Wednesday, August 17, 2016

In A Dangerous World Extreme Vetting Should Be Standard Procedure

When Presidential candidate Donald Trump mentioned 'extreme vetting' as part of his plan to keep the American people safe it would have rung a bell with visitors to the USA in the recent past who would have gone through a form of 'extreme vetting' as a routine procedure.

Even tourists from friendly countries indulging in nothing more sinister than a visit to Disneyland with the kids were required to sign the declaration on Form I-94 declaring membership or affiliation, past or present, with the Communist Party or any other totalitarian party.

Even advocating communism or the establishment of a totalitarian dictatorship by utterance or by written or printed matter would have put any visit to the USA in jeopardy. (See the requirements below)

Those were the good old days when the United States of America was a beacon of light in the dark age of the cold war, when it was acknowledged as the 'shining city on a hill'  that gave hope to all those unfortunate people on earth who were being crushed under the yoke of communism and other totalitarian regimes, including those unfortunates forced to live under barbaric sharia law.

These common sense requirements not only went some way to keeping the American people safe as they went about their daily lives but they helped to 'secure the Blessings of Liberty for themselves and their Posterity'.

Why these requirements were abandoned or relaxed is a mystery that requires justification from those responsible; what is not a mystery however is the fact that the American people are less safe today as a result and the 'Blessing of Liberty are no longer secure for themselves or their posterity.

If these requirements had remained in force, combined with background checks for anyone from anti-western regimes or meeting the criteria listed below, then maybe the Boston Marathon bombers and the female half of the San Bernardino killers would have been denied entry to the USA and innocent American lives saved.

The America of today is much altered from the country of a decade or so ago when the stricter requirements for visitors were in force. Communist politicians have come out of the shadows and now run towns, cities and entire states much to the detriment of the people.

In a development that would have been unthinkable a generation ago, a member of the 'progressive' community - an umbrella term used by socialists, communists and liberals -  has been in residence in the White House for two terms with a replacement from the same community, Hillary Clinton, ready to continue the promised 'fundamental transformation' of America should she defeat Mr.Trump.

It's not just communists, socialists, liberals or 'progressives' that are destroying traditional America. Republican politicians in local and state legislatures as well as Congress have stood idly by as the entry requirements were relaxed and the borders thrown open to all and sundry.

Even now many Republicans are proposing to reward law breaking by giving amnesty to illegal immigrants, including some individuals who have committed serious crimes against law abiding American citizens.

As a consequence of this tacit compliance many US cities are infested with Muslim ghettos where the majority of the inhabitants reject the US Constitution preferring instead to live under sharia law.

With the connivance of a malevolent, anti-American political class these ghettos, along with many other ethnic ghettos, are being given immunity from the law and any Constitutional requirements while being expanded using unsecured borders, mass immigration and amnesty.

The existence of illegal entities such as so-called sanctuary cities prove beyond doubt that compliance with the law of the land is no longer required by these preferred groups or the agenda driven political class.

Law enforcement agencies, its officers and border guards have been rendered impotent whereby they are forbidden from doing the job they have hired to do and sworn an oath to perform.

The downward spiral of American towns and cities into mediocrity and decay is palpable and if the current 'progressive' regime perpetuates itself at the next general election the entire country will suffer a similar fate.

The proposal by Donald Trump to institute extreme vetting is nothing revolutionary or new but a return to some of the common sense requirements that have helped to keep the American people safe in the past, not only from the communist yoke but from radical Islam and its intent to rape, maim and kill innocent Americans in its name.  

Section 313(a)(2) of the Act specifically bars the naturalization of a person who has been or is a member of the Communist Party. See also section 316(a)(3) of the Act and 8 CFR 316.11 which require that the applicant, during the statutory period, “has been and still is a person … attached to the principles of the Constitution of the United States, and well disposed to the good order and happiness of the United States.” An applicant cannot be naturalized if he or she has been or is a member of the Communist Party, unless he or she falls under sections 313(d) or 313(e) of the Act. For further information regarding Communism and attachment to the Constitution or favorable disposition towards good order and happiness refer to Interpretations 313.1 and 313.2 .

Generally, an applicant is ineligible for naturalization if he or she was a member of the Communist Party, unless he or she qualifies for an exception. Section 313 of the Act and 8 CFR 313.2 describe ineligibility for naturalization resulting from Communist Party membership. Except as provided in section 313(d) of the Act and 8 CFR 313.3 , no applicant for naturalization shall be naturalized as a citizen of the United States if, within ten years immediately preceding the filing of an application for naturalization or after such filing but before taking the oath of citizenship, such applicant:

• Is or has been a member of or affiliated with the Communist Party or any other totalitarian party; or

• Is or has advocated communism or the establishment in the United States of a totalitarian dictatorship; or

• Is or has been a member of or affiliated with an organization that advocates communism or the establishment in the United States of a totalitarian dictatorship, either through its own utterance or through any written or printed matter published by such organization; or

• Is or has been a subversive, or a member of, or affiliated with, a subversive organization; or

• Knowingly is publishing or has published any subversive written or printed matter, or written or printed matter advocating communism; or

• Knowingly circulates or has circulated, or knowingly possesses or has possessed for the purpose of circulating, subversive written or printed matter, or written or printed matter advocating communism; or

• Is or has been a member of, or affiliated with, any organization that publishes or circulates, or that possesses for the purpose of publishing or circulating, any subversive written or printed matter, or any written or printed matter advocating communism.

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