Saturday, August 20, 2016

Whoring For Hillary - Mainstream Media Hacks Have Sold Their Souls

The Brexit referendum in Great Britain and the presidential election campaign in the USA have highlighted what has been obvious to informed observers for some time; the control exercised by the big money donors, lobbyists and powerful vested interests over the political establishment and the mainstream media is absolute.

Most of the influential newspapers and almost all the cable news channels are part of the giant bought-and-paid-for government-media axis that micro-manages the information that the electorate needs in order to form an opinion or choose a candidate. In Great Britain this includes the supposedly neutral taxpayer funded BBC.

Bias does not go anywhere near to describing the mainstream media. It is a massive centrally controlled propaganda operation designed to distort, lie and fabricate stories in order to promote their client candidate while using the same despicable tactics to denigrate and smear any rivals.

Objective journalism and independent news reporting is dead along with the investigative journalism of the Woodward and Bernstein era. Those masquerading as journalists today are no better than street corner whores who, instead of their bodies, sell their manufactured reputations.

Much like their fellow whores, their rewards are dependent on how good they are at satisfying the needs of their customers and the depths of mindful depraved actions they will perform on their behalf.

The saddest thing about these media whores is that they pretend otherwise. They still manage to convince gullible members of the public that they are serious journalists who impartially report the news while shamelessly lying and manipulating 'news' items in addition to fabricating stories on behalf of their benefactor.

The Brexit campaign in Great Britain was an appalling exercise in black propaganda meticulously crafted and delivered by the mainstream media on behalf of the Europhiles and their EU nation building project.

The behavior of the mainstream media in the USA presidential campaign is equally appalling but much more obvious.

Despite a lifetime of lying, scandal and corruption in pursuit of money and power, along with her disastrous stewardship of the State Department, Hillary Clinton is the preferred candidate of the invisible power brokers and the establishment that control the levers of power in the USA.

The media have had their instructions and have set about the task with ruthless efficiency and gusto. In a campaign that would have made Josef Goebbels proud they have initiated a massive, centrally controlled propaganda campaign to erase Clinton's past crimes and misdemeanors from the public eye while simultaneously creating the image of a tireless public servant who has dedicated her entire life to the betterment of the American people.

Any propaganda campaign worth its salt would also seek to destroy the reputation and image, and consequently the electability, of any rival candidate and will use every dirty trick at its disposal.

From the beginning of his candidacy Donald Trump has been subjected to a campaign of vilification and smear so intense it brings shame upon the entire media. Not that they care one iota, they are getting the job done and reaping the rich rewards.

By erasing her past history of corruption and scandal, and in the case of her husband, sexual predation and rape, the media whores have succeeded in convincing millions of Americans that Hillary Clinton is squeaky clean and fit for a return to public office.

More seriously they have portrayed her ineffective terms as a US Senator as an accomplishment and despite the middle east being engulfed in war, death and destruction they are portraying her disastrous tenure at the State Department as an overriding success.

Meanwhile despite his success as a businessman, job creator and unashamed American patriot they are continuing to paint Donald Trump as the devil incarnate bent on destroying everything America deems holy.

The networks and news outlets that organise and finance this unholy propaganda are bad enough but the people that prostitute themselves to actually deliver it are despicable and are responsible for destroying the once noble profession of journalism.

The American people need not despair; the comprehensive propaganda campaign of lies and vilification, known as Project Fear, that was expensively put together in order to keep Great Britain in the European Union was a spectacular failure.

The British people saw through the lies and deceit, ignored the seductive charms of the media whores, stuck to their beliefs and rejected it utterly.

For the sake of their country and the ever diminishing free world I hope the American people do the same and reject the Clinton syndicate.

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