a long planned open border immigration policy which was designed to flood the nation states of Europe with third world immigrants with the malign intent of replacing the Judeo-Christian cultures with so called 'multi-cultural societies'.

This is the same policy the Obama administration is implementing on behalf of the global elite with same malign intent. This disastrous policy will be continued and accelerated by Hillary Clinton should she win the Presidency.

If the American people want to see what a Clinton administration would be like then all they need to do is look at the death, destruction and despair unleashed on the people of Germany and Europe by an increasingly sick and unstable Chancellor Merkel.


  1. It is over for the west, the only hope for western civilization lies in the former Eastern Bloc countries. They have not succumbed to the PC virus. Rational thought still exists.

    1. I hope your are wrong but all the indications are you are right.

      We the people of the post war generation must take our share of the blame, it happened on our watch.